Link n Learn, a place for families to connect, learn and network!

Finding a space, a community, not only for yourself but for your family can be an incredibly daunting prospect when you new in a city! Rae has been there done that and created the space she so craved!

What is Link n Learn?

Started back in 2017 by Raehyun the idea was to create a welcoming space for international families.  A space for the adults to find likeminded parents and space for the kids to not only connect but also learn.  Let’s face it, she absolutely nailed the name!  ‘It does exactly what it says on the box!’

What does Link n Learn offer?

Well, perhaps it would be easier to start with what they don’t offer!  Just kidding!!  The Link n Learn vision is based upon creativity and learning through fun whilst connecting with others!  This rings true for both adults and kids alike and thus the activities are centred around this premise and divided as follows.

  1. Kids only
  2. Kids and Parents
  3. Parents only

Furthermore, all activities place creativity and fun at the forefront thus allowing the learning to happen seamlessly.  So, among others some of the activities you can look forward to are music, dance, theatre, science, coding, baking and cooking!  Honestly, the diversity of activities is enough to have every parent smiling from ear to ear!

But, Link n learn do not only do it for the kids, they do it for the adults too!  & Sip is just one of the activities that have me excited because the sippy cup is exchanged for a wine glass and the whining with wining!  HELLO WINNING 😉.


Am Lindenbaum 93
60433 Frankfurt am Main

Additional Info:    website | instagram | facebook