Hidden in a small corner in the centre of the city lies a little oasis for Asian supermarket goers.  IIMORI Ichiba is the latest addition to what is already a very successful and innovative brand.  One thing about IIMORI they never stand still, and they are never shy to reinvent themselves or try something new!

IIMORI Japanese Supermarket/Grocery Store

The latest addition to the IIMORI brand is a grocery store, stocking plenty of Japanese favourites.  As with all the endeavours that IIMORI takes on you can be assured that quality is always high on the priority list.

As with everything Azko Iimori does, this latest project comes in response to a need and a feeling.  Undoubtedly the pandemic hit and affected business owners and customers alike.  And undeniably both had new challenges.  People craved home comforts when their families are far away on distant shores, Azko realised this as her businesses too wrestled with the pandemic.  Grocery stores are in essence immune to 2G plus and people need to eat, the rest as they say is history.

Without a doubt this is unlike any other asian supermarket we have set foot in in Frankfurt.  The space is wonderfully open, allowing you to be able breathe whilst browsing the shelves. An impressive array of Sake, miso and teas are but a few of the items that sit on perfectly stacked shelves.

IIMORI Kids Corner

Also, feel free to bring your kids as there is specifically a ‘kids corner’ for the kids to do a little browsing of their own.  Rows of pin ball machines line a small wall, spitting out little balls of joy to all who feed them a euro or two.  So provided you happy to indulge your kids a little sugar rush they’ll have just as much fun shopping as you!

Stop for a coffee

There is no question that all of us could use more time in our lives, but, without a time capsule we have to figure out ways to be more effective with the time we have!  Iimori offers the opportunity to stop for a coffee or a quick bite to eat.  Honestly, the idea that we can stop for a coffee and catch up with a friend whilst also getting our grocery cupboard stocked is a stroke of pure genius in our books!

Good to know

  • Fresh sushi prepared daily
  • They serve up the most perfectly balanced Matcha soft serve ice cream
  • Oh the Matcha Latte is also an absolute green delight and great alternative for all the coffee addicts aka us
  • For more delicious pastries and trip to land where France and Japan simultaneously fuse together head to IIMORI Patisserie


An Der Staufenmauer 11
60311 Frankfurt am Main


Monday – Saturday: 11am – 7pm
Sunday:  Closed

As of March 1st:

Monday – Sunday: 10am – 7pm

Additional Info:    instagram