German Carnival fastnacht

German Carnival/Fastnacht: all you need to know

So what is German Carnival ie Fasching ie Karneval ie Fastnacht. Well friends, you’ll be excited to learn it’s Germany’s very own version of Mardi Gras!  Don’t let anyone tell you that the Germans don’t know how to party.  However do let them tell you how in Germany they love a billion different names for the exact same thing depending on where in the country you are!

If you have never experienced Mardi Gras or Fasching before it is a little crazy and totally bonkers in the best senses of the words.  Feasting, partying, costumes, parades and a total spectacle!

What is German Carnival or Fasching, Fastnacht, Karneval?

Fasching is a traditional German celebration, also known as Karneval or Fastnacht. It is carnival season, which has been celebrated for centuries by people worldwide with German heritage.

It was a festival that originated in the cities, most notably Mainz and Speyer.  And it was already established in Cologne by 1234.

Traditionally Carnival is a four-month celebration that begins on the 11th of the 11 month (November) every year. It also begins right on the clock of 11 minutes past 11.  However most of the ‘action’ and celebration for many cities across Germany occur in the few days lead up to Ash Wednesday.  With non-stop parties, parades and interesting traditions for instance women wandering the streets and cutting off men’s ties.  However, the biggest parade often occurs on Rose Monday with a huge procession taking place.

What can you expect at German Carnival / Fastnacht?


And the more outlandish the costume the better!  It is worth noting that not only do different parts of Germany have different names for the festival and celebration but they also have slightly different ways of celebrating.  Meaning some cities have more lighthearted approach and other a more traditional one meaning costumes can be rather frightening for little ones.

Use The Correct Carnival Greeting or Call

Just as each region may use a different name to refer to Carnival ie Fastnacht, Fasching Karneval so do they each have a particular call or greeting! And, it’s important to use the correct one wherever you are celebrating 😉.  Here a few to get you started!

  • Kaiserslautern cry ‘Kalau!
  • Wiesbaden and nearby Mainz cry ‘Helau!‘ (perhaps one of the most famous ones along with Cologne’s Alaaf!)
  • Cologne / Bonn, the popular carnival cry is ‘Alaaf’.
  • Düsseldorf cry Helau!
  • Baden-Würtenburgk, Rottweil cry ‘Hu Hu Hu’

Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Be Merry and eat Donuts but beware

If you ever needed an excuse to eat donuts this is it!  Well technically they are not donuts like the celebration name and the carnival greeting each region has it’s own particular name for the sweet treat ie Kreppel or Berliner. Usually doughnut is filled with any red jam: raspberry, strawberry or rosehip jam.  However, there is a common joke in the North of Germany that some of the sweet treats are filled with mustard!  And whilst this joke may have begun in the North be sure to check your filling before eating.

Where to celebrate Fastnacht in and around Frankfurt?

Frankfurt Fastnacht

Children – carnival procession

When: Saturday 18 February 2023 at 12:11pm
Where: from Hauptwache to Römer

Storming of the town hall “Römer”

When: Saturday 18 February 2023 at 13:11pm
Where: Römer – keys handed over by the Lord Mayor to the Frankfurt royal couple as part of a colorful programme.

Before the train party

When: Sunday 19 February 2023 at 11am
Where: am Römer

Large Frankfurt carnival procession through downtown Frankfurt

When: Sunday 19 February 2023 at 12:21pm
Where:  Parade departs from Untermainkai (Spectator stand on the Römerberg)

Mainz (Thursday 16 Feb 2023 – Wednesday 22 Feb 2023)

As mentioned above, the festival originated in a city (among others) not too far from here, Mainz.  Thus, Fasching or rather Määnzer Fassenacht as it is known in German, is still one of the most popular to experience the celebrations. Such is the spectacle of the parade that it is broadcast live on national television.  It runs for 7 kilometres and like many other carnivals, the highlight takes place on Rose Monday.  With an emphasis on political satire and literary humour it is often a voice for criticism of current events.  

Where is Mainzer Fastnacht:  City Center, Mainz
When is Mainz Fastnacht Highlight parade:  Rose Monday

  • Starting at 11.11 a.m. political floats, marching bands, flag bearers and guards make their way from Mainz Neustadt
  • From 4.11 p.m. MussiggBox invites you to celebrate and dance on the “Lu” (Ludwigsstraße)

Taunus Carnival

After a long break, the Taunus carnival parade is back again in Oberursel.  Floats, pedestrians and guards as well as marching bands will move through the city center of Oberursel.

When:  The train starts on Sunday, February 19, 2023 at 2:11 p.m.

Where:  The procession runs through the city centre with main spectator Grandstand on den Marktplatz

Route:  As always, the train participants assemble and line up on Altkönigstraße (in reverse train order). Next the train route goes via the street “Am Rahmtor”, den Marktplatz, Eppsteiner Straße, Hommkreisel, Holzweg, Epinay-Platz, Henchenstraße, Liebfrauenstraße, Adenauerallee, Aumühlenstraße and Austraße.

Party in Offenbach at Freitagsfasching 2023

Since 2017, with a ‘brief’ interlude for Covid, they have been partying up a storm in the Offenbach Stadthalle for Fasching!  HELIUM6 will be doing what they do best, banging out pop and rock covers from 80s, 90s and noughties.  After that it’s over to the DJ team who will take you deep deep into the night!  For more info and tickets click

When:  Friday, February 17, 2023
Admission Timing:  7 p.m., start 8 p.m.
Where:  Stadthalle Offenbach

Moderation: Evren Gezer (FFH, ARD, NDR)
Live: HELIUM6 (from 8 p.m.)
Info and Tickets:  Freitagsfasching 2023

Good to know:

  • Rose Monday – 20 February 2023
  • Shrove Tuesday – 21 February 2023
  • Ash Wednesday – 22 February 2023
  • Black Forest Carnival parade stays true to some it pagan roots.  Meaning dressing up in scary costumes and chasing away the evil winter spirits that roam the Earth during carnival.
  • So depending on where you are celebrating be aware that costumes can be scary for little humans (aka children)

Interior Design

Interior Design Maio Studio

INTERIOR DESIGN, doing it yourself always seems like a good idea right!?  Until you find you’ve either jumped back under the covers or selected a hodge Podge of items that make your eyes sting and your bank account empty!

So you nailed the mood board!  Now however, the sheer number of little paint patches on your wall make your head want to explode!  Who knew there could be so many variations of ‘off white’ paint?  And this is before considering the lighting, furniture placement and soft furnishings.  And this is where the help and expertise of Maio Studio’s is invaluable.

Undoubtedly making a house a home is definitely easier said than done.  Whether you’ve newly moved, recently renovated or just need an injection of ‘something new’ considering the help of an interior designer may be the difference between ‘love and war’.

The Story behind Maio Studio Interior Design

Maio Studio, interior design was started in London back in 2017!  At the sturdy helm, meet Carla Maio founder and head designer!  In essence the start to where they are now has been an incredibly organic process!  It began with a few small side projects whilst still  working full time at Taylor Howes.  For those unfamiliar, Taylor Howes is one of London’s most prestigious and renowned Interior design businesses based in Knightsbridge.  It is this experience along with an incredible eye for accessories that saw Maio Studio thrive and then create Maio Lifestyle.  Gaining extraordinary insight into working with high end customers, their needs and the brands they love to emulate.  Furthermore, she made incredible contacts and gained an understanding of how and where some of the biggest brands for example Hermes, Gucci, Stella McCartney, Tom Ford and The White Company to name a few source their products!

Maio Lifestyle

Like so many others, COVID saw many changes for Maio Studio!  Firstly a relocation to Frankfurt.  And secondly, the birth of Maio Lifestyle.  Maio Lifestyle is the accessories offshoot of Maio Studio.  And for Maio, the goal for Maio Lifestyle was simple!  Namely, it is a small collection of well thought out products done to the highest standard.  Currently, the collection consists of Luxury Faux Fur Blanket (ever wondered where Tom Ford sources his faux fur for his runway shows 😉), throws and hand poured candles.

The Faux Fur is sourced in Holland and imitates rabbit and mink fur without harming any animals.  Additionally, they are fully vegan and are sure to last a lifetime. Each blanket comes with the choice of suede or satin backing.  Finally each blanket can be fully customised and crafted using a custom fabric.

The throws are a cotton blend and come in three different styles.  Namely a stitched edge, a fringe detail or a double-sided waffle texture.

Maio Studio Interior Design Style Defined

Of course one of the most important aspects to Interior Design is to be flexible!  Having said that, everyone has a preferred style and way of working.  In short modern, minimalistic and simple.  Maio wants to Design For Life.  Meaning, create a beautiful and simple foundation that will stand the test of time and add drama, flair and colour through accessories and art!  Overtime, there is no question that most of us evolve and what we loved 5 years ago may no longer be our favourite, for example it’s easier to change the bright red cushions on the sofa than a bright red features wall behind it.

The simple, chic and minimalistic style continues through into the branding and style of the product branding.  All the packaging is designed to be reused.  For example the blankets and throws come in a dust bag and can be reused to store your handbags, and the candle pouches for jewellery.  Also, we love that the candle comes in a sleeve, meaning no need for a card as the note can be written right on the packaging!

Good to know

  • The European Website is coming soon for now all orders can be done through the UK site
  • Hand written notes are common feature when receiving your Maio Products
  • Attention to detail is high up on the agenda
  • For more home decor and soft furnishings check out 2nd Home in Nordend

Additional Info:    website | facebook

Galerie 360

Galerie 360, a vending machine that delivers art

Have you ever experienced art being delivered from a vending machine?   Neither have we!  And so it is no surprise that the Galerie 360 art initiative tweaked our interest!  Keep reading to find out all about this cool whacky idea in Oberursel!

The Story behind Galerie 360

When Anna Philipp sat down to create some Easter decorations two years ago, she never imagined that she would end up as the driving force behind a local artistic community coming together to share their passions. 

Never someone previously drawn to producing art herself, Anna moved to Frankfurt for work in 2010 and a few years later found herself in Oberursel with a young family and a desire to get to know new people. Having lived in a number of countries herself over the years, both for study and for work, she says that she knows very well the feeling that belonging to a community can help people to connect to a new area, and even to help to discover new talents. 

Art from a Vending Machine

For Anna, this desire to connect also unexpectedly launched a new business and a dedicated creative space for others to meet and share their ideas and learn from each other. 

“I had made some Easter decorations for friends and realised that they might be something that people would like to buy. But I had no idea how to begin to sell them. One day I had the idea that a vending machine might be a good way to sell what I’d made. Then I realised there were too many empty spaces I could never fill”.

And with that, Galerie 360 was born.

What can you expect delivered out of Galerie 360?

Anna reached out to a number of local Taunus artists over social media and was surprised by the response. Many artists were in a similar position, in part due to the effects of the Covid lockdowns – and Galerie 360 was soon filled with ceramics, hand-drawn postcards, jewellery, and Anna’s own personalised key rings. 

The vending machine has become such a popular way for artists to display and sell their wares that there is a waiting list to join and Galerie 360 was able to hold an official launch party this past summer. It attracted both local media and the attention of Oberursel mayor, Antje Runge, who praised both ingenuity of the idea and the commitment to community. 

Anna is also conscious of retaining this sense of togetherness, as she builds her brand and looks to future projects. “Together we can achieve so much more as a collective with the same interests. That’s something that motivates me”, she says. “For some it is a hobby, for some it’s a job. Connecting artists and sharing experiences is so important to me”.

So what’s next?

Following on from the success of the vending machine, Anna has started on a number of new and ambitious projects. Fueled by the need for “a space for creative people to share their passions”, Anna will later this year launch a brand new initiative at Krebsmühle, an historic building between Frankfurt and Oberursel. The space will be open for art and creative endeavours of all kinds.  Everything from painting tutorials and music clubs, to knitting and pottery classes. 

Anna says the city of Oberursel and its artists were fundamental in helping her to fine-tune the project and find the perfect property.  And that her dream of finding a space which is “comfortable and welcoming” has truly found a home at Krebsmühle. Groups and individuals with a passion for their craft will be able to rent the space from the end of this onwards, and Anna says she is looking forward to being part of an “open creative space, where everyone’s welcome to connect with others and exchange ideas”. 

Seasonal Pop-Up Store in Oberursel

Also happening in the centre of Oberursel, local artists from the collective are exhibiting and selling their work in a seasonal Pop-Up store. Anna hopes that the store will serve as an introduction to the idea that everyone can participate in creative projects, both professionals and amateurs. “Art is not just about producing items; it’s about exchanging ideas”, she says. “I’ve learnt a lot from this process – exchanging both highs and lows and also becoming an active contributor to the local community”. 

The Krebsmühle project will be open to anyone with a passion for creativity.  And Anna encourages members of the expat community in particular to get involved. There will be classes and meetings in English and other languages.  And she hopes to help others find a space they feel welcome and as much a part of the community as she has come to feel. 

Dermatologist in Frankfurt dermatology

Dermatologist in Frankfurt: Derma Tuchenhagen

As far as finding a dermatologist in Frankfurt goes we hadn’t been very successful!  That is, until recently when we discovered Derma Tuchenhagen!  Specialising in not only dermatology but also aesthetic medicine, meaning that you can handle all your skin concerns under one roof!  From cancer checks, skin conditions and paediatric dermatology to Hydrafacials and botox, this is great for those with not enough hours in a day!

Also from the initial booking to the coffee I drank while waiting, to the treatment, the service is out of the TOP DRAW!  Now, I am not hating on anyone but this was like a breath of fresh air!  Unfortunately with medical services, bedside manner and service aren’t always high up on the agenda!

The Story behind Derma Tuchenhagen

Behind this ‘small’ practice stands dr Anne-Mareike Tuchenhagen and her incredible team!  Foundered in the October 2021 the story goes that after years of studying and gaining valuable experience both locally and internationally it was time for a new challenge!  And with this in mind she started her own private practice.

Derma Tuchenhagen have all the latest technology for treating all aspects of the skin including laser and Hydrafacial. However, what stood out for me is that whilst of course they treat skin they treat the patient!  Meaning,  they offer a very holistic approach with no hard selling or uncomfortable recommendations.

Dermatologist and Allergist Dr Anne-Mareike Tuchenhagen

To go alongside Dr Anne-Mareike Tuchenhagen incredibly relaxed and open manner is a very impressive resume!  Using the latest technology and methods Dr Tuchenhagen addresses acne, rosacea, eczema and chronic skin conditions, black and white skin cancer, excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) and hair consultation to name but a few.

And to go alongside her many dermatology achievements she is also a trained Allergist.  Treating typical inhalation allergies (pollen, mites, animal hair) as well as contact allergies, sun allergies and histamine intolerance and checking the status of ones immune system in general.

Aesthetic Medicine

Let’s face it (haha did you see what I did there?) in today’s society the pressure ‘not to age’ is not only immense but impossible!!  However having said that, we are only human!  So perhaps all we can do is try to do it gracefully!

Andja Popovic, is responsible for all the Aesthetic treatments ie Hydrafacial, microdermabrasion and microneedling.  With over 3 decades of experience in the sector you can be sure that you are in safe hands.  Also, she will consult dermatologist Tuchenhagen if she feels that there is specific dermatology advice that a patient will benefit from.

Good to know:

  • the staff are amazing
  • there is ticket parking on the street next to the practice
  • it right near Adolph von Holzhausen Park so have a wander and look at the fountain.
  • it is a private practice

Annastrasse 5
60322 Frankfurt am Main

Monday:  by appointment
Tuesday:  10am – 8pm
Wednesday:  9am – 3pm
Thursday:  8am – 6pm
Friday: 7am – 2pm

Additional Info:    website | instagram

Christmas Gift guide

Quintessential Christmas Guide for 2022

And here we are again, it’s almost Christmas!!!  Honestly, it’s hard to believe another year has flown by?!!!  Thankfully this year I’m heading for warmer shores to thaw my toes and get my tan on!

However, before I head off here’s The Frankfurt Edit’s annual Christmas Guide!   And as always the goal of this guide is is to showcase as many local Frankfurt brands and stores as possible!  And of course make your festive season a little easier.

Also, we have created a downloadable version so that it’s easier to reference and have to hand, so feel free to just skip to the end and download the full guide!

So, without further a do….get inspired and shopping!


For a fuss free Christmas Lunch/Dinner

So, many of us love to eat a roast turkey on Christmas!  However, many of us do not have the time, inclination or large enough oven to cook one!  With this in mind here are a couple of places that do all the work for you.  And even more to the point, they do all the serving and cleaning too win win in our books.  So this leaves you with nothing more to do than to pick up your perfectly crisp white napkin and dab the corners of your mouth!  Oh and the bill, pick up the bill!

To best honest we couldn’t think of a more perfect setting to have your Christmas meal then at Gerbermühle.  Almost gives that sense of your grandparents home where the decorations are traditionally on point and the food comforting and plentiful!  Also, in our books there is always a mandatory post Christmas lunch walk!  And here you can either wonder in the garden beneath the trees or take yourself along the Main and watch the passing ships!


Leave the cooking to someone else! Enjoy a 4 course culinary adventure while overlooking a unique view of the lights and Frankfurt skyline.

Includes welcome Champagne

24th, 25th & 26th December


Christmas lunch with a South American twist!  Don’t know about you but that is definitely something that appeals to us, particularly if you’ve ever had ENAMOR cooking before!

Also, why should there be only one option?  Valentina, their head chef is busy bee with plenty of yummy options across the city!

Latin Christmas dinner Party

Where: Latin Summer Garden

When: 24th December

Latin Christmas Menu Delivery (ORDER ASAP)

Delivered on: 16th December

or Pick up: 17th December

Where: Latin Summer Garden

Pop Up With Plants and Cakes

Where: Lindleystraße 17, 60314 FFM

When: Nov 28th through December

Great Independent Stores for Christmas Gifts

Nothing like giving or receiving a gift that everyone and their dog have given or received too!  Of course, some people are born with the knack for buying imaginative and exciting presents for the rest of us mere mortals we may need a little guidance!

One thing that is for sure, here in Frankfurt there are more than a handful of wonderful independent stores with beautifully curated items ignite your Christmas fire and shopping!

For all the details and easy reference download the full Christmas Guide below!

Support LOCAL brands

We can all get by with a little help from our friends!  And nothing could be more true for local entrepreneurs and businesses owners.  So, before you clink on your habit induced clicks for brands on far off shores perhaps check out some of these great brands that are literally on your doorstep!  As they say, charity begins at home!

For all the details and easy reference download the full Christmas Guide below!

The Christmas Tree and where to buy one?

Oh Christmas tree oh Christmas tree how festive you make our lives!  But dear oh dear how taxing you are on the perfectionists in this world who nearly have an aneurism decorating you!  We’ve put together a list of a few places in and around Frankfurt where you can buy, rent or cut your tree!  Also, what we simply love is the courtesy Glüwein that you sip while making that all import decision!!


Christmas Markets / Weihnachtsmarkt

Well the build to Christmas just isn’t complete unless you made your way to a Weihnachtsmarkt!!  Undoubtedly a wonderfully festive experience with plenty to eat, drink and be merry about!  Of course last year was a complete shutdown and so support all those that brave the cold to bring you so much of what makes up our traditions!  Here’s a Christmas market list to start you off if you not sure where to begin!

New Years Eve Celebration

Well if there is ever a year to celebrate the new year, it’s this year!!  Because for the first time in 3 years we will be able to celebrate freely and without restrictions (touch wood!)

So whether you looking to sit down for a 5 course meal, to dance the night away, or do both!!  Oben and Melia have you covered!   Book now to see in the New Year at what should be one of the most fabulous soirées happening in and around Frankfurt!  Toast the New Year in with a glass of champagne while overlooking the Frankfurt Skyline!



German Christmas Markets

German Christmas markets what to eat and drink!

Undoubtedly one of Germany’s most famous traditions are the Christmas Markets.  Dark chilly nights lit up with twinkling lights and the smell of roasting almonds filling the air on streets and squares all around the country.  Today the German Christmas markets attract millions of visitors from all across the globe.  Now, for those of us who have not grown up in Germany navigating the many stalls trying to figure what to eat and drink can be tricky.  So with this in mind we try to help decode what to eat and drink and essentially be merry!

What to drink at the German Christmas markets?


Unquestionably Glühwein is probably the first thing that comes to mind!  Of course this is definitely something not to be missed with a gazillion litres being consumed in Germany each year!  It’s worth noting however, not all Glüwein is created equal!  And one may find plenty of vendors sneaking a short cut and heating up cheap €1 mass produced bottled versions.  Ideally, a good Glühwein is produced from scratch, slowly heating (not boiling) a fruity but not sweet red wine with a selection of whole spices (your typical ‘Christmas spices’) and sliced fruit.  Finally it’s sweetened to taste and herein lies the art!  So, generally a good rule of thumb is to ask a vendor how they’ve made their Glühwein and if they can show you that started with individual ingredients rather than mass produced store bought you are already off to a good start!

Glühwein mit Schuss?

Hmmmm this my friends is Glühwein with an extra shot of alcohol (often rum).


Well hellooo!!  Now this is Glühwein with a theatrical (and deadly) twist!  Essentially, they take regular gluhwein, top it with a sugar cube soaked in rum, and set the sugar on fire.  TA-DAAA!


I guess one might say that this is Germany’s answer to eggnog! And so not surprisingly the drink is made up of eggs, rum, spices, white wine and topped with cream!  If you looking for something light, this is not for you 😂

Kinderpunsch (Childrens Punch)

Now, lets not forget about our precious little humans!  An alternative to good old hot chocolate is Kinderpunsch for the little ones!  Essentially it’s an alcohol free warm, spiced punch to warm little hands on chilly nights!  Of course it is not only for children and is for anyone looking for an alcohol free warm drink.

German Christmas Markets
German Christmas Markets

What to eat at the German Christmas markets?

One thing that can be said about the German Christmas markets is that you don’t go to lose weight!  And if you planning to go on diet, well we recommend holding out until after the festive season!  Deep fried, cheese filled deliciousness together with potatoes, bread and every carbohydrate that you usually looking to avoid is on offer!  Having said that, OMG it is sooooo good that it is worth all the New Years resolutions you will vow to make!  Unfortunately we can’t list everything, but hopefully we can give you a good jumping off point.

Gebrannte Mandeln (Roasted Almonds)

Fresh almonds roasting in the pan with plenty of sugar!!  Paper cones overflowing with the candied almonds are the perfect interim snack while browsing the stalls looking for your next caloric laden dish!

Maroni (Roasted Chestnuts)

Personally I’m not a huge fan of roasted chestnuts (shhhhhh don’t tell anyone) but these are hugely popular!   Usually you can find them roasting in vat like pots and pans over a hot fire!

Bratwurst and Currywurst

German Christmas markets are not complete without wurst!  And the sheer number of different sausages available boggles the mind!  Also you can be safe in the knowledge that you will never struggle to find your wurst fix as there is usually a vendor selling one form or another anywhere you turn.  From bratwurst (the traditional white German pork sausage) and käsewurst (cheese sausage) to the popular currywurst (sliced brätwurst doused in curry-ketchup sauce) there is no shortage of sausages to choose from.

Dresdner Handbrot (Stuffed Bread)

This is a dish that originates from Dresden and literally ticks every box for me!  And lets be honest what could be more delicious than fresh bread stuffed with cheese and ham!  Of course there are often other fillings to choose from but this for me is heaven.


German Potato dumplings, kinda like gnocchi.  Meaning they are made from a mix of potato and flour, however the German twist is that they are often served with sauerkraut.

Kartoffellanzen/Spiralkartoffeln (Spiral Potatos)

This is a favourite of my kids (along with pommes) and I like that it’s easy for them to walk around without the fear of everything falling off the plate.  The potatoes are cut using a spiralliser before being impaled on a skewer and fried!

Kartoffelpuffer (Potato Pancakes)

I think it is fair to say by now that a goal at German Christmas Markets may be to get fried potatoes in as many forms as possible!  And to be perfect honest, we love it!  In this version, the potatoes are finely grated and made into hand size pancakes before being fried! Now for the twist, it ain’t served with ketchup, they are most commonly served with apple sauce


Ok so this is another one of my absolute go to’s.   Melted gooey cheese served over potatoes or bread is my idea of died and gone to heaven, like I said January is going to be tough!  In this dish, huge half wheels of cheese

Good to know:

  • at most Christmas Market stalls you can expect to pay a deposit on the mug or breadboard.  Meaning if you want to keep a memento from the occasion you can!
  • Now that you know what to eat and drink here is where to find those German Christmas Markets

Christmas Trees

Where to buy a Christmas Tree in Frankfurt

As we all know, you are not fit for Christmas until the Christmas Tree is up and decorated!  A tradition in many many houses across the world we sure.  But, do you know where the tradition of decorating the Christmas is said to have originated??  Well low and behold would you believe it’s our very own beloved Germany. So for those of you clueless on where to buy your tree, believe us, we were too, here’s a list to get you started.

Also, a tree without decorations is terribly terribly sad! So, definitely check out where to buy the best decorations in Frankfurt.

And for a coffee before or after heading out to get your beautiful tree, check out our takeaway coffee guide.  Finally, remember not only is it cold out there and you’ll need the warmth, but that they will certainly appreciated the visit!

Where to buy or RENT your Christmas Tree

There are plenty of Christmas Tree ‘markets’ dotted all around the city meaning you shouldn’t need to travel too far from home to buy one!  Also, many of the vendors have warm Glühwein (kinderpunsch) on offer to warm the fingers and really make it into an occasion!  Here are a few locations you can expect to find your Christmas Tree.  Click on each Website for all the detailed information.

If you looking to cut your own tree?

So, if you looking for a family outing where you need to use a little more elbow grease than usual, then cutting your own tree may be just the thing.

Taunus Weihnachtsbaum

Taunus Weihnachtsbaum offer both the option to just pick up your tree and the option to cut your own tree.  If you looking to cut your own tree they have specific timings and appointments when this is available.  And this year, they begin the first advent weekend and are open each advent weekend there after.


Baumschule NIX

At time of writing Baumschule Nix had yet to update there website and opening hours however we felt we would keep their details here FYI

  • On the 2nd, 3rd and 4th weekend in Advent from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • 63628 Bad Soden-Salmünster-Ahl

Why not rent your Christmas Tree in a pot??


Honestly this is one of the coolest sustainable idea’s we’ve seen in a while!  Because if we really took a minute to think about the number of trees that are chopped down each year in the name of Christmas, well we may need to shed more than a few tears.

Armed with a mission to spend more time together as a family and to give some Christmas trees the opportunity for life after Christmas Weinachtsbaumfreunde was born.  Like everything in life, there is always a learning curve!  And what Weihnachtsbaumfreunde soon come to learn was how high quality trees which are grown in pots without their roots being trimmed have a very real chance of living to tell the tale and coming back for another season!  So, this is what you will find if you choose to rent your tree in a pot!

Also, they do delivery and pick up!!

The have 2 Locations:

  • 55122 Mainz-Gonsenheim, Kirchengelände der Pfarrgemeinde St.Canisius,
  • 55129 Mainz-Ebersheim, Töngesstr.22

Now that the tree is sorted and decorations bought all that is left to do is visit all the amazing Christmas markets and eat drink and be merry!!! Finally and most importantly we wish you and all your loved ones a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Chillish Community cafe

Chillish, a community cafe

As the old African proverb goes ‘it takes a village (‘community’) to raise a child’!  So in a time where community has become so fragmented as a result of globalisation it’s refreshing to find places that value it!  Without a doubt, Chillish is a ‘community cafe’.  Meaning community lies at the very heart of what they do!

The Story behind Chillish (a community cafe)

A mix of humanity, retirement planning and community service is the foundation for Chillish cafe. Hyun Min Schoonaert is the woman behind this new cafe in Sachsenhausen!  And whilst we always felt that retirement was a time for relaxation Hyun Min apparently doesn’t 😂. In essence she wanted to created a safe inviting space for all those in her community.  A space free from creed, colour, race and ageism!  Whether you are 9 or 90 there is room for you and moreover at the same table.

The Vibe


Chillish are not only socially responsible with their local community but by also doing their bit for the planet too!  To illustrate, much of what you will find at Chillish has been created using either upcycled or recycled materials. For instance the huge feature to the left has been achieved using recycled pallets, the chairs are upcycled chairs from the 60’s and 70’s and the table were made in-house using reclaimed wood.  Next the shelving units are fashioned out of old iron pipes and sheeting.  Next, in the corner lies a vintage street fighter arcade game and just to it’s right an old school Nintendo GameCube!  Teenagers come tried your hand these babies!!!  Old coffee tins will be repurposed and used to make interesting light fittings.

Also I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of space in and around the cafe. Meaning it’s perfect for mums who need to manoeuvre a pram or buggy.  As we mentioned earlier all ages are welcome.  Thus, there is ‘kids corner’ with a few games, books, puzzles and colouring items to keep the tiniest hands entertained.

The Menu

Fuss free Korean street food!  So expect all the usuals kimbap, bibimbap, japchae and tteokbokki.

The kimbap was lovely and fresh and the bibimbap very nicely seasoned in our opinion!  For those with a sweet tooth, there are fresh cakes, waffles and bingsu!

Community Cafe Projects

Tutoring for school aged kids.  Chillish provides a space for children who need extra tutoring to receive it from volunteers in the community who have the time and ability.

Creative projects.  Drawing lessons, shoe decorating and various other projects are continuously on the go.  Enquire directly with the cafe to find more about these projects.

Good to know

  • With the kids corner and space it’s perfect for mums and babes
  • Activities to keep teenagers entertained too

Elisabethenstraße 15,
60594 Frankfurt am Main

Monday – Thursday: 9am – 5:30pm
Friday: 9am – 7pm
Saturday:  12pm -7pm
Sunday: Closed

Additional Info:    website | instagram

Frankfurt Christmas markets

Frankfurt Christmas markets at a glance

So after the whole corona debacle Frankfurt Christmas Markets are back without any restrictions! And, we couldn’t be more delighted!  Once again it is time to indulge in the festive christmas market cheer that Germany is so famous for!

The crisp fresh air (a dusting of snow perhaps), the mulled wine or a baileys on the rocks, Christmas music and of course all the twinkling lights!  Ok start the festivities too soon and you may want to jump off a bridge, but if you gently ease into it then you should have plenty of holiday spirit to last the whole season long.

As many of you know or may have heard through the grape vine, Germany kicks ass at Christmas Markets, no one in the world knows how to put on a Weihnachtsmarkt like the Germans. Fact. People from near and far gather in Germany to experience these amazing Markts.

With this in mind, Frankfurt and the surrounding areas have some really lovely ones. Check out the list down below so you don’t miss out!  Also, our what to eat and drink at the Christmas market guide will give you plenty of food for thought 😉

Fun for the whole family.

Frankfurt Christmas Markets / Weihnachtsmarkts

Frankfurt Christmas Market

Possibly the most famous of all the Christmas markets in Frankfurt owing in part to its iconic location in the Römer!  Don’t miss the famous carousel.
Dates:  21nd November – 22nd December 2022
Opening Hours:

  • Monday – Saturday, 10am- 9pm,
  • Sunday, 11am – 9pm

Address: Römerberg, St Paul’s Square, Mainkai (Main Quay), Hauptwache and Friedrich-Stoltze-Square

City Beach/City Alm Christmas Market

City Beach by summer and City Alm by winter!  Honestly this is one of our favourite Christmas markets!  High up above the city overlooking the historic Dom Römer Church sits this gorgeous Christmas market!

Dates:  3rd November – 30nd December 2022
Opening Hours:

  • Mon – Friday: 4pm – 11pm
  • Saturday: 2pm – 11pm
  • Sunday:  2pm – 9pm

Address:  5th floor of Konstabler Car Park, Carl-Theodor-Reiffenstein Platz 5, 60313 Frankfurt

CityXmas in partnership with Gibson Xmas Weihnachtsmarkt 

Dates: 28th October 2022 – 23rd December 2022 (No market on 20th November)
Opening Hours before Christmas:

  • Mon – Thursday: 4pm-11pm
  • Friday and Saturday: 2pm – 12am
  • Sun: 2pm – 9pm

Address: In the heart of Frankfurt at Opernplatz 2

Weihnachtsmarkt am Goetheturm 

Dates: 21nd November – 22nd December 2022
Opening Hours:

  • Mon – Friday: 4pm – 9pm
  • Saturday, Sunday:  1pm – 10pm

Address: Sachsenhäuser Landwehrweg, 60599 Frankfurt am Main

Schwedischer Weihnachtsmarkt (Swedish Christmas Market)

Dates: First Advent Weekend
Opening Hours:

  • 25.11.2022 from 4pm-8pm,
  • 26.11.2022 from 11am-6pm,
  • 27.11.2022 from 12pm-4pm

Address: An der Wolfsweide 54, 60435 Frankfurt am Main

Finnischer Weihnachtsbasar (Finnish Christmas Bazaar)

Date: First Advent Weekend
Opening Hours:  

  • 26.11.2022 from 10am-6pm,
  • 27.11.2022 from 11am-4pm

Address:  DornbuschkircheCarl-Goerdeler-Str. 1, 60320 Frankfurt am Main

Weihnachtsmarkt Frankfurt-Höchst 

Dates: First Advent Weekend
Opening Hours:

  • 26.11.2022 from 1pm-10pm
  • 27.11.2022 from 1pm – 7pm

Address: Höchster Schlossplatz, 65929 Frankfurt-Höchst

Weihnachtsmarkt Alt-Sachsenhausen

Dates: 2 December – 22 December 2022
Opening Hours: Daily from 4pm-11pm
Address: Paradiesplatz, 60594 Frankfurt am Main

Rosa Weihnachtsmarkt 

The Rosa/Pink Christmas Market of the LGBTQ community is a cosy Christmas Market where red becomes pink!

Dates: 21nd November – 22nd December 2022
Opening Hours:

  • Mon – Saturday: 10am – 9pm
  • Sunday: 11am – 9pm

Address: Friedrich-Stoltze-Platz, Holzgraben /corner of  Katharinenpforte, 60311 Frankfurt

And for surrounding Weihnachtsmarkts:

Romantic Bad Homburg Christmas Market at the Castle

Dates:  Each Advent weekend Starting the 25th November – 18th December
Opening Hours:

  • Friday: 3pm – 9pm
  • Saturday and Sunday:  12pm – 9pm

Address:  Schloss, 61348 Bad Homburg vor der Höhe, Germany

Wiesbaden Sternschnuppenmarkt

Dates: 22 November – 23 December 2022
Opening Hours:

  • Mon – Thurs: 10.30am – 9pm
  • Fri – Sat: 10.30am – 9:30pm
  • Sun:  12pm – 9pm

Address: Wiesbadener Christmas market is on the Schlossplatz between the city hall and city castle

Historical Christmas Market in Mainz

Dates:  25th November – 23 December 2022
Opening Hours:

  • Sun – Thurs: 11 am – 8.30 pm
  • Fri and Sat 11 am – 9pm

Address: Domplatz

Italian food Occhio d’oro

Italian food with Occhio d’Oro

“L’Appetito Vien Mangiando!” As this popular Italian food saying goes, “the appetite comes while you are eating.”  And let us tell you, it certainly did.  From the antipasto right to the dolce our appetite made room for more as we tore, twirled and licked our lips through the courses.

What is more, this fine dining Italian food experience comes with a view.  A gorgeous and unique view over the Frankfurt skyline!  Over looking the Eschenheimer tor, it gives one the opportunity to not only admire the historic landmark far above the hustle and bustle but also sip a cocktail while doing it.  Having recently seen a complete make over the results are impressive!

The Concept, Italian food and Italian mid century flare

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and, it took an army!  Similarly, the newly renovated Occhio d’oro was a collaboration of many!

The overall concept took inspiration for the space from “Italian Mid century Design” of the 1960s. Next those ideas were brought to life by the Berlin architect Friedrich Killinger. And finally, Martin Lohr was responsible for the overall implementation of the concept and design at Occhio d’Oro.

The Vibe

Relaxed fine dining, if there is in fact such a thing!

A short elevator ride up to the 8th floor in Fleming’s City Hotel sees you to the OCCHIO D’ORO front door.  Inside, the Italian mid century nuances are apparent, from the sleek lines, geometric shapes on the Travertine wall to the chosen colour palette of the cathedral glass tiles.  The turquoise and green gentle reminders of the Italian coast and the gold and yellow a nod to the Italian country side.

Book ended by a gorgeous 360° bar and open kitchen is a plush gold velvet bench with a series of square tables standing perfectly to attention alongside it.  Across the way alongside a glass wall are a number of cosy booths that overlook the balcony and city view.

The mood?  Well that is entirely up to you. An adjustable lamp sits on each table allowing you to dim or brighten the lighting according to the occasion. Namely, business or pleasure?

The Menu, Tuscan-Florentine Italian food

Andreas Hoffmann is head chef, and the man responsible for the dishes that make it over the pass and out of the kitchen.  His remit?  Italian food with an emphasis on Tuscan-Florentine dishes.

Of course, an Italian food restaurant of Occhio d’oro’s calibre does not rest on its laurels and have reinterpreted the original recipes with a modern twist.  Undoubtedly the beauty of the menu lies in its simplicity!  A variety of authentic Italian dishes in an uncomplicated atmosphere.  Between the seafood, meat and vegetarian options, patrons have plenty to choose from.

So which Italian food/dishes do we recommend?

Well, firstly we must mention the restaurant manager Ivan Buljan.  Without his insight and help we not only had a wonderful evening but in our opinion tried a good variety of dishes.  Also, our waiter Damian helped pair the perfect wine with each course.  So whilst there were a number of dishes we absolutely loved if we are forced to choose only one option from each course these are our picks.

ANTIPASTO – Fennel Salad 

A signature dish and for good reason!  Even if you are not a fan of fennel, we would recommend trying this!  As a result of the fennel being vacuum packed and marinaded in a selection of herbs for at least 12 hours it has a beautiful subtlety to it.  Additionally the freshness of the granny smith apple and the saltiness of the pecorino cheese balance out the dish.

SECONDI – Tiger Prawns

Oh my god, not only were the prawns sublime but the soupy broth had a depth of flavour that we literally could not get enough of!!

CONTORNI – Pointed Cabbage

With one of us having been to boarding school we never would have dreamed that we’d be recommending cabbage!  However, it was chargrilled to perfection and absolutely delicious!

DOLCE – Torta Caprese

A gorgeous and light end of the meal,  also we loved that the mascarpone was not overly sweetened.

The Bar

Patron’s come not only for the Italian food but also the impressive bar antics!  As previously mentioned, Occhio d’oro is home to an impressive 360° bar.  A deep mahogany bar top is crowned with brass finishes and stocked with all the delights the cocktail lovers come to find.  Riff Khan is the man at the helm who quenches thirsty visitors and eases the parched lips along with the help of his team.

Good to know

  • They are unfortunately only open for dinner, doors opening at 5:30pm. However, the bar remains open until 1am. (Kitchen until 10:30)
  • In terms of pricing, starters start from around €9, main courses around €26 and finally desserts around €11
  • If you are looking for Pizza, this is not the Italian restaurant for you check out Papanova’s or Super Bros

Flemings Selection Hotel Frankfurt-City,
Eschenheimer Tor 2 c/o,
60318 Frankfurt

Tuesday – Saturday: 5pm – 1am
Sunday,Monday:  closed

Additional Info:    website | instagram | facebook

Hope cafe

Hope Cafe

HOPE.  A word so much bigger than it’s 4 letters.  And a word that Hope Cafe does not take lightly!  From the moment you walk through the door the space envelopes you and invites you in!  There is a lightheartedness about the cafe that along with the coffee lifts you up and makes you smile!

The Story behind Hope Cafe

Well, as the whole world was shutting down the story of Hope Cafe was just getting started!  As COVID ravaged all corners of the world and much of life felt hopeless a girl named Akanksha was just beginning her dream.  Having had that hopeless and lost feeling before she refused to allow it to surface again.  Thus in 2019 hopeful and determined she set out on her coffee shop journey.  A journey that had sparked while pondering life and it’s meaning, sitting outside a tiny cafe in the middle of nowhere in India.  Filled with hope she built Hope.

The Vibe at Hope Cafe

Authentic.  Home away from home.  Everybody is welcome.  This is the spirit that Hope Cafe embodies.  However let me just clarify, when I say ‘home’ I mean a beautiful home built on love and hope!   From the soft colour palette to the luxurious sofa’s and well thought out seating plan it’s a space for everyone.  So whether you hoping to get a little work done, come in to catch with your friends or have a Saturday morning date with your little humans there’s a space for you!

“When making experiences, attention to detail matters.”  I feel this quote sums up perfectly the approach Akanksha took when creating Hope Cafe.  Unquestionably, Hope Cafe is an experience, a feeling where every detail matters.  Not even the dustbins were left to chance, it had to be just the right matte black.

The Coffee and Menu

Well if you after cake, then you have definitely come to the right place!  A truly spectacular array of cakes and sweet pastries lie behind glistening glass cabinets, all of them enticing you to eat them.  Each a tiny piece of patisserie artwork.  Layers of chocolate, cream, ganache and fruit compote ooze from the cheesecakes, macarons, brownies and cakes.  Moreover, there are vegan and gluten free options too, so no one has to miss out!  However it is worth noting there are not many savoury options.

Now onto the coffee!!  Hope Cafe collaborated with Backyard coffee to create their own perfect house blend.  And let me tell you, I thoroughly enjoyed my espresso (and latte and and and).  In short they chose 100% Brazilian arabica coffee, slightly acidic with fruity and caramel notes lightly roasted.

Good to know:

  1. They make beautiful cakes to order for every occasion
  2. The mini cheesecake with berry compote is to die for.  The compote was slightly tart which we loved!!

Louisenstraße 66,
61348 Bad Homburg

Monday – Friday: 8am – 11pm
Saturday: 10am – 11pm
Sunday: 10am – 4pm

Additional Info:    website | instagram | facebook

Dining Raum

Dining Raum

Dining Raum seamlessly brings together a love for speciality coffee, music and space! This gorgeous cafe is a stone’s throw from the historical Römer, Altstadt.   And they endeavour to bring you a slice of the Australian brunch scene albeit perfectly seasoned to the German palette.

The Story behind Dining Raum

Two Korean cousins far from home, one with a love for speciality coffee the other a love for brunch and both a love for music!  This is how the story begins!

In short, Fabby Shin spent many years living in Australia and Christopher MinJae Sul years perfecting his craft of classical music training all across Europe before arriving in Frankfurt.

And together Christopher MinJae Sul and Fabby Shin bring you Dining Raum on Fahrgasse.


The Concept and Menu

Firstly, the space needed to simple, modern and effortless  And whilst this may seem like an easy task, it’s not!  Think of bed hair, a look that seems simple but is deceptively difficult to do well!

As they say, ‘it takes a village’!  And creating Dining Raum is no exception.  The concept was realised and supervised by the architect and interior designer Wiebke Meyer, Buero One.  Furthermore, the Buero One team was supported by ROC.D with production and assembly of the built-in furniture.  What’s more, a collaboration with E15 helped tie the whole look together.

There is a definite feel of the ‘white cube’ aesthetic, which is very popular in the art world.  Essentially the white cube aesthetic is typically characterised by square/oblong shape, white walls and a light source that often comes from the ceiling!  The dramatic clean lines created by the large coffee bar are softened by the round paper lanterns that drop down non uniformly from the ceiling creating an almost whimsical effect. When visiting take a minute to admire the photography that hangs on the walls!

Next, the menu design.  Like the space the menu too is a collaboration.  In this instance the team collaborated with an Australian cafe and Michelin star chefs to create the bold menu and dishes.  Also in our opinion, the portion sizes are very generous and the plating is absolutely on point!

The Dining Raum Coffee

Continuing with tradition the coffee served at Dining Raum is another collaboration.  This time they collaborated with local roasting legend Hoppenworth and Ploch!

Here they chose Sertão Arabica from Brazil to create the nutty and rich dining room blend.

The Dining Raum Vibe, classical concerts and art

Relaxed, simple and modern with a continuous flow and buzz moving through the cafe throughout the day!

As previously mentioned, the owners are passionate musicians who serve up intimate classical concerts alongside the beautifully plated menu!  Of course the concerts are held outside the office hours and it’s very much patron ‘insider knowledge’.   So be sure to pop in to the cafe and check their window to find out about their upcoming line up’s.

Finally what’s a venue or cafe without staff??  Dining Raum have a great team of friendly staff and baristas to greet and serve you.

What do we recommend?

Hands down the Halloumi Salad!!  In our opinion it was perfectly dressed a combination of black rice, fennel, pickle, beetroot, avocado and greens!

What are the most popular dishes at Dining Raum?

According to the owners, the ricotta pancakes and the prawn pasta.

Good to know

  1. Situated in the heart of the tourist hub so the prices reflect this, however they worth it in our opinion
  2. Kitchen is open 10am to 5pm during opening hours

Fahrgasse 15
60311 Frankfurt am Main

Monday:  closed
Tuesday – Sunday: 9am – 6pm

Additional Info:    Dining Raum website | instagram

Authentic Vietnamese Food

SEN: Authentic Vietnamese Food

If you after delicious and authentic Vietnamese food then Sen is an absolute MUST!  Sitting on one of the quieter streets in Bahnhofsviertel, the bright yellow Lotus sign, synonymous with the name beckons you in.

The Story behind SEN

Quoc Anh Le owner and founder of Sen, originally hails from Hanoi, but he has been living in Germany for the last 30 years.  Initially Le began his career working for Vietnam airlines travelling and experiencing food and flavour all around the globe.  With a long family history of restauranteurs, he finally decided to follow his dream and his families tradition and headed into the restaurant business.  And so it was that Le and his wife started Sen, some six years ago now.

The Menu and what makes Authentic Vietnamese food?

As previously mentioned Quoc Anh Le opened Sen some six years ago.  His goal?  To serve authentic Vietnamese food.  And whilst this may seem a simple goal, it’s anything but.  The challenge?  Like any cuisine operating in a culture different than their own,  locals may tout themselves as open but will often seek home comforts.  So it is for this reason, that many restaurants will tweak menu’s to accommodate local palettes.  And of course this good practice.  However, it is for this reason that it is so often difficult to find authentic food of any kind.

What makes Authentic Vietnamese food?

According to Le, hands down it’s all about flavour!  He goes on to explain that from a cooking perspective, Vietnamese food is relatively simple to cook.  However, where it gets tricky is getting the flavours perfect!

Hanoi vs Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City)

Furthermore, the Vietnamese food that we all head out to eat is in fact the street food found all around the cities of Hanoi and Saigon.  For instance, the ever popular Pho is not a dish that is ever typically cooked at home.  In fact the phrase ‘my mom’s Pho is the best in the world’ will not be something that you will often hear from the Vietnamese.

The broth at Sen

Now here is the kicker, each dish has it’s own unique broth at Sen.  Meaning beef, chicken and pork will each have a broth specifically made to hero them in the dish.  Triple the broth, triple the work, triple the flavour!

Also, it’s worth noting that if you are vegetarian you will not find many vegetarian options on the menu.  Why?  Because this is not something that you typically find in Vietnam.

The Vibe

Simple and non fussy.  The service is friendly and lightning quick!

A long narrow restaurant with a large brightly coloured mural that catches your eye as you enter.  Canvases adorned with Vietnamese street scenes along with simple tables and chairs line the deep grey walls.  Finally, simple bamboo light fittings hang from the ceiling to brighten the space.

What makes SEN special?

In a word.  PASSION!  In the 40 minutes I spent chatting with Le the thing most apparent to me was how utterly passionate he is about not just Vietnamese food but about authentic Vietnamese food.  In our conversation he took me to understand Vietnamese food in a way I never have before. From exactly why he has chosen each dish to have it’s own to broth, it would certainly be easier and less work to have one.  To why you will not find many vegetarian options on the menu.

Le is absolutely unwavering in his paying homage to the beloved street food of his home nation.  And this means FLAVOUR, FLAVOUR, FLAVOUR which in turn means the highest level of attention to detail to consistently deliver it!!

Good to know:

  • Lunch time on week days is incredibly busy, so arrive early!  However, turnover is fairly quick as the business workers do not mull around
  • Sundays are also busy so it’s worth making a reservation
  • Vegetarian options are very limited


Weserstraße 35
60329 Frankfurt


Mon – Thurs: 11.30am – 3pm and 5.30pm – 10pm
Fri: 11.30am – 3pm and 5.30pm – 10:30pm
Sat: 2pm – 10.30pm (closed until September 18th, 2022)
Sun: 1pm – 9.30pm

Additional information:  Instagram l facebook

Oktoberfest in Frankfurt

Oktoberfest in Frankfurt

Have you perhaps found yourself wanting to experience the Oktoberfest but never found the time to get to Munich?  Well good news, now you can without even heading to Munich.  Word has it that the Oktoberfest in Frankfurt has all the authentic aspects of the beer fest in Munich, traditional games, music and beer.  However, it’s a fraction of the size and perhaps slightly less debauchery (if this is what you after, I’m certain you can achieve it independently)

How and When did the Oktoberfest in Frankfurt Start?

Coming up on close to 15 years ago now, the first Oktoberfest was held in 2007.  A joint venture between Kai Mann and Eddie Hausman saw the inaugural event to be  a great success and since then have gone from strength to strength!

Where is it held and how big is the event?

The event has 60,000 attendees over a duration of just under 4 weeks.

This year:  7 September – 3 October 2022

Location: Deutsche Bank Park

Timing:  5.30pm – 12am

The location is easily accessible by public transport and should you choose to drive there are 2 parking lots.

Oktoberfest in Frankfurt

What to expect at the Oktoberfest in Frankfurt?

Undoubtedly an enormous party albeit a far more intimate experience than you might find in Munich.  Predominantly the arena is filled with a multitude of long wooden tables each seating 12.  However, for those wanting a more ‘private party’ there are 6 boxes available that each cater for 40 guests.  The boxes are set slightly higher than the stages and offer an unobstructed view.

Each day will see the traditional Bayern game of Beer glass lifting take place, which will culminate in the winners from each day competing on the final day for some incredible prizes.  For example, 1 week skiing in Obertown or a holiday with Condor to the Dominican Republic.

Furthermore, you can expect to have live music each day with the in house The Frankfurt Oktoberfest Band playing traditional music.  Also, the incredibly popular band Jimi and the Weather Girls will be there to entertain like they always do.

How to Book tickets?

Head over to the Frankfurter Oktoberfest website and book your beer fest tickets online.  Hurry as the tickets are limited and almost sold out.

Cafe in Bahnhofsviertel

19Zehn Cafe in Bahnhofsviertel

A little bit of ‘Zen’ amongst the hustle and bustle of Haptbahnhof!  If you heading out of town via the main station, definitely take a detour via this cafe in Bahnhofsviertel for your ‘on the go’ coffee!  We can guarantee that it will be worth the extra 5 minutes!

The Story behind 19Zehn Cafe in Bahnhofsviertel?

Ceyja, is not only a determined and vivacious woman, but is the brains and ‘braun’ behind 19Zehn Cafe in Bahnhofsviertel.  After more than her fair share of challenges she finally opened 19Zehn’s doors in June 2021.  And boy, we are so glad that she did!

More than just a name!

Also, ‘19Zehn’ is so much more than just a clever name.  Firstly, it’s a coffee formula ie 19 grams produces 1.0 ounce of coffee.  Secondly, the building in which it humbly sits is a historic building built in 1910 by the renowned Hohenzollern family.  And finally, they aim to prepare and offer foodstuffs reflecting how things were in 1910 ie no chemicals and or processed ingredients.  

The Coffee and Bagel Bar

The house coffee comes from a well known local Frankfurt roastery, Hoppenworth & Ploch.  Furthermore they have a number of guest beans from around the world for one to try.  In particular, one currently being featured is from a roastery in the Ukraine, fine cup.

Along with coffee they have a fairly large selection of sweet and savoury food options to choose from.   Including freshly made bagels, burritos, smoothies and cakes.

The Vibe

Whilst there is minimal space inside, the seating spills out onto the side walk and is the perfect spot for a little people watching!  The clientele is as dynamic as it’s owner, with regulars being from all walks of life.

The interiors are modern with bespoke seating to fit the irregular diamond shape.  Outside comprises both bar stool and regular seating all in a gorgeous teal green colour.  Simple square tables complete the look.

19Zehn Cafe declared a Police ‘safe zone’ in Bahnhofsviertel

Worth noting is that 19Zehn not only serves up great coffee, but its also been marked as a ‘safe zone’ by the Police.  So, if you in and around Hauptbanhof and feeling threatened or unsafe you can stop in here and they will call the police.

Also, Ceyda has a quiet authority about her but it’s coupled with an incredible kindness that I witnessed as she dealt with non paying visitors.

Düsseldorfer Str. 1-7,
60329 Frankfurt am Main

Monday – Thursday: 8am – 4pm
Friday:  8am – 3pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: 10am – 4pm

Additional Info:    instagram

Dillman Winery rheingau

Dillman Winery Rheingau

Dillman Winery is set not too far back from the Rhein River in Geisenheim.  By all accounts it could be considered a ‘newcomer’ with it being only a second generation family run business.  However, it’s precisely this that we love about it!  Not caught up in stuffy ideas or old traditions that no longer serve them.

The Story of Dillman Winery

So what began as a hobby some 40 something years ago is now a flourishing family business.  In fact, it began with Karlo Dillman dabbling with a little wine making having only one barrel and one grape variety.  And as the years passed not only did the number of barrels grow but so did Marcel’s (Karlo’s youngest son) love for wine making.

So after completing his wine making studies Marcel returned to the wine farm in 2014 and the official Dillman Winery business was born.  Next, Karlo retired from Policing the banks of the Rhein and joined the business full time in 2015.  And finally in 2018 Marius joined bringing his marketing, media and DJ skills to ever the expanding business.  Of course through all this, mum was a constant always keeping the boat steady.

The Dillman Family

The Dillman Family is nothing but warm and welcoming!  And they do in our opinion represent what a happy and thriving family business should be.  From the matching tattoo’s (yip dad got one too) to the family portraits on the wall for all to see.  Undoubtedly Dillman Winery is a great day out with some wonderful wine tasting!!

The Vibe

A modern and industrial feel with soft finishes A newly renovated and extended warehouse serves as the main building.  Housing a small restaurant and a large partitioned entertainment area.  Outside, tables and sofas constructed out of old palettes are scattered around.   In addition to this, they sit on the lip of vineyard allowing you to look out over the vines and the never ending rows.  Also, large white umbrellas serve up much needed shade for those who want it.  Furthermore a large converted Storage container serves as a bar for events etc.

Along with the vast number of vibrant green vines are large lavender bushes.  These not only cleverly divide the space but also create a beautiful contrast between the purple and the green and white.

The Wine

Dillman Winery has a nice selection of both white wine, red wine and dessert wine.  Namely

  1. Riesling
  2. Pinot Gri
  3. Sauvignon Blanc
  4. Muscatel
  5. Pinot Noir
  6. Merlot
  7. Cabernet Sauvignon

Of course it will come as no surprise that they have Riesling but as a Sauvignon Blanc drinker I was delighted to find they make an incredibly drinkable wine!

Most Popular Wine

Currently, their most popular wine is their Rosé, the Rosalinda.  And this makes up a whopping 20% of the production, there is no doubt that Rosé’s time has arrived!

For more information on their wines check out their website below.

Langestraße 17A
65366 Geisenheim

Monday – Friday: 2pm – 6pm
Saturday: 11am – 4pm
Sunday: Closed

Additional Info:    Dillman website | instagram

Best Taco’s in Frankfurt

Best Taco’s in Frankfurt TAQUERÍA “La original”

Frankfurt asked and TAQUERÍA “La original” delivered!  The best Taco’s in town, and lets be clear, when we say best we also mean authentic!  If there is something I have seen asked time and time again whilst living in Frankfurt it’s ‘Where can I find authentic and delicious Mexican food in Frankfurt’?  Finally I can answer with certaintyTAQUERÍA “La original”

The Story behind TAQUERÍA “La original”

Well like most things and idea’s in life, it was born out of a lack and a need. And in this instance, it was a lack of authentic Mexican food and a need for it in Frankfurt.  The partners of Omakase Four GmbH are the brains behind this incredible and delicious venture.  Bringing to life a space where people can meet, celebrate, eat and share in a relaxed environment.


Relaxed and Gorgeous!!  Ah I can’t tell you how much I love the interiors!  From the clean lines of the Taqueria bar serving up the Best Taco’s in Frankfurt to the dramatic mural in the main restaurant to the bright exuberant colours in the bathroom!  Furthermore I feel the mural needs an additional mention, a complete conversation starter!!  In order to be as authentic as possible, the stencil was created and designed in Mexico before being shipped and ‘installed’ in Frankfurt.

Now what’s Mexican without Tequila?  Well, with an entire wall paying homage to the biggest collection of Tequila in Frankfurt you will not be disappointed!  And to all our margarita lovers out there, you have officially found your second home!

What is the key to making authentic Mexican food?

Many will tell you it all comes down to the tortilla’s and sourcing high quality fresh ingredients.

The Tortilla’s

Undoubtedly one of the most important and foundational elements of an authentic taco is the tortilla!  And this is why all tortilla’s at TAQUERÍA “La original”are freshly made and pressed each day!   Furthermore they have two tortilla options, namely a corn and a wheat flour option.  With each filling or topping being paired with the perfect tortilla.

For instance the corn tortilla has a distinctive flavour, is more corse and ‘durable’ (for want of a better word) than the wheat flour tortilla. And therefore pairs perfectly with the richly marinated chicken and brisket options.  Meaning the juices can sink in, slowly softening the tortilla without it completely disintegrating in your hand as you eat.  On the other hand, the crispy fish taco is best served on the more subtle and softer wheat flour tortilla.

High quality fresh ingredients

Mexican food and taco’s vary enormously depending on where you find yourself in Mexico.  Each region and area having it’s own distinct flavours and ingredients.  Undoubtedly TAQUERÍA “La original” is no different.  In addition to finding a local producer who provides them with distinctly Mexican ingredients like nopales, tomatillos and particular peppers they also cleverly incorporate regional German produce too.

Finally it’s worth noting that all ingredients are organic and farm raised!

How it works, and where to find ‘The best Taco’s in Frankfurt’.

At last finding the best Taco’s in Frankfurt is easy!  TAQUERÍA “La original” is located a stones throw away from Eschenheimer Tor.  And only a short walk around the corner from Zeil.  Undoubtedly making it the perfect place to stop for a quick bite to eat whilst shopping.

Firstly, order at the counter.  Secondly, find a seat.  And finally, wait for your order!  IT COULD NOT BE EASIER!

Good to know

  • The ENSALADA DE TOMATE Y NOPALES is absolutely phenomenal and I highly recommend it
  • Also, the corn on the cob is MAGIC!
  • Parking is tricky but Zeil Parkhaus is very nearby
  • Get there early the line gets very very long
  • It is definitely being added to our list of Best Restaurants in Frankfurt


Stiftstraße 41
60313 Frankfurt am Main


Tuesday – Saturday, 12:30pm – 3:30pm and 5:30pm – 11pm

Additional information:   TAQUERIA “La original” website | Instagram

Multifunctional Toys

Multifunctional Toys with Balanced Kids

Now this is a company after our own hearts!  Balanced Kids offer multifunctional toys aimed to not only peak kid’s minds and imagination but also build body awareness and strength.  And most importantly, the products are endless FUN for kids! 

The Story behind Balanced Kids

Another incredible story born out of COVID lockdown!  Marie and Christoph Schmid founded Balanced Kids in November 2020.  Undoubtedly like many parents, they found themselves with a problem to solve during lockdown!  How on earth does one keep one’s children entertained in minimal space with maximum effect!  Additionally, they wanted the solution to be multifunctional and aesthetically pleasing!  Now lets be honest, this is a problem that many parents face regardless of whether the world is in the midst of a pandemic! Definitely check out their products!!

So with a problem to solve they set about their research, trial and error and sourcing products.  Finally they found what they were looking for and as they say ‘the rest is history’. 

It should also be noted, they stock a very curated range of items that are not only multifunctional toys and easy on the eye but provide endless hours of entertainment.  Another added bonus of a very curated range?  There is much less confusion when buying!!

What Multifunctional Toys do Balanced Kids offer?

At present they have 5 core products with an endless possibility of activities for your child’s imagination.

  1. Balance Board
  2. Balance Board Swing and Rings
  3. Balance Stones
  4. Wooden Rainbow
  5. Stepping stones

Good to know

Balanced Kids can only be found online see below for their website.  Worth noting, the offer FREE personal delivery in Frankfurt!

Additional Info:    balanced kids website | instagram