Based in Frankfurt the pair started Hardmud studio back in 2016 and since then the company is simply going from strength to strength! Each @hartmudstudio piece begins its life on Jeromes wheel, it is then dipped with care in colour by Isa’s careful hand before it makes its way to their kiln to be ‘fired’ at unimaginable temperatures  allowing it then to finally land on your table….

As M.F.K. Fisher says “First we eat, then we do everything else.” surely this gives us all the more reason to eat from tableware that’s been made with love!?

Meet Isa and Jerome the powerhouse behind Hartmud Studio.  Absolutely passionate about what they do, it was a privilege to head out to their studio to see & hear about their unique brand!

I received a history lesson whilst visiting….and once again was confronted with the sad truth of how so many artisans are abandoning their trades and are no longer passing down the skills through the generations as a result of our throw away societies, we no longer value craftsmanship and quality!

This is however a tale of revolution…a tale of a movement beginning in Scandinavia, Japan, England & spreading across the globe, movements rebelling or rather defending against the throw away mentality, materialism and industry\mass production so prevalent in our society today.

Jerome and Isa are very much inspired by such movements and are not interested in mass production, seeking rather to create things of beauty, hand crafted and unique allowing them to pay homage to all those artisans that have gone before them and being the change they want to see! You need only spend a few minutes with the pair to realise just how passionate and dedicated they are – they combine beautiful design with a lot of blood, sweat and plenty of elbow grease (ask Jerome how many pieces they make in a day he will tell you ‘until his hands can no longer take it’!)

For a first hand account of finding out what it takes to create one of their beautiful pieces and the chance to make your own (believe me it’s way way more difficult than it looks) join Isa at one of her pottery workshops at their studio – check their website to find out more.

For more information or to purchase any of their amazing craft tableware visit their site down below – I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Additional Info:  website