So I have friends coming to Frankfurt and the first question I ask myself is, what is our itinerary? I always find it so exciting when friends come to visit, especially when I’ve just moved to a new country! I feel a need to impress, I want them to think my new home is super awesome and my new city even cooler. Since starting The Frankfurt Edit, Janice and I have discovered so many cool places, so essentially, my homework has already been done.

I’ve known my friends Amber and Nathan for pretty much my whole life, we all grew up together in Springfield, Missouri, Midwest America. We used to go to shows together, clubs, all night dance parties, gallery openings etc. We were some of the cool kids around town. Amber and Nathan now live in St.Louis Missouri where Nathan is quite big in the music scene, he’s also a graphic designer and works at a record company sourcing very rare record collections, so he’s pretty artsy. Amber is a florist, has impeccable taste in interiors, florals and loves food, somewhat of a foodie. So basically, I needed to come up with a pretty awesome itinerary.

So what did we do first?

They arrived on a Saturday at 9:45am. I picked them up from the airport and took them back to my flat. I gave them just long enough to chill, shower and pack their bags for Berlin. Yep, I was starting off their German adventure with a trip to Berlin. I thought I would break them in slowly, hahaha!!!! We had an amazing time in Berlin (read about Berlin here), but we were pretty broken after a long weekend there. After the whirlwind of a weekend I thought Tuesday would probably be a bit of a chilled day for them, however, we hit the ground running. We did sooo much that first day they were here!

Welcome to Frankfurt!

Now I’m always a bit bummed when I come back from Berlin. I love Berlin and I’m always a bit of a grump that first day back. But as I started to show my friends around, I realised just how much there is to do in Frankfurt. I mean, I knew this already, but  I soon realised I couldn’t possibly show them everything in a week. My excitement for Frankfurt returned instantly. I have to say, we did cram a lot into four days.

So you’re probably wondering what we did? Below you will find our itinerary. I recommend finding out what your guests are interested in seeing. Also don’t feel like you have to show them everything. Pick the most important or interesting things, things you know everyone will enjoy. It’s also important to have some chill time. Go somewhere with a great outdoor space and have a few drinks, Frankfurt is very good at this.




  • The Cathedral of St. Bartholomew – located on Domplatz 1
  • Das Herz von Frankfurt – on Braubachstraße 31. Absolutely beautifully decorated coffee shop with wonderful coffee and a scrumptious hummus platter.
  • Magus Antik – Braubachstraße 26, found some absolute treasures
  • Schirn – located in Römerberg. We went to see The Big Orchestra exhibition. Highly recommend this or any exhibition at the Schirn.
  • Naiv – Fahrgasse 4. I just love Naiv. Located very close to the river with a great outdoor space. They have many amazing beers on tap. Try the sampler beer platter.
  • Braustil – Oeder Weg 57. They have a small selection of beers but very good ones that they brew right there. Make sure and order a pizza from Super Bros while you are there. You can order it and they will bring it over to you.
  • Super Bros – right next store to Braustil. Excellent pizza. We ordered a pizza from here while having a beer at Braustil.



  • Frankfurter Kunstverein – Steinernes Haus am Römerberg
    Markt 44. We went to see the Empathic Systems exhibition. A must see!
  • Kleinemarkthalle – Hasengasse 5-7 We had a nice look around and then went up stairs for some scrumptious Italian.
  • Buchhandlung Walther König – located right in front of the Kleinemarkthalle. An excellent bookshop.
  • IImori Patissierie – Braubachstraße 24. They have a beautiful and delicious selection of cakes. Very yummy indeed.
  • Then just walked around loads and went home and had dinner.



  • Café Karin – Grosser Hirschgraben 28. Ive been here several times but never for lunch. Lunch was very good I must say.
  • The Listener – Stephanstraße 3. Always a must go. They stock the latest and greatest collections from some of the best designers out there. Cool interiors, accessories and shoes.
  • Tactile Records – Friedberger Landstraße 114. Cool record shop for all you record lovers out there.
  • Mer -Jahnstraße 60—62. A beautifully curated pop-up shop just off of Oeder Weg. A must-go.
  • Liebesdienste Home Interiors – Oeder Weg 44. This is one of my absolute favourite stores here in Frankfurt. Beautiful interiors, stunning selection of plants and lovely little gifts.
  • Eis Christina – Eckenheimer Landstraße 78. Eis Christina is located pretty close to my daughters school so we tend to stop in quite a bit. ON this particularly hot day, Ice Cream was needed.
  • Berger Street Food – Berger Str. 83. An absolute treat this place is. Some of the best sushi around.



  • Hoppenworth and Ploch – Friedberger Landstraße 86. We stopped in on our walk to the Palmagarten. Always delicious coffee
  • Palmagarten– Siesmayerstraße 61. I hadn’t been to the Palmagarten yet so I found it quite exciting! My daughter had been before so she was our tour guide. Definitely check it out.
  • El Pacifico – Sandweg, 79. Great place for Mexican grub and they serve a mean margarita.
  • LAZY Party – Schwedlersee. We were very happy the LAZY party was on that weekend. We had a really great time.
  • Die Kleinste Disko Der Welt – Morgan Interiors. Unfortunately when we went on Friday night it was slightly soggy but still a lot fun. Once the rain died down we really enjoyed ourselves. We stopped in after some time at LAZY. We would have loved to have gone the next night too, it looked like it was absolutely kicking.

Overall, I believe they had a very good representation of this beautiful little city. They had a little taste of almost everything this lovely city has to offer.