From the streets of the old Aldstadt take a step inside a world of perfect French Japanese fusion and be delighted by what you find in this unique French patisserie.  Chandeliers hang from the ceiling, enormous mirrors hang from the walls and antique tables and chairs invite you to sit.  Opulence and grandeur ooze from the walls and pastries and cakes descend from the bakery!

The Story of the IIMORI brand 

Named after their founder Azko IImori, it’s a story of vision, courage and belief.  Azko Iimori is quite unlike anyone we’ve ever met.  A calm, regal and incredibly self assured woman who with one warm embrace puts you at such ease you might believe you’ve been friends for years.  Also, her energy is infectious and makes you think that you too could create and bring to life your hearts desire at the simple drop of a hat.  Unfortunately we weren’t wearing a hat, and thus, had nothing to drop.  Nonetheless, and hats aside Azko is an industrious woman with restaurants and ventures not only in Frankfurt but also in her muse like city, Paris.

In Frankfurt she boasts a French Restaurant with plenty of Japanese influence and flair.  With two phenomenal chefs Björn Andreas and Takeshi Suzuki and an impressive 10 course menu, no bread basket (she doesn’t want the appetite dampened exuberant bread eating) the perfect matrimony of french and Japanese comes to life!

Furthermore, the latest addition to the Frankfurt vision is the IIMORI Ichiba a Japanese supermarket and sushi bar.

The Vibe

France never seems to be far from her thoughts and permeates much of what she does.  IIMORI Pâtisserie is no different.  And somehow she gets the balance just right!  Decadent pastries, luxurious interiors meet zen energy and old school theatrical brilliance (a self playing piano can on occasion be heard tinkering its keys.)

The Menu:  IIMORI Patisserie 

The sheer variety of deliciousness is nothing short of a miracle!  And whether you have somewhat of a sweet tooth or a sushi fiend you will not be left disappointed!

French Patisserie

As many Macarons flavours as there are colours of the rainbow, petit fours, Tarte Tatin, Tarte au citron, Creme Brûlée, cinnamon rolls and brioche are but a few of the pastries on display.  Add to that Matcha dustings and green tea infused cakes and Melon Pan.  Finally for the mochi fans out there you’ll find what you looking for here.


Now, what would life be with out fresh bread!  Nothing quite beats the smell of freshly baking bread or the warm, soft taste of fresh baguette.

Sushi and Gyoza

Bento boxes, sushi platters and gyoza.  Undoubtedly an extensive list that is far to long to replicate here so stop by or check out the website for their menu!

Served daily from 12pm


Braubachstraße 24
60311 Frankfurt am Main


Monday – Sunday:  10am – 9pm (Japanese food from 12pm)

Additional Info:    website | instagram | facebook