So as many as you may know already, I found moving to Frankfurt with kids less than smooth!  And ultimately I wish that Frankfurt mit Kids and Main(e) Familienagentur existed when I first arrived!  But as they say ‘no use crying over spilt milk’!  However, I prefer your milk stay in the cup so definitely check out this incredibly helpful website.

Who\what is Frankfurt mit Kids?

Catrin is mum of two kids and living in Frankfurt since 2008 with short breaks in between. 2018 she founded Frankfurt mit Kids, a family platform where she inspires families with kids with the best (secret) tips for excursions in Frankfurt and the surrounding area. Families will find the best excursion destinations, experience reports and many insider tips for Frankfurt and the surrounding area for your family. Let yourself be inspired by unknown and forgotten destinations. For great and unforgettable moments with the family.

Good to know

  • The tips are in German, but you are able to use the translation tool on her website (check the header/navigation of the website.)
  • Frankfurt mit Kids has a paid members subscriptions which gives you access to premium tips!  For example detailed itineraries, summer guides and much more

Additional Information:

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