So whilst shopping in Frankfurt might not be Milan or Paris there is still plenty to explore and keep you busy. From high-street shopping to high-end luxury brands, Frankfurt has it all. Moreover, the city boasts a myriad of independent stores, each with its own unique and eclectic products.  However, knowing where to shop in Frankfurt to find the right stores and products can be challenging so we are here to help!

High Street Shopping in Frankfurt

Unquestionably the primary destination for high street shopping in Frankfurt is Zeil. This bustling shopping street is home to a plethora of top-notch fashion and retail stores.  Along with international brands like H&M, Zara, and MAC, you’ll also find large department stores Galeria Kaufhoff and Douglas.  In addition, you can find MyZeil shopping centre with its innovative architectural design and an impressive and striking curved glass façade.  Moreover, Zeil offers an array of affordable and trendy fashion options, making it the perfect place for high-street shopping.

High End, Luxury Shopping in Frankfurt

Now if high-end shopping is your jam then there is only one place for you!  Namely, Goethestraße. Known for its luxury boutiques and high-end fashion brands, it’s the place for upscale luxury shopping.  In short, you will find international brands like Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior and Cartier to name but a few all on display.

Shopping in Frankfurt

Berger Straße

Unlike Goethestraße, this street offers a mix of shops, cafes, and restaurants in a more relaxed atmosphere. Moreover, Berger Straße has a bohemian feel compared to the high-end luxury shopping areas.  Consequently, it makes it a great place to explore unique finds and a taste of local culture.

Schweizer Straße

Similarly, if you head over the river to Sachsenhausen you’ll find Schweizer Straße.  Another, fairly quirky street with unique boutiques, art galleries, and plenty of great cafes.  Also, it’s the perfect area to try out some of the local tipple aka Apfelwein.

Independent Shops and Retailers

Undoubtedly, we believe very strongly in supporting local wherever possible And luckily, Frankfurt shopping has plenty of fabulous independent shops and retailers.  So without further ado, we’ll list some of our favourites below.

  1. 2nd Home:  home interiors and fashion
  2. Lilith:  organic skincare and beauty
  3. NOORD:  concept store
  4. Maria:  fashion, Myriam has an affinity for Scandinavian clothing brands
  5. Liebesdienste:  home interiors
Scandinavian products & design

Second Hand and Vintage Shopping

Admittedly, Frankfurt is not well known for second-hand and vintage shopping!  However, there are still a few spots for you to check out!  Namely, Style Definery for Luxury second-hand accessories and clothing and Vintage Revivals in Sachsenhausen.

For the Foodies

Absolutely all foodies should make a turn at Kleinmarkthalle! Kleinmarkthalle is a bustling indoor market with fresh food, produce, and local specialities. Great for gourmet shopping.

Also, when the weather is nice or for the hardened food shopper when the weather is not, check out Konstablerwache Market.  A big favourite with the locals!

Finally, another hidden gem is Imorii Ichiba, Japanese Supermarket and Sushi Bar!  Take a break here from your high street shopping spree.

Where to shop