Amidst a world overrun with fast fashion and instant gratification, it’s rare to come across someone who values craftsmanship, quality and individuality. And it is German fashion designer, Viktoria Lorenz’s commitment to these fundamental values that sets her apart.   And it makes for a refreshing approach in today’s fast-paced industry.

Viktoria Lorenz german fashion designer

Who is Viktoria Lorenz?

Young, inspired and oodles of talent!  It’s hard to imagine me having such a clear idea of who I was, never mind what I wanted to do at such a young age.  Perhaps one might describe Viktoria as an ‘old soul’ wise beyond her years! An absolute delight to interview, she as interested in me as I in her!  Self-absorbed definitely isn’t her style.

So let us begin.  Viktoria Lorenz, the girl, was born in Wiesbaden.  However, Viktoria Lorenz, the designer, was born just outside of Chicago at the tender age of 13.  And it was from the quiet of her teenage room that Viktoria first stumbled upon RAF Simons.  Moreover, his first collection for Dior.  And it was that collection that bewitched a young Viktoria and set her on a path she has walked ever since.  She would go on to spend endless days and nights meticulously researching not only the origins, collections and designers of Dior but also each of the iconic fashion houses.  Namely, Chanel, Alaïa, Givenchy, Valentino the list goes on and on.

At first, drawing did not come naturally to her.  But never one to be put off by challenge she dedicated hours to mastering the art. With each stroke of the pencil, she honed her craft and developed her own unique style allowing her to bring her own designs to life.

Viktoria approached her studies with the same 360° and fully immersive approach as her early days researching every aspect of the fashion industry.  Choosing both a formal education at the Fashion School in Mannheim as well as a hands-on approach apprenticing with her most trusted seamstress.  Learning the intricacies of transforming and manipulating a piece of fabric into visions she could once only hold in her head. Undoubtedly, this deeper understanding contributes to her ability to design with a higher level of skill and creativity.

Viktoria Lorenz German fashion designer

Collaborations and Fashion Shows

Bringing a fashion collection and fashion show to fruition is no small feat.  Hours and hours of hard work, dedication, and creativity are just for starters.  Next, add a little luck and plenty of guts. Finally but most importantly a concept and perhaps a muse.  Viktoria Lorenz found both in ZERO!  

She first came across ZERO on a trip to the Guggenheim Museum in New York with her mother.  ZERO is an art movement that was started in Düsseldorf by the group of German artists Heinz Mack, Otto Piene, and Günther Uecker.  Pioneers and very active in the 50’s and 60’s they galvanised artists and movements all across Europe.  Today they have a foundation that exhibits and supports causes close to their hearts.

Viktoria and her approach piqued their interest.  And so it was that they came together to help her exhibit her very first 12-piece collection and fashion show.

Furthermore, her pieces have been seen on the likes of Ava Max, Alessia Cara, Griff’s dancers and our very own Wiesbaden Celebrity Hair Stylist Alex Von Trentini.

Viktoria Lorenz

Viktoria Lorenz Design Process

Creating Wearable Art!

For many this statement may conjure up garish and outrageous pieces you may only find on the runways of Paris and Milan her process is far more subtle and nuanced.  And whilst, her primary objective is to craft extraordinary pieces!  Her goal too is that they be versatile enough to not only be dressed up or down but also worn multiple times.

The German Fashion Designer loves to play with and manipulate fabrics creating not only 3 dimensional aspects to the pieces but rather a full 360° aesthetic.  Each angle offers the viewer something new to admire and appreciate.

Undoubtedly Viktoria’s passion for fashion extends beyond the surface. And she aspires to create clothing with profound meaning, connecting fashion to deeper topics and causes. Her thoughtful approach makes her more than just a fashion designer they make her deeply human.

Where can you buy your piece of wearable art?

If you are not sure where to start?  Accessories, like the Viktoria Lorenz statement backpacks, are a great entry point.  They are perfect for anyone looking to express their style, even those who might be a little more fashion-shy. They offer a versatile way to add a touch of individuality to an outfit.

Otherwise, get in touch directly and head over to her beautiful atelier and find the perfect piece for you.  Viktoria loves the close connection that develops with her clients as they come together to create something that fits seamlessly and makes them feel extraordinary.

Everything is made to order.

“By being natural and sincere, one often can create revolutions without having sought them.” Christian Dior