Frankfurt Staycation?  One word…do it (ok that’s two words). Why??  Well if you’re anything like us, you love your family but sometimes you’d quite like to shower without an audience, go out for a meal without asking for the kids menu or simply have someone else make your bed when you leave!

So summer holidays have been and gone and another vacation is upon us!  Also, unless you’ve been living under rock (and perhaps that was the smart option) you’ll know that due to COVID it’s still pretty safe to assume that far off lands are still remaining far off – sigh!  Having said that, what’s that old saying ‘a change is as good as a holiday’?  And we have some great suggestions for getaways that are literally on your doorstep!

Staycation perks:

  • minimal organisation (last minute is totally doable)
  • minimal packing (I mean your handbag will almost do)
  • Splurge at the Spa or the Bar
  • Find a sitter and leave the kids (literally a phone call or street away)

What do we recommend for a Frankfurt Staycation?

Ok so technically a staycation defined means no overnight stays!  But who are we kidding, everyone deserves a little change of scenery and perhaps a little peace and quiet!  We try to mix it up a bit with things to do with the family and of course with the girls/boys and your significant other.

Night away with the girls

  • The Lindley Lindenberg:  all you need is a basic room and a change of underwear ???? (read our Staycation experience)
  • The Suite Fabric:  the rooms are so spacious and each have a kitchen so you never need to leave (read our Staycation experience )

Family day trips and excursions

  • The Homesick Project is great read for a little inspiration
  • Doing all the things in Frankfurt that you just never have the time to do!  Take the time, be a tourist in your city
  • Do a coffee tour and walk through Frankfurt
  • Frankfurt on Foot also offer an incredibly insightful view on the city

Romantic Night away

  • Lindley Lindenberg:  trade the basic room for a suite and have a beautiful dinner at Leuchtendroter restaurant
  • The Suite Fabric:  like we mentioned there is no need to leave the room

To summarise, we highly recommend a Frankfurt Staycation because well lets face it anything with minimal organisation is a win and who doesn’t enjoy a night away!