COVID-19 restrictions for lockdown can at times be difficult to come by in English.  With this in mind, we breakdown what we know about the latest restrictions.  The latest update comes as of Tuesday 5th January.  As we all predicted, the restrictions will continue through January and unfortunately they have become even more stringent.  Sigh, there goes my mental health! Also, please find a list of Covid-19 test centres at the bottom of the article.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed that the new, more infectious variants of the COVID-19 virus have made the situation even more precarious.

Continue to be closed until at least 31st January

  • Restaurants, cafes, bistros, bars and pubs (delivery and take-away will still be available)
  • Gyms, Fitness studios, Swimming pools, Saunas
  • Museums, Castles and zoos
  • Theaters, Opera and Movie Theaters
  • Amusement parks
  • Spielhalle and Casinos
  • Hotels are closed except for those on emergency trips
  • Cosmetic studios, Massage Studios and Tattoo Parlours
  • All public events (both inside and outside)
  • All retail stores
  • Hair Salons and Barbers

Will remain open

  • Supermarkets, stores and markets (strict limits of customers in the store. 1 customer for each 10sqm)
  • Religious services (masks must be worn) – communal singing is not allowed
  • Schools and Kitas (In Hessen) – parents however are URGED to keep children home if they are in a position to do so

Business and Employee Support

  • Financial aid attune to 17 billion Euros will be extended into January for self employed and businesses affected by lockdown
  • The government also urged businesses to grant paid holiday leave to parents and allow as many as employees as possible to work from home.
  • Parents will be granted an additional 10 days leave to look after their children and single parents will receive an additional 20 days.

Bans on alcohol and fireworks

There will be a ban on drinking alcohol in public.  This comes as a result of concerns that groups might gather and meet in particular around Gluwein stands.

Also, a ban on the sale of fireworks will be implemented with the latest restrictions.  Whilst there is no ban on setting off fireworks people are asked not to.

Hotspot Travel Ban

Hotspot Threshold = 200 cases per 100,000 residents over seven days

In the latest restrictions, anyone deemed to be in a ‘Hotspot’ will be banned from travelling more than 15km (9.3 miles) from their town without a valid reason.

Private Socialising and Events:

  • Private events outside of your own home are not allowed

  • Get togethers are restricted to 1 other person not living in the same household
  • People are encouraged to have as little contact with people outside of household as possible
  • Social distancing must be practiced when meeting others

Also Mask rules that remain in place

  • Masks are required in all stores and on all forms of public transportation. Also those who are not wearing a mask and those who are not wearing it correctly (Both nose and mouth must be covered) will be fined 60€.

  • Additionally, masks must be worn outside all shops and in car parks
  • Also mask checks on public transport will be stepped up


  • During the winter months it will only be possible to book the window seat
  • Groups travelling together can sit adjacent to one another
  • Additional carriages will be added in order to accommodate travellers and the increased social distancing on trains
COVID-19 Restrictions Covid-19 test centres

Double Testing For those arriving in Germany from High Risk Areas

People arriving in Germany from a high risk area will need to submit 2 negative test results as well as observe a minimum quarantine period of 5 days.

Please note areas in the city where masks are mandatory AT ALL TIMES

Covid-19 Test Centres:

“Festplatz am Ratsweg“

Drive/walk through test centre just near the Eisporthalle.  The test center is accessible for pedestrians and cyclists, motorists and motorcyclists.  You can remain in your car while they swab your throat.

  • Where:  Am Bornheimer Hang, 60386, Frankfurt am Main
  • Cost:  €69 payments can only be made with EC, Visa and Mastercard.
  • Opening Hours:  Monday – Friday 2pm-7pm, Saturday 10am-2pm
  • Good to know: preregistration is required
City Centre (Opernplatz 2):  ASB Test centre
  • Where:  entrance on Neue Mainzer Straße
  • Cost: 
    • Corona rapid test €42.50
    • PCR test with certificate D / E €79.50
    • Corona Test – Combined smear and antibody test €115
  • Opening hours:  Monday-Sunday 6am-7pm
  • Good to know: book your test here
  • Important:  High-risk Regions (as indicated by the RKI)
Frankfurt Airport:  The Centogene Test centre
MyZeil:  The Centogene Test centre (SARS-CoV-2 PCR-Test)
Hotel The Pure
  • Where: Niddastrasse 86, 60329 Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
  • Cost:
    • Antigen rapid test (ART) €58
    • Antigen PCR test €112
    • Antibody test (AKT) €55-60
  • Opening hours:  Monday-Friday 5pm-7pm, Saturday and Sunday 11am-1pm
  • Good to know: you can arrive without an appointment.  Also, group bookings for home testing (minimum 5 people) can be arrange with Frankfurt aM approx €100 per test
  • Additional information:  The Pure Test Centre
  • Important:   High-risk Regions (as indicated by the RKI)
Messe Frankfurt: Hesse Medical Association (KVH) in Frankfurt
  • Where: grounds of Messe Frankfurt in the Europaviertel.
  • Cost: tests are paid for by statutory and private health insurance companies
  • Opening hours:  Monday-Friday 9am-1pm
  • Good to know: designed as a drive through test centre
  • Additional information: if possible, make an appointment in advance. This can be done either through the family doctor or by calling the phone number 116 117.
  • Important: only people with corona symptoms or those for whom the warning app shows red should come to the test.

Finally, you may also find the following helpful:

To conclude restrictions are open to change at any time so please continue to stay informed!  Ministers are due to meet again to re-evaluate on January 25th.