If you’ve ever wanted to go on an African Safari but have never had the opportunity then Lodge Steakhouse may be the smallest of insights of what it’s like.  Ok, yes, you are going to need to really use your imagination but only for the Africa bit, the steakhouse is absolutely on point!!!  Catch animals, the likes of giraffe, zebra and wildebeest grazing in of front you while you enjoy your meal. And on clear day you can catch a glimpse of the Frankfurt skyline in the distance.

The Setting of Lodge Steakhouse

Lodge Steakhouse is perched up overlooking the Opel Zoo!  Large glass panelled walls surround the restaurant on 3 sides allowing for two things to happen.  Firstly, gorgeous natural light filters through and brightens the space.  Secondly, it allows a connection of outdoors with indoors. Giving customers the opportunity to see Giraffe, zebra and wildebeest grazing out in front of the restaurant on any given day.  Of course the animals are sensitive to weather and can’t always be guaranteed.  

Inside the use of natural materials and colour scheme throughout the furniture and decor choices deepens the similarities with nature.   And the first thing you notice as you walk in, other than the view, is the subtle but very definite smell of leather and wood.  Secondly, the deep mahogany vaulted ceiling contrasts beautifully with the honey comb coloured leather seating and flooring creating an almost ethereal glow in the space.  To finish it off, crisp white linen table clothes and napkins along with minimalistic table settings give the restaurant an elegant and chic look and feel.   Also, during the summer months at the back of the restaurant large doors open up onto a large terrace.  Here customers can sit with a cocktail watching the sun set and listen to the sounds.  Moreover, the birds and frogs that are attracted by the small pond down below.

The Vibe

A ‘family’ affair.  And when we say family, we mean friends that become family.  Importantly this refers to not only to their staff but their customers too, plenty of whom have become regulars over the years.  Speaking with Lodge, they emphasised the importance of welcoming customers as though they are welcoming them into their own home.  Not only do they want them to feel happy and relaxed but well taken care of too.

The Menu and Wine List

Filet Mignon.  Ribeye.  New York Strip.  Sirloin.  T-bone.

If we being perfectly honest we’d be ok if that was the entire menu!  However, we are fully aware that for a balance meal one needs, potatoes.  Obviously we kidding, but only about what makes a balanced meal and highly recommend you try the truffle fries!!

It’s a steakhouse and therefore it should come as no surprise that the meat is the hero of the dish.  Meaning all sides are served separately allowing the hero to be beautifully presented, front and centre!  It’s also worth mentioning that whilst it is a steakhouse there are also vegetarian and vegan options.

For the most part the bulk of the menu remains largely unchanging they do freshen it up from time to time.  In particular asparagus is a firm favourite in Germany and therefore makes an appearance when it’s in season.  Also the soup of the day is frequently ‘spiced’ up!

Undoubtedly the wine list is impressive!  And the ‘meaty’ leather bound book incorporating over 145 different wines both regional and international makes the perusing all the more enjoyable.  Notably, there should be something to suit every palette and more importantly every dish!

Good to know

  • It is perfect for corporate or private events as the restaurant can be sectioned to the size of your party
  • There is no separate kids menu.  However, there are plenty of options that are kid friendly.  For example the chicken breast, burgers and/or fries
  • Breakfast is served on week days until 11:30am
  • Game is not served on the menu so please do not expect to find crocodile, venison or ostrich
  • Also we recommend making a reservation at least 4/5 days prior if visiting on Friday/Saturday
  • Last but by no means last my steak was cooked to absolute perfection, medium rare more on the rare side!  Tender and juicy!!

Am Opel-Zoo 3
61476 Kronberg im Taunus

Monday – Friday: 10am – 12am (breakfast until 11:30am; kitchen 12pm – 11pm)
Saturday and Sunday: 11am – 12am (kitchen 12pm – 11pm)

Additional Info:    website | instagram | facebook