Dining Raum

Dining Raum

Dining Raum seamlessly brings together a love for speciality coffee, music and space! This gorgeous cafe is a stone’s throw from the historical Römer, Altstadt.   And they endeavour to bring you a slice of the Australian brunch scene albeit perfectly seasoned to the German palette.

The Story behind Dining Raum

Two Korean cousins far from home, one with a love for speciality coffee the other a love for brunch and both a love for music!  This is how the story begins!

In short, Fabby Shin spent many years living in Australia and Christopher MinJae Sul years perfecting his craft of classical music training all across Europe before arriving in Frankfurt.

And together Christopher MinJae Sul and Fabby Shin bring you Dining Raum on Fahrgasse.


The Concept and Menu

Firstly, the space needed to simple, modern and effortless  And whilst this may seem like an easy task, it’s not!  Think of bed hair, a look that seems simple but is deceptively difficult to do well!

As they say, ‘it takes a village’!  And creating Dining Raum is no exception.  The concept was realised and supervised by the architect and interior designer Wiebke Meyer, Buero One.  Furthermore, the Buero One team was supported by ROC.D with production and assembly of the built-in furniture.  What’s more, a collaboration with E15 helped tie the whole look together.

There is a definite feel of the ‘white cube’ aesthetic, which is very popular in the art world.  Essentially the white cube aesthetic is typically characterised by square/oblong shape, white walls and a light source that often comes from the ceiling!  The dramatic clean lines created by the large coffee bar are softened by the round paper lanterns that drop down non uniformly from the ceiling creating an almost whimsical effect. When visiting take a minute to admire the photography that hangs on the walls!

Next, the menu design.  Like the space the menu too is a collaboration.  In this instance the team collaborated with an Australian cafe and Michelin star chefs to create the bold menu and dishes.  Also in our opinion, the portion sizes are very generous and the plating is absolutely on point!

The Dining Raum Coffee

Continuing with tradition the coffee served at Dining Raum is another collaboration.  This time they collaborated with local roasting legend Hoppenworth and Ploch!

Here they chose Sertão Arabica from Brazil to create the nutty and rich dining room blend.

The Dining Raum Vibe, classical concerts and art

Relaxed, simple and modern with a continuous flow and buzz moving through the cafe throughout the day!

As previously mentioned, the owners are passionate musicians who serve up intimate classical concerts alongside the beautifully plated menu!  Of course the concerts are held outside the office hours and it’s very much patron ‘insider knowledge’.   So be sure to pop in to the cafe and check their window to find out about their upcoming line up’s.

Finally what’s a venue or cafe without staff??  Dining Raum have a great team of friendly staff and baristas to greet and serve you.

What do we recommend?

Hands down the Halloumi Salad!!  In our opinion it was perfectly dressed a combination of black rice, fennel, pickle, beetroot, avocado and greens!

What are the most popular dishes at Dining Raum?

According to the owners, the ricotta pancakes and the prawn pasta.

Good to know

  1. Situated in the heart of the tourist hub so the prices reflect this, however they worth it in our opinion
  2. Kitchen is open 10am to 5pm during opening hours

Fahrgasse 15
60311 Frankfurt am Main

Monday:  closed
Tuesday – Sunday: 9am – 6pm

Additional Info:    Dining Raum website | instagram

Authentic Vietnamese Food

SEN: Authentic Vietnamese Food

If you after delicious and authentic Vietnamese food then Sen is an absolute MUST!  Sitting on one of the quieter streets in Bahnhofsviertel, the bright yellow Lotus sign, synonymous with the name beckons you in.

The Story behind SEN

Quoc Anh Le owner and founder of Sen, originally hails from Hanoi, but he has been living in Germany for the last 30 years.  Initially Le began his career working for Vietnam airlines travelling and experiencing food and flavour all around the globe.  With a long family history of restauranteurs, he finally decided to follow his dream and his families tradition and headed into the restaurant business.  And so it was that Le and his wife started Sen, some six years ago now.

The Menu and what makes Authentic Vietnamese food?

As previously mentioned Quoc Anh Le opened Sen some six years ago.  His goal?  To serve authentic Vietnamese food.  And whilst this may seem a simple goal, it’s anything but.  The challenge?  Like any cuisine operating in a culture different than their own,  locals may tout themselves as open but will often seek home comforts.  So it is for this reason, that many restaurants will tweak menu’s to accommodate local palettes.  And of course this good practice.  However, it is for this reason that it is so often difficult to find authentic food of any kind.

What makes Authentic Vietnamese food?

According to Le, hands down it’s all about flavour!  He goes on to explain that from a cooking perspective, Vietnamese food is relatively simple to cook.  However, where it gets tricky is getting the flavours perfect!

Hanoi vs Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City)

Furthermore, the Vietnamese food that we all head out to eat is in fact the street food found all around the cities of Hanoi and Saigon.  For instance, the ever popular Pho is not a dish that is ever typically cooked at home.  In fact the phrase ‘my mom’s Pho is the best in the world’ will not be something that you will often hear from the Vietnamese.

The broth at Sen

Now here is the kicker, each dish has it’s own unique broth at Sen.  Meaning beef, chicken and pork will each have a broth specifically made to hero them in the dish.  Triple the broth, triple the work, triple the flavour!

Also, it’s worth noting that if you are vegetarian you will not find many vegetarian options on the menu.  Why?  Because this is not something that you typically find in Vietnam.

The Vibe

Simple and non fussy.  The service is friendly and lightning quick!

A long narrow restaurant with a large brightly coloured mural that catches your eye as you enter.  Canvases adorned with Vietnamese street scenes along with simple tables and chairs line the deep grey walls.  Finally, simple bamboo light fittings hang from the ceiling to brighten the space.

What makes SEN special?

In a word.  PASSION!  In the 40 minutes I spent chatting with Le the thing most apparent to me was how utterly passionate he is about not just Vietnamese food but about authentic Vietnamese food.  In our conversation he took me to understand Vietnamese food in a way I never have before. From exactly why he has chosen each dish to have it’s own to broth, it would certainly be easier and less work to have one.  To why you will not find many vegetarian options on the menu.

Le is absolutely unwavering in his paying homage to the beloved street food of his home nation.  And this means FLAVOUR, FLAVOUR, FLAVOUR which in turn means the highest level of attention to detail to consistently deliver it!!

Good to know:

  • Lunch time on week days is incredibly busy, so arrive early!  However, turnover is fairly quick as the business workers do not mull around
  • Sundays are also busy so it’s worth making a reservation
  • Vegetarian options are very limited


Weserstraße 35
60329 Frankfurt


Mon – Thurs: 11.30am – 3pm and 5.30pm – 10pm
Fri: 11.30am – 3pm and 5.30pm – 10:30pm
Sat: 2pm – 10.30pm (closed until September 18th, 2022)
Sun: 1pm – 9.30pm

Additional information:  Instagram l facebook

Oktoberfest in Frankfurt

Oktoberfest in Frankfurt

Have you perhaps found yourself wanting to experience the Oktoberfest but never found the time to get to Munich?  Well good news, now you can without even heading to Munich.  Word has it that the Oktoberfest in Frankfurt has all the authentic aspects of the beer fest in Munich, traditional games, music and beer.  However, it’s a fraction of the size and perhaps slightly less debauchery (if this is what you after, I’m certain you can achieve it independently)

How and When did the Oktoberfest in Frankfurt Start?

Coming up on close to 15 years ago now, the first Oktoberfest was held in 2007.  A joint venture between Kai Mann and Eddie Hausman saw the inaugural event to be  a great success and since then have gone from strength to strength!

Where is it held and how big is the event?

The event has 60,000 attendees over a duration of just under 4 weeks.

This year:  7 September – 3 October 2022

Location: Deutsche Bank Park

Timing:  5.30pm – 12am

The location is easily accessible by public transport and should you choose to drive there are 2 parking lots.

Oktoberfest in Frankfurt

What to expect at the Oktoberfest in Frankfurt?

Undoubtedly an enormous party albeit a far more intimate experience than you might find in Munich.  Predominantly the arena is filled with a multitude of long wooden tables each seating 12.  However, for those wanting a more ‘private party’ there are 6 boxes available that each cater for 40 guests.  The boxes are set slightly higher than the stages and offer an unobstructed view.

Each day will see the traditional Bayern game of Beer glass lifting take place, which will culminate in the winners from each day competing on the final day for some incredible prizes.  For example, 1 week skiing in Obertown or a holiday with Condor to the Dominican Republic.

Furthermore, you can expect to have live music each day with the in house The Frankfurt Oktoberfest Band playing traditional music.  Also, the incredibly popular band Jimi and the Weather Girls will be there to entertain like they always do.

How to Book tickets?

Head over to the Frankfurter Oktoberfest website and book your beer fest tickets online.  Hurry as the tickets are limited and almost sold out.

Cafe in Bahnhofsviertel

19Zehn Cafe in Bahnhofsviertel

A little bit of ‘Zen’ amongst the hustle and bustle of Haptbahnhof!  If you heading out of town via the main station, definitely take a detour via this cafe in Bahnhofsviertel for your ‘on the go’ coffee!  We can guarantee that it will be worth the extra 5 minutes!

The Story behind 19Zehn Cafe in Bahnhofsviertel?

Ceyja, is not only a determined and vivacious woman, but is the brains and ‘braun’ behind 19Zehn Cafe in Bahnhofsviertel.  After more than her fair share of challenges she finally opened 19Zehn’s doors in June 2021.  And boy, we are so glad that she did!

More than just a name!

Also, ‘19Zehn’ is so much more than just a clever name.  Firstly, it’s a coffee formula ie 19 grams produces 1.0 ounce of coffee.  Secondly, the building in which it humbly sits is a historic building built in 1910 by the renowned Hohenzollern family.  And finally, they aim to prepare and offer foodstuffs reflecting how things were in 1910 ie no chemicals and or processed ingredients.  

The Coffee and Bagel Bar

The house coffee comes from a well known local Frankfurt roastery, Hoppenworth & Ploch.  Furthermore they have a number of guest beans from around the world for one to try.  In particular, one currently being featured is from a roastery in the Ukraine, fine cup.

Along with coffee they have a fairly large selection of sweet and savoury food options to choose from.   Including freshly made bagels, burritos, smoothies and cakes.

The Vibe

Whilst there is minimal space inside, the seating spills out onto the side walk and is the perfect spot for a little people watching!  The clientele is as dynamic as it’s owner, with regulars being from all walks of life.

The interiors are modern with bespoke seating to fit the irregular diamond shape.  Outside comprises both bar stool and regular seating all in a gorgeous teal green colour.  Simple square tables complete the look.

19Zehn Cafe declared a Police ‘safe zone’ in Bahnhofsviertel

Worth noting is that 19Zehn not only serves up great coffee, but its also been marked as a ‘safe zone’ by the Police.  So, if you in and around Hauptbanhof and feeling threatened or unsafe you can stop in here and they will call the police.

Also, Ceyda has a quiet authority about her but it’s coupled with an incredible kindness that I witnessed as she dealt with non paying visitors.

Düsseldorfer Str. 1-7,
60329 Frankfurt am Main

Monday – Thursday: 8am – 4pm
Friday:  8am – 3pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: 10am – 4pm

Additional Info:    instagram

Dillman Winery rheingau

Dillman Winery Rheingau

Dillman Winery is set not too far back from the Rhein River in Geisenheim.  By all accounts it could be considered a ‘newcomer’ with it being only a second generation family run business.  However, it’s precisely this that we love about it!  Not caught up in stuffy ideas or old traditions that no longer serve them.

The Story of Dillman Winery

So what began as a hobby some 40 something years ago is now a flourishing family business.  In fact, it began with Karlo Dillman dabbling with a little wine making having only one barrel and one grape variety.  And as the years passed not only did the number of barrels grow but so did Marcel’s (Karlo’s youngest son) love for wine making.

So after completing his wine making studies Marcel returned to the wine farm in 2014 and the official Dillman Winery business was born.  Next, Karlo retired from Policing the banks of the Rhein and joined the business full time in 2015.  And finally in 2018 Marius joined bringing his marketing, media and DJ skills to ever the expanding business.  Of course through all this, mum was a constant always keeping the boat steady.

The Dillman Family

The Dillman Family is nothing but warm and welcoming!  And they do in our opinion represent what a happy and thriving family business should be.  From the matching tattoo’s (yip dad got one too) to the family portraits on the wall for all to see.  Undoubtedly Dillman Winery is a great day out with some wonderful wine tasting!!

The Vibe

A modern and industrial feel with soft finishes A newly renovated and extended warehouse serves as the main building.  Housing a small restaurant and a large partitioned entertainment area.  Outside, tables and sofas constructed out of old palettes are scattered around.   In addition to this, they sit on the lip of vineyard allowing you to look out over the vines and the never ending rows.  Also, large white umbrellas serve up much needed shade for those who want it.  Furthermore a large converted Storage container serves as a bar for events etc.

Along with the vast number of vibrant green vines are large lavender bushes.  These not only cleverly divide the space but also create a beautiful contrast between the purple and the green and white.

The Wine

Dillman Winery has a nice selection of both white wine, red wine and dessert wine.  Namely

  1. Riesling
  2. Pinot Gri
  3. Sauvignon Blanc
  4. Muscatel
  5. Pinot Noir
  6. Merlot
  7. Cabernet Sauvignon

Of course it will come as no surprise that they have Riesling but as a Sauvignon Blanc drinker I was delighted to find they make an incredibly drinkable wine!

Most Popular Wine

Currently, their most popular wine is their Rosé, the Rosalinda.  And this makes up a whopping 20% of the production, there is no doubt that Rosé’s time has arrived!

For more information on their wines check out their website below.

Langestraße 17A
65366 Geisenheim

Monday – Friday: 2pm – 6pm
Saturday: 11am – 4pm
Sunday: Closed

Additional Info:    Dillman website | instagram

Best Taco’s in Frankfurt

Best Taco’s in Frankfurt TAQUERÍA “La original”

Frankfurt asked and TAQUERÍA “La original” delivered!  The best Taco’s in town, and lets be clear, when we say best we also mean authentic!  If there is something I have seen asked time and time again whilst living in Frankfurt it’s ‘Where can I find authentic and delicious Mexican food in Frankfurt’?  Finally I can answer with certaintyTAQUERÍA “La original”

The Story behind TAQUERÍA “La original”

Well like most things and idea’s in life, it was born out of a lack and a need. And in this instance, it was a lack of authentic Mexican food and a need for it in Frankfurt.  The partners of Omakase Four GmbH are the brains behind this incredible and delicious venture.  Bringing to life a space where people can meet, celebrate, eat and share in a relaxed environment.


Relaxed and Gorgeous!!  Ah I can’t tell you how much I love the interiors!  From the clean lines of the Taqueria bar serving up the Best Taco’s in Frankfurt to the dramatic mural in the main restaurant to the bright exuberant colours in the bathroom!  Furthermore I feel the mural needs an additional mention, a complete conversation starter!!  In order to be as authentic as possible, the stencil was created and designed in Mexico before being shipped and ‘installed’ in Frankfurt.

Now what’s Mexican without Tequila?  Well, with an entire wall paying homage to the biggest collection of Tequila in Frankfurt you will not be disappointed!  And to all our margarita lovers out there, you have officially found your second home!

What is the key to making authentic Mexican food?

Many will tell you it all comes down to the tortilla’s and sourcing high quality fresh ingredients.

The Tortilla’s

Undoubtedly one of the most important and foundational elements of an authentic taco is the tortilla!  And this is why all tortilla’s at TAQUERÍA “La original”are freshly made and pressed each day!   Furthermore they have two tortilla options, namely a corn and a wheat flour option.  With each filling or topping being paired with the perfect tortilla.

For instance the corn tortilla has a distinctive flavour, is more corse and ‘durable’ (for want of a better word) than the wheat flour tortilla. And therefore pairs perfectly with the richly marinated chicken and brisket options.  Meaning the juices can sink in, slowly softening the tortilla without it completely disintegrating in your hand as you eat.  On the other hand, the crispy fish taco is best served on the more subtle and softer wheat flour tortilla.

High quality fresh ingredients

Mexican food and taco’s vary enormously depending on where you find yourself in Mexico.  Each region and area having it’s own distinct flavours and ingredients.  Undoubtedly TAQUERÍA “La original” is no different.  In addition to finding a local producer who provides them with distinctly Mexican ingredients like nopales, tomatillos and particular peppers they also cleverly incorporate regional German produce too.

Finally it’s worth noting that all ingredients are organic and farm raised!

How it works, and where to find ‘The best Taco’s in Frankfurt’.

At last finding the best Taco’s in Frankfurt is easy!  TAQUERÍA “La original” is located a stones throw away from Eschenheimer Tor.  And only a short walk around the corner from Zeil.  Undoubtedly making it the perfect place to stop for a quick bite to eat whilst shopping.

Firstly, order at the counter.  Secondly, find a seat.  And finally, wait for your order!  IT COULD NOT BE EASIER!

Good to know

  • The ENSALADA DE TOMATE Y NOPALES is absolutely phenomenal and I highly recommend it
  • Also, the corn on the cob is MAGIC!
  • Parking is tricky but Zeil Parkhaus is very nearby
  • Get there early the line gets very very long
  • It is definitely being added to our list of Best Restaurants in Frankfurt


Stiftstraße 41
60313 Frankfurt am Main


Tuesday – Saturday, 12:30pm – 3:30pm and 5:30pm – 11pm

Additional information:   TAQUERIA “La original” website | Instagram

Multifunctional Toys

Multifunctional Toys with Balanced Kids

Now this is a company after our own hearts!  Balanced Kids offer multifunctional toys aimed to not only peak kid’s minds and imagination but also build body awareness and strength.  And most importantly, the products are endless FUN for kids! 

The Story behind Balanced Kids

Another incredible story born out of COVID lockdown!  Marie and Christoph Schmid founded Balanced Kids in November 2020.  Undoubtedly like many parents, they found themselves with a problem to solve during lockdown!  How on earth does one keep one’s children entertained in minimal space with maximum effect!  Additionally, they wanted the solution to be multifunctional and aesthetically pleasing!  Now lets be honest, this is a problem that many parents face regardless of whether the world is in the midst of a pandemic! Definitely check out their products!!

So with a problem to solve they set about their research, trial and error and sourcing products.  Finally they found what they were looking for and as they say ‘the rest is history’. 

It should also be noted, they stock a very curated range of items that are not only multifunctional toys and easy on the eye but provide endless hours of entertainment.  Another added bonus of a very curated range?  There is much less confusion when buying!!

What Multifunctional Toys do Balanced Kids offer?

At present they have 5 core products with an endless possibility of activities for your child’s imagination.

  1. Balance Board
  2. Balance Board Swing and Rings
  3. Balance Stones
  4. Wooden Rainbow
  5. Stepping stones

Good to know

Balanced Kids can only be found online see below for their website.  Worth noting, the offer FREE personal delivery in Frankfurt!

Additional Info:    balanced kids website | instagram

STEAM Robotics and Coding

Robotics and Coding with Boston Education

Boston Education is an organisation that specialises in using STEAM activities to teach kids robotics and coding in Frankfurt.  I meet their CEO, Maja Vuksic, one Friday afternoon under the pergola at Cafe Croquant.  Admittedly I’m a little nervous to sit down and discuss Robotics and Coding I’m more a bang it till it works kinda girl, just kidding!

Two things strike me, her incredibly firm handshake when we meet (love it!) and as we chat her understated brilliance!  Having studied Physics and Neuroscience at Harvard and Columbia, she is nobodies fool!  But more than that, she doesn’t make me feel foolish as I ogle and have my jaw drop on more than one occasion as she talks!

So, if you going to put your precious humans under the tutorage and guidance of anyone I will shamelessly scream her name!

About Boston Education

Foundered in 2016 as a response to seeing a gap in the market to use STEAM fundamentals to enhance kids education.  Not only are extracurricular activities important for kids to have have fun and develop new skills, it fundamentally important in securing your child’s future.  In order for the next generation to succeed later in life we need to understand now that school and grades are only one part of a very complex and competitive puzzle.

Boston Education seeks to help parents seamlessly integrate science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics in a fun and engaging way.  Turning parents ‘online gaming war’ as tool to now draw them in and learn.  Thus they have the carrot but we don’t need to use the stick!

What STEAM activity classes and courses do they offer?

In short Boston Education offers 3D Computer Game Design, Robotics and Coding.  These courses are offered as an extracurricular activity at various campuses in and around Frankfurt.  Furthermore, they offer holiday camps where kids can either dip their toe or sink their teeth into these STEAM activities.

Not only do kids learn how to code and build a game or robot but they must design and create their characters using art!  With enthusiastic teachers to guide and encourage them along the way our next generation will be smiling!

Where can you find a Boston Education class?

As previously mentioned, the robotics and coding classes are offered at various campuses and international schools in and around Frankfurt.

  1. IBMS School
  2. International School Frankfurt
  3. FIS
  4. Metropolitan School Frankfurt
  5. Anna-Schmidt Schule (registrations are open to all students ie students outside of Anna-Schmit)

Furthermore, Boston Education classes can be found in other German Cities namely:

  1. BilinGO campus (Cologne)
  2. Jules Verne Campus (Munich)

Coding and Robotics Summer Camps for July/August 2022

If you are looking to entertain your little humans (or rather have others entertain them for you) then look no further.  Now, as a parent myself I know what you thinking!!  Inside all day in front of screen in summer??  Well this camp is turning ‘screen time’ on it’s head!!  Firstly, it’s completely outside!  Yes you read that correctly, the kids are taught outside in the fresh air.  And secondly, they learn whilst playing.

Camp Details are as follows:

  1. Where:  Anna-Schmidt Schule City campus.
  2. When:  Camps are weekly with the first week beginning July 25th and the last week beginning August 22nd.

Also be quick to avoid disappointment – book here now.

Niedernhausener Strasse 13
60326 Frankfurt am Main

Monday – Friday: 9am – 6pm
Saturday: 9am – 1pm

Additional Info:    Boston Education website

9 euro ticket

9 Euro Ticket for Local Travel across Germany

So, unless you have been living under rock (and perhaps that’s best), you may have noticed expenses are rises left right and centre! And income rising??  Well not so much!  In an attempt to help lower the burden of the exorbitant increases for everyday living expense the government has brought in a €9 Ticket for Monthly Travel across Germany.

What is the €9 ticket?  And how long is it available for?

In short, the €9 ticket is a nationwide, monthly travel card.  And it allows travellers to use all means of local public transport for only €9 a month. It came into effect at the beginning June and is available for use during July and August.

Where is the 9 Euro Ticket Available for use?

The 9 Euro Ticket is valid on all public transport services in Germany.  Moreover, it’s valid on any local/regional route!  And you can make as many journeys as you like.   It is valid across all forms of public transport including buses, trams, underground trains as well as on commuter rail, regional trains and regional express trains in second class  Also worth noting, the ticket is valid for use all across the country regardless of where you purchased it.  For example, a 9-Euro-Ticket purchased in Frankfurt can also be used for journeys in Berlin and the surrounding area.

However, please be aware the ticket is not valid on long-distance trains (e.g. IC, EC or ICE) or long-distance buses.

Where to buy the €9 Travel Ticket

The ticket will be available via a number of channels namely:

  • online (RMV
  • apps (DB Navigator and RMV)
  • Local ticket desks at stations.
Using the RMV app (see images below)

When using the RMV app.  Firstly ensure that you have a destination selected.  Secondly, click ‘BUY SINGLE TICKET’  after which you will be directed to various departure times etc.  Thirdly, choose any departure time and select ‘RMV-TICKET from: 2,75€’.  Finally, you will be directed to the various ticket options, with one being ‘9-Euro-Ticket’ and you can NOW buy your travel ticket.

9 Euro Ticket for Local Travel

Things to remember when using €9 Travel Ticket

Please remember that on all local and long distance transport masks are still mandatory.  Thus, ensure you are prepared so as to avoid disappointment of being turned away at the door.

Luxury Second Hand clothing

Luxury Second Hand Clothing with Style Definery

Style Definerys founder and owner, Anja Murjahn, is a journalist by trade but a fashionista by soul!  However, more than a fashionista she is conscious consumer and adamant that we should all be doing our bit for the environment.  It is the coming together of luxury and sustainability that saw the beginning of Style Definery.  Namely a beautiful showroom and online store that deals in luxury second hand clothing (preloved) and also some vintage pieces.  So if you looking to save the planet one luxury second hand clothing piece at a time head over to Westend and visit their gorgeous showroom!

What can you expect to find at Style Definery?

In short, you can expect to find many of the worlds leading luxury brands Chanel, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Hermes to name but a few.  However, in our opinion the most important thing you will find, is a very curated selection of clothing!  Meaning, nothing you find is there by accident.  Each piece must not only meet the very high quality standards but must also fit with the overall look and feel of the Style Definery brand.

The Story behind Style Definery

Globe trotting is something Murjahn has a little experience with.  And it was her time spent studying abroad in the US together with visits to New York that really peaked her fascination with American fashion.  Moreover, she was drawn to the way New York presented fashion.  An eclectic mixture of high fashion and low fashion, and how it seamlessly fitted together.

Next she discovered The Real Real.  An American marketplace who sells authenticated luxury consignments.  All over the world the importance of second hand clothing has been recognised, however, Germany is still a little ‘shy’ to fully embrace it.  Murjahns goal is to help shift perceptions.  By of course illustrating the sustainability aspect of second hand clothing!  But also by showcasing to people that when done correctly, second hand clothing is the best of both worlds, namely shopping and ‘doing your bit’.  And finally getting people to understand that second hand clothing is neither smelly nor for the underprivileged or trawling through boxes of discarded clothing on the sidewalk.  So with the fashion industry coming in at a whopping number 4 on the biggest polluters on the planet we would all do well to listen!!

Want to be a consignor?

Style Definery welcomes anyone who would like to try their hand in the preloved world.  And in a few easy steps your ‘trash’ may become someone else’s treasure!

Step 1

Schedule an appointment to bring in all the items you are hoping to sell.  Subsequently Style Definery will make a selection of pieces that best fit with store.

Step 2

The Style Definery team get busy with research, making price comparisons, authenticity checks and verifying collection details. Furthermore, the team discerns how rare or widely available a particular piece is.

Step 3

After all the research and price comparisons are done, the team will contact you with a recommended price.  If both parties agree the piece ready  to be photographed and head onto the showroom floor.

Whilst it’s not an absolute guarantee, from selection to showroom of the Luxury Second Hand clothing the process often takes around 2 weeks.


Liebigstraße 23
60323 Frankfurt am Main


Thursday and Friday: 11am – 6pm
Saturday: 11am – 4pm

Additional Info:      Style Definery website | instagram | facebook

Frankfurt Airport Taxi Transfers Welcome Pickups

Frankfurt Taxi/Transfers with Welcome Pickups

Undoubtly we’ve all been at the airport, luggage hanging VERY heavy and trying to find an airport taxi or transfer!  Well Frankfurt taxi and transfers definitely just got easier with Welcome Pickups.  And if you are new to Frankfurt  the very least you can expect before exploring the city is a stress free arrival!

About Welcome Pickups

I couldn’t say it better than they do, so in their own words.

’Founded in 2015 in Athens, Greece, Welcome goes above and beyond the commoditised transfer service as the first company to deliver a holistic, in-destination travel experience. From the moment a traveller arrives in a new destination, until they return home, Welcome accommodates all their travel needs (transfers, travel products, things to do, information) as the easiest, friendliest and most personalised solution.’

What does Welcome Pickups offer?

So what do they offer in Frankfurt exactly?  Well, first and foremost all the driver go through a rigorous vetting process also their vehicles are identified and checked.  Secondly, all drivers in all our destinations, are locals, experienced, English-speaking, and trained professionals.

In addition, the driver and the traveller are in direct contact through their mobile phone. The driver tracks their flight to ensure they are on time at the meeting point.  They meet and greet the traveller with a personalised sign which includes the travellers name.

How to book Frankfurt taxi/transfer?

It couldn’t be easier to book a taxi. Simply click on the Welcome pickups website and head to ‘my bookings’.  From there you can enter your journey requirements and receive a quote before any further information is requested.  If you are happy to proceed you will then enter your flight number, email and telephone number before being directed to pay.

Why flight number, email and telephone number?

Essentially this is for ease of communincation.  Moreover, your driver will track your flight to ensure they arrive timeously to collect you.  Also, you will be emailed all the relevant details along with a photo of your driver a few days prior to your travel.

Additional Information:  welcome pickups website

Iñigo Urrechu Frankfurt Restaurant

A seat at the Oben table with Iñigo Urrechu

It’s written that Inigo doesn’t have restaurants rather he has houses where he welcomes friends.  And true to this statement this is how he welcomed us to his newest ‘house’ Oben on 15th Floor of the Melia City Hotel Frankfurt to interview him!  He greats us with a warm brilliant smile, a generous handshake and a twinkle in his eyes!  With an openness that immediately puts everyone at ease, we sat down to ‘chat’!

This man has definitely done this before.  And to say that he has done this before is perhaps the understatement of the year.  Not only has Urrechu been in the restaurant business for almost as long as he could walk but he has 8 restaurants under his belt.  7 in Spain, and now one in Germany.  As a celebrity chef and media personality he is a much loved household name in much of Spain.

Without a doubt what is clear from the moment you meet Inigo is that he is passionate about family, and his family extends to those who work and eat in his restaurants.

So, who is the man behind the Urrechu name?

Originally from Villarreal de Urrechu, Iñigo Pérez began his culinary journey at a very young age.  The youngest of three boys he was often thought to be a nuisance by his older brothers when they played outside on the street with their friends.  And so as a result, spent much time at home alongside his parents learning the tricks of the cooking trade.  Undoubtedly he was a ‘seedling’ being showered with gastronomical passion and know how, left slowly to bloom into a entrepreneur, restauranteur and international chef!

A nickname is often synonymous with endearment, so how did Iñigo Perreira become Urrechu?

Well, at the age of 17 and with the blessing of his mother, Iñigo Perez set off to work under Martín Berasategui.  And it was here one day that Berasategui passionately asked the young Iñigo where he was from. Villarreal de Urretxu came the response.  Realising he had no idea where that was, Barasategui smiled, and in that moment ‘Urrechu’ was born. Years later that name hangs on the wall of 7 of his 8 restaurants.  So what perhaps only began as a whim has gone on to define Iñigo Perez forever.

This is Urrechu’s first venture outside of Spain.  What drew him to Germany and Frankfurt?

Curiously, Iñigo’s love of sport and running brought him to Germany and Frankfurt.  First running the Berlin marathon and then secondly competing in the Frankfurt ironman. Germany he says excitedly has all the things he love’s in his life, a rich history and culture, gastronomy and of course sport!

He elaborates more and says if cities have restaurants that are rich in recipes, wines and cocktails it means the city demands it.  In other words the people demand it, they welcome it.  This is of course something that really appeals to him.

Oben Restaurant and Skybar

Urrechu is known to refer to his restaurants as ‘houses where he receives friends’.  Why?

He elaborates saying that cooking for someone is one of the biggest expressions of love.  It’s more than filling their belly, it’s to make them smile, to connect with them to nourish them.  Moreover people head out to restaurants not only to eat but also to celebrate, to connect with friends, to laugh, to cry.  In essence, people trust you with intimate moments in their lives.   And for this reason it is so much more than just a meal, more than a restaurant it is a ‘home’.

Furthermore, those in the gastronomy industry have gruelling hours and so it is important to Urrechu that all those that work in his businesses feel and are treated like family.

Iñigo Urrechu

Iñigo Urrechu

Javier Barros

Javier Barros

Javier Barros, Urrechu’s right hand man who makes Oben tick

Urrechu and Barros are very good friends having known and worked together for many years.  Undeniably important is having someone you trust to run and support you in business.  And Urrechu has this in Barros.  For Barros having lived and worked all over Europe this was an incredible opportunity to not only come full circle to where he lived as a child but to oversee and run an important house.

Having come to Germany at the tender age of 3 months and spending most of his childhood here, he provides the vital insider knowledge.  Barros was instrumental in the development of the menu. Understanding the culture, the language, the taste, all the ingredients needed to be a successful restaurant in Frankfurt.  The importance of getting the Spanish Kitchen and German Kitchen aligned was not lost on Urrechu.  And Urrechu credits Barros as being ‘the heart of the project’.

The Oben family under the guidance of Barros and Urrechu

Urrechu’s eye beam with pride as he talks about the team who began this project still being the very same team today.  Often, he explains, starting any new venture is difficult and there are often many casualties in the process.  However, he smiles, ‘we are still the same team’ and that is amazing.

The admiration each of the men have for each other is easily seen and therefore easy to understand why Oben restaurant and skybar  has been so welcomed by Frankfurters and travellers alike.

For both men family is everything, and when you spend so many hours working, those you work with become your family!  Their passion is palpable and even more than this is that passion has filtered through to all aspects of the restaurant and staff.

The Inspiration behind your new house’s name, Oben?

It began as a joke or rather a play on words.  A name that was almost a word in both German and English.  Oben in German meaning up.  And Oven (tweak the b) meaning, well, oven in English.

Are Seasonality and Local Produce key to the menu?

Yes of course!  For two reasons, one, flavour and perfume.  And two, price of course.  However, Oben is first and foremost a Spanish restaurant and therefore require many ingredients that may not be readily available in Germany.  For example octopus may not best be served from the Main.  However as mentioned previously the goal is to use the best quality products, support the local economy as much as possible but remain true to Spanish flavours.

Urrechu is an avid runner and sportsman.  Does this influence how and what he cooks?

In a word, YES.  When he runs or exercises it’s his time to decompress to relax and to be inpired.  With an incredibly sensitive sense of smell he takes in his surroundings through fragrance and perfume.  Hints of blackberry, lemongrass or the smell of the spice market as he ran in Dubai are all sources of inspiration that shape the idea of a dish or inspire a new one.  He continues to say that it is not blood that runs through his veins but rather  rosemary, sage and thyme!

Are Michelin Stars on the Menu for the Future?

Two things that are very clear when you meet Iñigo Urrechu.  One, he is incredibly passionate and loves what he does.  But two, he is businessman. As he puts it ‘a man has to be able to live’ and you can’t eat the stars.  Of course receiving a Michelin star (or two or three) is of the highest honour.  However he goes on to say, these are often small restaurants with high price tag meals and often not as profitable as their larger cousins who are just as focused on quality and flavour but more patrons and table turnover.  So, for now he loves the crowds and the laughter, the ambience they create and of course that they give him the financial means to reinvent Urrechu with new ventures.

If you were not a chef what would you be?

Ask this question and it might be one of the few ways to leave Iñigo Urrechu completely speechless.  He tells the story of being asked this by a journalist a few years back and being completely stumped for at least a minute.  And, after pondering for a while he decided that if he weren’t a chef it would still be something within the gastronomy world.  Ultimately the rosemary, thyme and garlic run too strong within his veins!

Without a double Urrechu and Barros have their philosophy instilled in the every fibre of Oben!  Because, we felt truly welcomed!  And we felt we were old friends around a table.  Laughter, joking and total ease was how it began and how it ended!

Meliá Frankfurt City Hotel

Meliá Frankfurt City Hotel

The Meliá Frankfurt City Hotel rises up 140 metres above the beautiful tree line Senkenbergeanlage and alongside the historic Senkenberg Museum.  And it should come as no surprise that with a height like that, that this iconic glass tower offers up breathtaking views over the Frankfurt skyline.  Also worth mentioning now – a meal or cocktail in the Oben Restaurant and Skybar (16th floor) is an absolute must for both Frankfurters and travellers alike!

About the Meliá Brand

Founded in 1956 in Palma de Mallorca (Spain), Meliá Hotels International has more than 380 hotels around the world.  And its continued commitment to responsible tourism led it to be named the most sustainable hotel company in Spain and Europe in 2020, according to the SAM Corporate Sustainability Assessment.

The Vibe

A muted colour palette and monochrome furnishings are punctuated with vibrant greenery which beautifully soften the clean lines.  Undoubtedly too, the lighting is very cleverly used to not only illuminate but create statement pieces within their own right throughout the hotel.

As mentioned earlier, the view is absolutely phenomenal!  And with the floor to ceiling glass windows you can truly immerse yourself in it!  Now if you can, steal yourself away from the skyline for moment and drink in the pop art that drips from the walls!  Without a doubt Nathali von Kretschtmann’s art works make for worthy opponents battling the view for your attention.

Also equally important as the ambience and setting, are the staff! And throughout our stay we can honestly say we could not fault them.  From check in to checkout they were incredibly efficient, friendly and attentive.

Gym and Wellness Area

What a pleasure Meliá have made working out when you are away from home!  Honestly, hotel gyms often seem like a second thought hidden somewhere in the basement with a token treadmill and few dusty dumbbells if you lucky!  We were delighted to find that this was not the case at Meliá!!  Not only is the gym well kitted out, but, the Sauna and wellness area is calming with gorgeous views and plenty of space to relax and decompress!

The Rooms

Without a doubt the location and incredible views over the city are two of Meliá Frankfurt City Hotel’s biggest draw cards.  So it should come as no surprise that each of the hotel’s 431 rooms and suites come with floor-to-ceiling windows giving iconic views over the city skyline and mountains beyond. Many rooms also feature a private balcony.  And all rooms come with stylish, minimalist design and amenities including flat-screen TVs.

The Level

The Level is the perfect choice for guests wanting a more private and a exclusive experience.  It includes superior rooms, bespoke service and an enhanced staff attention.  Additional exclusive areas include a separate reception and lounge, this includes snacks and drinks that guests can enjoy throughout the day.  Also worth noting, The Level guests can enjoy their breakfast here each morning in a more relaxed and intimate setting.

State of the Art Conference and Business Centre

Just like the rest of the hotel, the conference and business centre has been well thought out!  With no less than 1,400 sq m of adaptable event space and meeting rooms there is plenty of room to manage all business affairs.  The hotel’s meeting rooms have high ceilings and state-of-the-art technology making them a pleasure to work in.  Furthermore, much of the space can be flexibly combined or sectioned to meet the party size and event requirements.

The Restaurant, Bar and Mixology

So whilst it may not bare the famous Urrechu in the name, there is no doubt that it is an Iñigo Urrechu venture.  And with Eddy O’Brien managing it, the bar and restaurant is in very safe hands.  Also the wine list and cocktail menu was developed as rigorously as the food menu!  So whether you are after a perfectly paired 3 course meal or cocktails overlooking the beautiful skyline Oben definitely delivers!

Good to know

  • There is convenient underground parking at Meliá Frankfurt City Hotel
  • An easy 7-10 minute walk to the Messe Festhalle and 20 minute walk into the city


Meliá Frankfurt City

Senckenberganlage 13,

60325 Frankfurt am Main

Additional Info:     website | facebook | instagram

Oben Restaurant and Skybar

Oben, Restaurant and Skybar

Oben Restaurant and Skybar gives you a perfect view of Frankfurt’s unique and beautiful skyline as it sits perfectly nestled high up amongst the soaring rooftops.  With undeniably breathtaking views over the city and the vibrant Mediterranean colours and flavour it makes for a visual feast both on an off the plate.

The Story behind Oben Restaurant and Skybar

So whilst Oben may not feature the famous Urrechu calling card, Iñigo Urrechu’s philosophy and style is unmistakably stamped all over Oben Restaurant and Skybar!  Drawn to the German culture and cuisine this marks Urrechu’s first venture outside of Spain!

The Vibe

Iñigo Urrechu is famously quoted as saying ‘I don’t have restaurants, I have houses where I welcome friends’.  And having met Urrechu, his right hand man Javier Barros, and staff this very much rings true!  As they all not only seem to embrace this philosophy but embody it.  So, forget pretentious posturing and over priced food, instead find food that’s designed to be shared and created to connect!

Equally important as the staff are the ambience and setting!  As mentioned above, the view is absolutely phenomenal!  And with the floor to ceiling glass windows you can truly immerse yourself in it!  Now steal yourself away from the skyline and drink in the pop art that drips from the walls!  Without a doubt Nathali von Kretschtmann’s art works make for a worthy opponent battling for your attention.

The Menu

Of course as you would expect, the menu is Mediterranean inspired cuisine.  However, lest we forget we are in Frankfurt there are definite German ‘touches’ added to many of the dishes to remind us!  For instance a dash of Grüne Soße here and splash of Reisling there, however this never comes at the expense of balance!

Some dishes have a wonderful playfulness about them whilst others have a depth that you expect from a restaurant of this calibre.  Some of our favourite dishes were the Beetroot tartare as an appetiser.  Oh my goodness, this elevated beetroot to level I never thought possible the bitterness perfectly balanced with the richness from the avocado!  For main course, the beef fillet topped with grilled avo and vine tomatoes!  Admittedly I hold my hands up here, because if beef fillet on the menu, I rarely choose anything else!  Having said that, it was cooked to perfection with the vine cherry tomatoes serving as the perfect pop of deliciousness to cut through richness of the avocado!  Finally dessert, the Mango Cake!  Now, I am not a dessert person!  But this was quite literally a mouthful of sunshine with a twist of sour that left me considering another!

The Bar and Mixology

With Eddy O’Brien at the helm, the bar and restaurant is in very safe hands.  And the wine list and cocktail menu was developed as rigorously as the food menu!  So whether you are after a perfectly paired 3 course meal or cocktails overlooking the beautiful skyline Oben definitely delivers!

Good to know


Located in Meliá Frankfurt City
Senckenberganlage 13,
60325 Frankfurt am Main


Tuesday – Saturday:  6pm – 12am
Sunday & Monday:  Closed

Additional Info:      facebook | instagram

ML Cosmetics

ML Cosmetics

Nestled in a cobblestone alcove only a few minutes walk from Kronberg Aldstadt you’ll find ML Cosmetics.  A space dedicated to help you escape the hustle and bustle of the world and indulge your every skincare dream!

The story and team behind ML Cosmetics

ML cosmetics is the product of Mia-Stella Lee’s love for cutting edge skincare technology that works!  And it might be said that starting a business at the height of the pandemic back in 2021 is a little crazy, Mia however is anything but!  Armed with her extensive knowledge of high end cosmetics, an in-depth understanding of what luxury means and her vivacious personality she embarked on creating her beauty business!  Furthermore, her attention to detail extends beyond the products she endorses and embodies the calming and intimate space she has created.

Of course, ML Cosmetics could not exist without the incredible energy, magic hands and expert skincare knowledge of it’s lead beauty expert Olivia.  And together Mia and Olivia provide the perfect oasis for anyone seeking to escape the prison the FFP2 masks leaves written on our faces!

The Experience and Space

Let me begin by saying that Olivia has magic hands!  However, let me take a step back for a moment and say that from the moment you arrive and Olivia greets you, you feel her warmth and know you going to be in safe hands!

As you step in from the courtyard you are enveloped by an intimacy that is more often than not missing at your run of the mill beauty salon. A moody and rich floral wallpaper lines a feature wall greets you with rows of cosmetics beautifully arranged glinting under the accent lighting.  In addition to the feature wall, a dusty pink velvet sofa sits to the right.  The perfect perch to relax before and after the treatment.  Finally the all important treatment bed (heated to perfection), laden with luxurious white towels lies to the left.

Initially Olivia makes an expert assessment of your skin to ensure the most effective treatment is given!  Next lie back and literally get lost in the cleansing, masking, hydrating and all round pampering that is on offer!  An hour treatment left me feeling like a new human refreshed and lighter, good bye dead lifeless skin hello glowing and rejuvenated!!

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What’s for Dinner

What’s for Dinner FFM

What’s for Dinner??  How many times a week do we ask this question??  And how many times do we wish there was someone else to answer it for us?

Well, now there is!!  What’s for Dinner is a personal chef service that is not only full of flavour but full of personality too!  And let me tell you once you meet Alessandra and Cristina and taste their food you’ll find yourself wishing they popped round and answered this question for you every single night and then prepared it!

The Story behind What’s for Dinner

Alessandra D’Orsi and Cristina Sommella are the power house duo behind this amazing service!  Essentially they bring you restaurant style service and food directly in your home and kitchen.  And like so many others, the pandemic served as the catalyst to combine their passion and skills and create a business that literally leaves your mouth watering.  Initially they were only sharing recipes and meal inspiration on their social media accounts.  However, they soon realised as a result of the seemly never ending lockdown restrictions, people were desperately missing restaurants and moreover the restaurant experience.

The Personal Chef Concept and Menu

In short, ’Leave it all to Alessendra and Cristina’ would best describe the essence of the What’s for Dinner service.  Of course however, the initial menu decision is a collaborative process between you and the WFD team!  Also, they will organise a walk through of your kitchen to familiarise and ensure they have all the essentials for creating your menu of choice.

Worth noting, Italian and Mediterranean food and flavours are what truly inspire Cristina’s cooking and the WFD service.  Moreover fresh ingredients, subtle but beautiful flavours and vibrant colours are the foundation of the simple and utterly delicious dishes that Cristina creates!  So, while Christina is whipping up a flavour storm in your kitchen Alessandra is taking care of every other detail!  Namely everything from laying the table to chilling the wine and ensuring the dish arrives perfectly before you to savour and enjoy!

Cooking Classes

Want to take your home cooking to the next level?  Well, perhaps a cooking class with Cristina will be just what your culinary skills need!  For Italians food is more than just cooking, it’s sharing, it’s the opportunity to connect and it’s love!  So, let Christina not only ‘infuse’ you with new cooking techniques but also with the passion she has for the food the she prepares!


Wherever you are


You name the time

Additional Info:    website | instagram | facebook

Dalgona cafe

Dalgona Cafe

Just off the Oberursel main drag you’ll find Dalgona Cafe.  A cafe that took me on an unexpected trip back to my childhood with it’s signature drink!  Namely, the Dalgona latte, a latte topped with shards of deliriously sweet Dalgona sponge candy.  And just to clarify, it was the shards of Dalgona sponge candy that sent me back not the latte.  Of course, growing up in South Africa I knew nothing of Dalgona per say, for me I knew only the sweetness of honeycomb sweets and the inside of a Cadbury crunchie chocolate bar.

The Story behind Dalgona Cafe

A leap of faith.  Well, let’s just say Dalgona Cafe has this running through every aspect of it’s existence, spirit and story!  And, I am absolutely taken by the story Jeong ho and Eunae Kim tell.  In 2019 they packed their bags and left Korea behind.  Despite never having visited and knowing very little about the country they headed for Germany.   Driven only by a deep love and a wish for their children to experience an education and life different than their own.

So, armed with 10 years of experience working in Starbucks and a dream the Dalgona Cafe was born!  Admittedly it wasn’t always smooth sailing it took 6 months before they found the right space and they opened right before the pandemic struck.  But, two years down the line the Dalgona Lattes are coming out hot and fast and their popularity is growing!

Finally, a note on the name, Dalgona is a word that is easily pronounced in German and English and we love that 🙂

The Vibe

Relaxed and easy going with a modern interior.  Honey coloured wood tables are perfectly contrasted with black feature walls and gorgeous floral wall paper.  To offset the black, plants and greenery feature heavily throughout the space.

The Menu

As previously mentioned their signature drink is the Dalgona Latte which is served both hot or cold, perfect for both winter and summer.  Along with a fairly extensive selection of other sweet treats you will find a small selection of savoury dishes made to order.  And rest assured you will not be disappointed with the portion side!   Finally, much of the inspiration for the menu comes from Eunae’s children, favouring the dishes that they most love to eat!.

Good to know

  • They have 2 allocated parking spots right outside the cafe which is super convenient if you driving
  • Jeong ho and Eunae Kim are incredibly warm and welcoming
  • Portions are very generous


Camp-King-Allee 6,

61440 Oberursel (Taunus)


Tuesday – Friday:  9am – 6pm
Saturday:  10am – 6pm

Additional Info:    instagram

Learn to ski in Germany

Learn to ski in Germany

The valley’s and hills are covered in a thick blanket of snow, the tree branches long since barren, reach up to the sky.  Wooden clad houses pepper the hillsides and the village church steeples contrasts against the sky.  Moreover, the sheer absence of colour creates an almost black and white image in my minds eye!  Puffs of white steam escape from everyone’s lips as they brave the cold to hit the slopes!  Finally I look and -11 registers on the dashboard, leaving me to wonder, why on earth I ever decided to learn to ski in Germany?

Leave Frankfurt and in under 2 hours you can reach the outskirts of the forest that once ignited the imaginations of the Brothers Grimm!  Although in fairness, during the winter months it definitely has more of CS Lewis feel than the Brothers Grimm.  Venture yet further inwards and you’ll find yourself at the foot of the Feldberg where you are free to carve up the slopes and ski to your hearts content.

So whilst we have also skied in the Winterberg I will focus here on the more popular and larger Feldberg in Black Forest.

Our Family Formula for Learning to Ski in Germany

Simply put, our family ski formula is as follows

Happiness = SKI in the morning + ADVENTURE in the afternoon

Particularly in the beginning of my kids learning to ski (they are 9 and 8) I felt a morning of ski lessons followed by something fun in the afternoon (invariably meant snowball fights) was the way to go!  And in our case, this worked perfectly!  By the second morning of ski lessons they were on the ‘green slope’ and by fourth they were on the blue!  Now, I must point out, this was my kids learning curve and not mine!  My learning trajectory is far more flat and A LOT slower!  Oh how I wish I could have learnt as a child!

SKI in the morning, so, which SKI school?

Well there is no shortage of SKI schools to choose from, but, we have been to the Black Forest three times and each time we have chosen Thoma.  Why?  Perhaps it’s because we are creatures of habit or perhaps it’s because each time they have provided an easy and great service!  And lets just say for an ‘old dog’ trying to learn ‘new tricks’ those things are vital!

Like I mentioned we’ve just been back for our third visit and I finally feel like skiing without fear and terror is actually on the cards!  And the idea of heading head first down a hill isn’t completely against every fibre in my being anymore.  The instructors are incredibly varied in their teaching approaches, which I find is incredibly helpful because I learnt something new with each one.  Meaning that sometimes I needed more instruction and other times I just needed to be taken further up the hill and told to just give it a go!  However, having said all that, one thing that never wavered was how kind and patient they all were!

Furthermore, the facilities and teaching style for the kids was great!  And truth be told,  I was a little jealous of the tiny escalator the kids had to take them back up the slope each time (the side stepping up the hill each time is a killer!). Step by step progression before they are finally taken up onto the slopes.  Lines of little ninja warrior skiers snaking their way through the slopes lead by their competent instructors is quite something to watch!  And this left me more determined than ever to to battle and master my plough, make it out of the nursery slope and finally learn to ski 😂

ADVENTURE in the afternoons

There is an absolute plethora of things to do in and around Feldberg in the Black Forest.  And thank goodness for that because I was nowhere near ready to ski all day and on our first two visits neither were my boys!  So, I decided to find other activities for the afternoons and get us home early evening ready to collapse straight into bed for a good nights sleep!

The Lakes – Titisee and Schlusee

Perfect for a walk after a morning of skiing and a hearty lunch!  Depending on your energy levels Lake Schlusee has 19km loop that you can do, obviously with two young boys we chose only walk a small section stopping intermittently for snowball fights!

Todtnau Tobbogan

For a slightly different take on seeing the mountain, try this rail guided toboggan ride down!  Perfect for speed junkies and thrill seekers!

Treetop Walk, Bad Wildbad

A treetop walk with a slide!!  Forget boring observation decks with nothing but glorious views 😜. In the summer months you can walk up and slide all the way down for an extra €2.  However, it’s worth mentioning the observation deck is 40m up so the slide is not for the faint hearted. On clear days, you can see as far as the Kraichgau, the Stuttgart TV Tower and the Swabian Alb.

Good to know:

So, on that note I wish you many hours of successful skiing but a stones throw from our Frankfurt doorstep!!!  Also, for more on what to do in winter in and around Frankfurt check out our list of things here