Gym membership?  Tick!  Barely Go?  Tick!  Want to mix it up?  Tick!  I think there are many of us who fall into this trap, religiously paying our money each month but barely stepping foot on the gym floor.  So what is one to do!?  Well, visiting a boutique fitness studio in Frankfurt may be just the thing you need to pull you out of your rut!  And, let’s face it whilst at face value they may seem more expensive than your local gym at least you going!  Meaning, that if we talking value for money, you getting it!  So let’s run you through some of the best boutique fitness studios in Frankfurt that we have found so far!

Benefits of a Boutique Fitness Studios in Frankfurt

Firstly, it often requires far less ‘know-how’ than your regular gym.  Meaning, that you have an instructor who will guide you through a balanced well thought out program.  Often at the gym, we have a tendency to do the same workout year in and year out and wonder why we no longer see results.  Secondly, if you find the gym intimidating, particularly as a woman, a boutique fitness studio is a great way to find your feet and build confidence.  Thirdly, community.  Meeting friends and working out together is often a great motivator and a way of staying accountable.  And last but not least it is a great way to keep things interesting and varied.  Mix and match try them all!

Best Boutique Fitness Studios in Frankfurt

In the Studios we will list below we try to cover a variety of fitness disciplines.  Hopefully, there is something for everyone!  However, in our opinion, it’s definitely worth trying them all!  Each brings something unique and different to the table and makes your workout anything but boring!


Corelab is an innovative and exciting new way to workout.  Essentially it’s a fusion of traditional resistance and strength training with pilates-inspired flexibility and balance, albeit with a light dusting of ingenuity.

Owner Gloria Cadavid, spent months designing the power reformer or station that the workout is performed on!  Infusing traditional pilates with resistance and strength training to create an intense burn that you may feel for days!!  The Boutique Fitness Studio has a coffee bar where you can grab a protein shake or hang out with friends and have a coffee afterwards.

Best boutique fitness studio in Frankfurt
Best boutique fitness studio in Frankfurt
Best boutique fitness studio in Frankfurt
the pilates studio – Mat and Equipment Pilates Classes

the pilates studio in Frankfurt is the perfect haven for Pilates enthusiasts who love the traditional art form that Joseph Pilates created.  Beautifully central the studio is located a stone’s throw from the Eschenheimer Tor.  Inside you will find two separate studios for teaching.  One houses the pilates towers where many of the group classes are taught as well as the mat classes.  Whilst the other has 2 reformers, the Cadillac, the chair, baby chair and high chair for smaller and private classes.

Furthermore, all teachers are expected to undergo training in the original Pilates method, a gruelling and rigorous process involving over 700 hours.  Finally, Pilates is the perfect way to reconnect with your core, your powerhouse and increase your flexibility and strength!

Revival Pole Fitness – Pole Dancing

Revival Pole Fitness is owned and run by Michelle Polansky who has lived and taught all around the world!  And as a result of this global citizen identity, it was important to Michelle that the studio be a safe space for women.  A safe space where women regardless of culture or background could express themselves!  A space to connect, to move to gain strength in not only the physical sense but the mental too!

Michelle runs the classes in a beautiful and relaxed manner.   And in an environment where many may initially feel a little intimidated or insecure this is vitally important!  The classes are fun and empowering and in our opinion something everyone should try at least once in their lifetime.

Pilates with Dorita

Pilates with Dorita is the perfect Boutique Fitness Studio if you hoping to workout in the comfort of your own home.  Dorita offers Pilates mat classes via Zoom which is perfect for those who are travelling or really pushed for time and can’t get to the studio.  Having said that, Dorita also has a small studio where she offers private classes on the pilates reformer or on the mat with equipment.  In our opinion, it’s an incredibly reasonable way to experience the best mat Pilates has to offer.

English Yoga Meet-Up

Okay, so technically this isn’t a studio it’s more like a pop-up!  And English Yoga Meet Up have classes all around the city and during summer offers classes outside.  One of the things about practising yoga with English Yoga Meet Up is the enormous focus that Solveig places on community.  Meaning you will always feel welcomed and hopefully meet like-minded people.

Pilates Infused – Pilates Group Reformer Classes

Last but definitely not least on our list is Pilates Infused.  Bringing a little LA flavour to the Frankfurt hum drum.  One of Frankfurt’s first group reformer class studios.  At Pilates Infused you can expect to find the classes infused with fun, high-energy music and step away from the classical approach.  And, having said that what we love even more about the studio is they are a concept studio.  Meaning, that they not only have the Pilates studio but also Ehrlich Grun a cafe where you can gather with friends after a workout and nourish your body and mind!  Also, they do a mean Bullet Proof Coffee!!

So there you have it!  Our opinion of some of the Best Boutique Fitness Studios in Frankfurt.  Worth noting you no longer have an excuse to sit at home, unless you practicing over Zoom with Dorita that is!  Have fun and let us know your favourite.