Undoubtedly, one of the goals of any parent is to get their kids out of the house into the fresh air and, if they are of a certain age, away from any devices and screens!  On any given day, this can be akin to either starting WWIII or asking them to walk to the South Pole.  And if it’s during the colder months and your kids are younger?  Well, then getting them dressed is like wrapping a gift for pass the pass parcel, which means a billion layers that children are adamant they don’t need!  Until that is, you are out of the house, and they are freezing to death and also require a snack.

So, without further ado, we’ll explore some delightful family-friendly walks near Frankfurt that cater to all ages and fitness levels.

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Family-Friendly walks near Frankfurt

Absolutely, a much-loved and very popular activity in Germany, particularly in the Autumn months, is walking.  And with the extraordinary colours, forests, and green areas around, it’s no wonder.  Also, it’s a wonderfully family-friendly activity to do all year round.  There’s no need to stop when the cold hits because it’s just as glorious in the snow, provided you are dressed appropriately, of course!

Goetheturm – Frankfurt

Without a doubt, this is a firm favourite of ours.  Not only are there two playgrounds/parks to choose from, but you also have the viewing tower and the forest just behind them!  The forest is perfect for family walks with kids of any age because the roads are good enough to push your stroller.  For good measure, here’s a short history lesson.  The Goetheturm is a historical tower located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Originally constructed in 1931 and named after the renowned German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the tower served both as an observation point and a symbol of the city.  Tragically, the Goetheturm was destroyed in a fire in 2017 but has since been rebuilt.

Good to know:
Family-friendly walks near frankfurt
Family-friendly walks near Frankfurt

Großer Feldberg: Königstein im Taunus

This is a great family-friendly walk near Frankfurt.  The Großer Feldberg is the highest peak in the Taunus mountain range, located near Frankfurt, Germany. Rising to an elevation of 879 meters (2,884 feet), it offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes. The peak is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, offering hiking and biking trails.  Take a leisurely stroll up to Fuchstanz, which makes a great spot to have some lunch, a coffee or a glüwein before you head back down the mountain to your car.

Good to know:


Wildschweinroute is a great introduction for younger kids to the idea of ‘hiking’.  As you walk along, the route is littered with wooden animal figurines, giving them an incentive to keep walking.  To summarise, the route goes in a circle; it’s 4.3 km long. It’s easy to walk with a stroller, mostly flat, but partly runs through the forest.

Good to know:
Family-friendly walks near Frankfurt

Rheinsteig Trail – Rüdesheim

Unquestionably, this is for families with older children who enjoy longer walks.  The Rheinsteig Trail near Rüdesheim offers stunning views of the Rhine River however, it is a rather lengthy, 320km to be precise.  Moreover, the trail has been divided into stages of varying lengths.  So of course, you thankfully don’t need to do the whole trail.  As a mother, short of being a pack horse, I don’t think you can pack enough snacks to endure 320km. The vineyard-covered hills and medieval castles along the way add a touch of history and charm to the journey.

Good to know
  • The trail links Bonn, Koblenz, and Wiesbaden (we reference Rüdesheim as we love it)
  • Choose shorter sections that are suitable for family outings.

Meisterturm — Hofheim am Taunus

After the demolition of the wooden predecessor, a new tower was built from a steel framework with a square plan in 1928 as a replacement. Within the steel frame, a spiral staircase is in the centre that leads to a covered viewing platform at a height of 35 meters (115 ft). At the foot of the tower is a famous tourist restaurant of the same name, Meisterturm.  Furthermore, it has a playground and plenty of forest for kids to keep themselves entertained.

Good to know:
  • Distance from Frankfurt
    • 25km
  • Parking along Hundshager Weg/Kreuzweg/Königsteiner Weg
  • Follow signs for ‘Meisterturm’
Family-friendly walks near Frankfurt
Family-friendly walks near Frankfurt

Hessenpark – Neu-Anspach:

Step back in time at the Hessenpark, an open-air museum near Frankfurt. While exploring historic half-timbered houses and traditional workshops, families can also enjoy walks through the surrounding meadows and woodlands. The Hessenpark offers a unique blend of cultural immersion and outdoor recreation.

Good to know:
  • Distance from Frankfurt
    • 38km

Lochmühle Freizeitpark – Wehrheim:

Lochmühle Freizeitpark is not just an amusement park, but also a great destination for family walks with small kids. The park features scenic walking trails alongside a lake, providing families with the opportunity to enjoy nature and engage in outdoor activities. After a stroll, children can enjoy the park’s rides and attractions.

Good to know:
  • The amusement park is closed during the winter months
  • All the rides are ‘self-driven’, i.e. peddle, pull, push!
  • There is a petting zoo
Freizeitpark Lochmühle
Family-friendly walks near Frankfurt

Opel Zoo – Kronberg:

Combine a family walk with a visit to the Opel Zoo in Kronberg. The zoo is home to a diverse range of animals from around the world. Adjacent to the zoo, you’ll find scenic walking trails within the Opel Zoo Nature Reserve. These paths wind through beautiful landscapes, allowing families to enjoy both the animal exhibits and a pleasant walk in nature.

Good to know:

Frankfurt’s proximity to nature reserves, parks, and charming landscapes makes it easy to get out for family-friendly walks.  So, lace up your walking shoes, pack a picnic, and explore the natural beauty surrounding Frankfurt with your loved ones!

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