Let The Travelling Art Gallery help you adorn your walls (which let’s face it you seeing a lot of in the current circumstances) with the most incredible and intriguing art from Southern Africa mostly.  Also, if you the kind of person who likes to make a statement and stand out from the crowd then looking through their catalogues is an absolute MUST!!

Who are The Travelling Art Gallery?

The Travelling Art Gallery is the incredible vision of German born entrepreneurs and philanthropists, Barbara Lenhard and Florian Gast.  The couple originally started the company while living in Cape Town, South Africa where they fell in love with the country and its people.  And since its inception the company has only gone from strength to strength.  Importantly the goal and vision of the company is showcase South African artists to a wider international audience.  Without a doubt providing a platform for these artist that they wouldn’t ordinarily have!

Conversely of course, The Travelling Art Gallery gives the world the opportunity to not only see these extraordinary talents, but also the chance to hang it on their walls!

Where can you find The Travelling Art Gallery?

As the name suggests they are transient and always on the move sharing the joy art brings to the cities they visit in Germany.  In August 2020 The Travelling Art Gallery organised an hugely successful exhibition Kunst Hoch3 here in Frankfurt.    Furthermore, as a result of the pandemic tours and pop ups in Berlin, Duesseldorf, Vienna and Zurich had to be cancelled. Undoubtedly, like everybody and everything else they have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.  And as a result, all further plans for 20/21 will be put on hold until the situation is more clear.

However, please be aware you are still able to buy incredible artworks and online catalogues are available to view.  Also for those interested in buying, there is the option to organise a ‘virtual hanging’ at no additional cost!

“20 STARS Charity Auction”

In light of the devastation many have experienced as a result of the pandemic The Travelling Art Gallery are hosting an online charity auction.

20 Stars, 20 Days, Starting 20th May 2021

The auction features 19 paintings and 1 bronze sculpture by 20 different established artists from South Africa.  Furthermore, all the artworks were donated by the artists to raise funds for the good cause.  Among others there are works by Paul Blomkamp, Mandlenkosi Mavengere, Riaan van Zyl, Cornè Theron, Andrew Ntshabele, Sara Gaqa and Adriaan Diedericks.

Half of the money from the auction will be donated to HOPE SCHOOLS in South Africa and the other half to the German-based STARKE BANDE foundation. HOPE SCHOOLS in East London was founded in 2009 and is a refuge for about 300 HIV- positive children. The German foundation STARKE BANDE promotes the strengthening of the parent- child relationship with family therapies.

To participate in the auction please click here

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