Paul and tim coffee in Europaviertel

Paul and Tim: Coffee in Europaviertel

Amidst Europaviertel’s bustling streets and modern architecture, a delightful new coffee shop has emerged. And, it promises to be the go-to destination for coffee aficionados, casual caffeine seekers, and those looking for a little community feel. Tim Pauland is the owner and operator of this coffee shop, aptly named “Paul and Tim” as a clever reference to the founder’s name.

The Story Behind Paul and Tim

Every great coffee shop has a story, and Paul and Tim is no exception. Tim Pauland is a passionate coffee enthusiast who always dreamed of running his own coffee shop!  After years of working in the retail sector, learning all he could about what it takes to run a successful and profitable business he took a leap of faith in October last year!  Taking inspiration from his own name, “Paul and Tim” was born, and Tim’s quintessential coffee experience came to life.  In short, Tim’s quintessential coffee experience is about more than a place or location, it’s about creating a community, a hub, a feeling.

Beyond Coffee: Community and Connection

Above everything, Paul and Tim’s goal is to be a hub for fostering community and connection.  From grabbing your morning caffeine fix “Italian Style” to catching up with friends, holding casual business meetings, or simply unwinding with a good book, this space is for EVERYONE.

And, in keeping with their commitment to fostering community, Paul and Tim’s also plays host to a variety of events and activities. These range from live music nights featuring local talent to interactive coffee, wine, and whiskey-tasting workshops led by our knowledgeable staff. It’s a place where strangers become friends, and every visit is an opportunity to forge new connections.

Coffee the Italian Way

Ever had coffee the Italian way?  To clarify, we mean a quick espresso, which you drink standing at the coffee bar.  Not only is it no mess, no fuss, but a total bargain at 1.50; sure, you might have to have a chat with Tim, but he’s good value too, we promise!

Wine and Whiskey

In addition to coffee, you will find a small selection of wine, beer and spirits to enjoy.  So, as the summer approaches and the sidewalks come alive, stop by for an aperitif.  Best part?  You don’t need to head into the city to have a few drinks with friends.  Also, check out the wine and whiskey tastings at the link below.

Good to know

Europa-Allee 147,
60486 Frankfurt am Main

Monday: 8:30 am – 5 pm
Tuesday:  closed
Wed-Thursday:  8:30 am – 5 pm
Friday: 8:30 am – 7 pm
Sat\Sunday: 12 pm – 5 pm

Additional Info:    website | instagram | facebook

lohrpark cherry trees in Frankfurt

Lohrpark; Cherry Blossoms in Frankfurt

Perched where the Frankfurts Horizon almost touches the beginnings of the Taunus is Lohrpark.  Touted as Frankfurt’s highest park, it provides a unique view of the city Skyline, looking down (or more specifically across) as opposed to up.  Not only does this park offer wonderful views of the city however, it’s also an absolute delight in the Spring for Cherry Blossoms in Frankfurt.

Picnic or Barbeque in Lohrpark

Lohrpark boasts stunning views of the Frankfurt Skyline and vast green spaces, making it the ideal spot for a family picnic or BBQ. However, please keep in mind that there are designated areas for barbecuing (Lohrpark BBQ map location).

Cherry Blossoms in Frankfurt

Undoubtedly, Lohrpark is one of the most tranquil and gorgeous places to experience the Cherry Blossoms in Frankfurt.  So as winter begins to fade and the smell of Spring begins to ride on the breeze, the magnificent Cherry Blossom takes centre stage, erupting in a symphony of colour in Lohrpark.  Like Cotton Candy on a stick, the trees line the park’s entrance, delicate petals of pink and white falling from the heavens like confetti.  Fading as quickly as they bloom, their brief existence inspires awe and wonder, signalling summer’s imminent arrival.


Viticulture has been practiced on Lohrberg’s sun-drenched slope for centuries and today, it is the last wine-growing area in Frankfurt with an area of 1.3 hectares.

Good to know:
  • Lohrpark has magnificent views of the Frankfurt Skyline
  • Easy parking, though on hot sunny days, it fills up quickly, so be early.  To clarify, the parking lot can be found at the Berger Weg park entrance.
  • Bus line 43, stop “Budge-Altenheim”, then about 10 minutes walk (uphill)
    Bus lines 30 and 69, stop “Heiligenstock”, then about 10 minutes walk (flat route)
  • There’s a great traditional German restaurant overlooking the park if you are not in the mood to cook called Lohrberg-Schänke
  • Finally, there is a kid’s playground in the direction of Klingenweg


60389 Frankfurt


Open 24 hours


HAVENS LIVING Frankfurt: Your Ultimate Furnished Residential Let

Are you an expat, traveller or professional currently in flux seeking a chic temporary home in the vibrant city of Frankfurt?  Look no further!  HAVENS LIVING Frankfurt is gearing up to redefine your temporary accommodation experience in the heart of Bockenheim.

Who is HAVENS LIVING Frankfurt

At the heart of HAVENS LIVING lies community!  In today’s fast-paced and transient world, finding a safe space, a community and somewhere to call home, even if only for a moment, can be a challenge.  HAVENS LIVING understands this and hopes to be the ‘haven’ that so many seek.

HAVENS LIVING, a brand incorporated under the International Campus Group umbrella, is not just another coliving space. It is a direct response to the growing demographic of ‘Unsettled Professionals’.  Often, this demographic of individuals lies either on the cusp of establishing permanent family structures or, as singles, wish to maintain a nomadic lifestyle.  Moreover, both groups seek a distinctive living experience that combines modern comforts with a sense of belonging.  HAVENS LIVING aims to fulfil this need by offering short to medium-term contracts that come with all necessary amenities and lifestyle comforts. Simultaneously, their goal is to foster a sense of community and belonging among their residents.

With one highly successful location already established in Hamburg and another two scheduled to open after Frankfurt, the HAVENS LIVING revolution is well underway. As evidenced by their thriving Hamburg location, the HAVENS team is fully aware of what it takes to create a successful coliving experience.


Luxurious Living Spaces

HAVENS LIVING Frankfurt isn’t just about where you sleep – it’s about where you thrive. Step into a world where comfort meets sophistication. The apartments offer a range of meticulously designed living spaces, providing professionals with a haven that balances style and functionality. The temporary accommodation options come in a variety of sizes, ranging from cosy studios to spacious apartments.  Because HAVENS LIVING Frankfurt understands that each individual is different and that where and how we live impacts our interactions with others.  They offer the opportunity to choose a mood or, rather, colour palette and interior design to suit each individual best.  Namely, Artist, Zen and Tech.

Prime Location in Bockenheim

HAVENS LIVING Frankfurt is situated in Bockenheim, a true melting pot of cultures and people coming together.  Additionally, Bockenheim allows quick and easy access to Frankfurt’s business hubs, cultural attractions, and recreational spots. Enjoy the perfect blend of convenience and charm, making your stay both productive and delightful.

Havens Living Frankfurt
Havens Living Frankfurt

State-of-the-Art Amenities

At HAVENS LIVING Frankfurt, we understand the importance of a seamless living experience. Our temporary accommodation comes equipped with modern amenities to make your stay enjoyable and stress-free. High-speed Wi-Fi, fully-equipped kitchens with dishwashers and coffee machines, along with contemporary furnishings throughout the apartments.  Furthermore, you can expect to find Bose speakers, a Smart TV, a laptop-friendly workspace and central heating.  Finally, you can furthermore customise your apartment with additional add ons should you wish!

Tailored for People on the Move

HAVENS LIVING Frankfurt recognises the unique needs of travellers and professionals on short to medium-term assignments. As a result, the space is designed to provide a haven that fosters productivity and relaxation. Whether you’re a traveller, consultant, or on a short-term project, our accommodations are tailored to meet the demands of your dynamic lifestyle.  The communal space features a coffee lounge, gym, cookery,  co-working areas, and a roof terrace. Unquestionably saving you time and effort and allowing you to focus on what’s important.


Good to know:
  • This temporary accommodation is best suited for individuals and couples
  • Letting terms are  3 – 12 months
  • Whilst the official opening date is May 2024, it is possible to organise viewings from April
  • Find out more about HLF here

Easter in Germany

Easter in Germany, Traditions Eplained

Now, whilst one might be inclined to think, “Easter is Easter” anywhere you go.  To some extent it is, but, each country and indeed city has particular traditions that play a significant role in celebrations.  So, what exactly can you expect when celebrating Easter in Germany?

Typical Traditions for Easter in Germany

Bunte Eier, Painted eggs

The tradition of dyeing and hand-painting hard-boiled eggs in Germany dates back to the 4th century, with the oldest surviving decorated egg dating from that time. If you want to try your hand at egg painting, you can explore various kits that provide dyes, egg-friendly paints, and decorative, shrinkable egg wrappers. People use these painted eggs as decorations, gifts, or even in sandwiches! Additionally, these colourful eggs are often used in games, with egg tapping and rolling being popular favourites.

Good know:

If you are not a fan of painting, you will find plenty of colourful eggs in a supermarket near you!

Ostereierbaum, Easter Egg Tree

If you are under the impression that trees are only decorated at Christmas, you’d be wrong!  In Germany, trees are just as worthy of decoration at Easter Time!  German families often cook and dye boiled eggs, known as Bunte Eier or Osteier, before hanging them from the branches of trees.  In fact, this has now become a popular tradition all across Europe.

Easter in Germany


The tradition of Easter Fires, predating Christian practices, finds its roots in the pagan ritual of lighting fires to welcome spring and dispel winter spirits. Today, these bonfires play a significant role in liturgical and Christian cultural celebrations, serving as a reminder of a rich historical heritage and the resilience of traditions. However, the timing of these fires varies by region. Some communities light them on Holy Saturday, while others do so on the evening of Easter Sunday or even on the morning of Easter Monday. Presently, Easter fires offer a cosy and communal experience, with families and friends gathering to enjoy the warmth of the flames and indulge in Easter treats.

If you’re eager to witness the magic of the Easter Fires firsthand this year, we’ve found two events in and around Frankfurt. These bonfires, steeped in history and tradition, promise to be a unique and unforgettable experience, offering a glimpse into the heart of Easter in Germany.

Wiesbadener Osterfeuer-Fest

When: Saturday, 30.03.2024 at 6 pm
Where:  Schlachthof Wiesbaden, Murnaustraße 1, 65189 Wiesbaden
Price: Free Entry

Osterfeuer IG Riedberg

When: Saturday, 30.03.2024, 6 pm – 10:30 pm
Where:  Alte Riedbergstrasse, next to the IG club grounds


The Easter Bunny

When I researched Easter Traditions for this article, I hadn’t considered why a rabbit was chosen to deliver the chocolate eggs to overly excited little humans. However, it has since become very clear. In short, Easter celebrates spring and new life, with eggs and flowers serving as obvious symbols of female fertility. However, if you’ve ever owned rabbits, especially a male and a female, you’ll understand where I’m going with this! It doesn’t take long before you fully appreciate the reproductive potential of soft-eared, fluffy creatures. Before you know it, you are inundated with more rabbits than you can count!

Grüne Soße on Gründonnerstag for Easter in Germany

Maundy Thursday is a Christian feast or holy day commemorating the Last Supper of Jesus Christ with the Apostles. In Germany, it is known as “Gründonnerstag” (Green Thursday). Although the name comes from the old German word “greinen” (to mourn), nowadays, it is far more literal: eat something green. Of course, that can mean only one thing in Hessen: Grüne Soße!

Osterbrot (Easter Bread)

Germans’ love for bread is no secret, so it comes as no surprise that Easter celebrations have their unique version, Osterbrot. However, unlike the typical dark variety of bread eaten year-round, this decorative and sweet bread is crafted from butter, milk, eggs, raisins, and candied peel. Often, bakers divide the dough into three and then braid it into either a loaf or shape it into a wreath.

Another delightful sweet treat baked during this festive time is the Easter Lamb Cake (Osterlammkuchen). This simple sponge cake takes the shape of a lamb, baked in a specially designed cake form. It serves as the centrepiece for the afternoon “coffee and cake” table.

If I’m honest, there’s a little too much baking involved.  And for someone who can’t follow a recipe, this is an absolute disaster waiting to happen!

Terms and Phrases to know

Karwoche – Holy Week

Palmensonntag – Palm Sunday
Gründonnerstag – Maudy Thursday/Holy Thursday
Karfreitag – Good Friday
Karsamstag – Holy Saturday
Ostersonntag – Easter Sunday

Frohe Ostern – Happy Easter

So there you have it!  If you are planning on celebrating Easter in Germany, these are some of the traditions you can expect to see and experience.

Frankfurt 101

Frankfurt 101: A Language and Cultural Guide

Without a doubt, a little goes a long way when visiting or permanently moving to a new city.  Particularly when it comes to language and cultural ‘cues’.  Not only does it endear you to the locals when you need help (well, sometimes), but it may help you avoid being accosted for Jaywalking, because it is very much frowned upon!   In short, Frankfurt 101 is our attempt to give you a quick cheat sheet for navigating Frankfurt or, indeed, Germany as a whole.  So, without further ado, Willkommen in Frankfurt! (Welcome to Frankfurt!)

Frankfurt 101:  Basic German Phrases

Greetings and Politeness:
  1. Hello – Hallo
  2. Good morning – Guten Morgen
  3. Good evening – Guten Abend
  4. Goodbye – Auf Wiedersehen
  5. Please – Bitte
  6. Thank you – Danke
  7. Excuse me – Entschuldigung
Navigating the City:
  1. Where is…? – Wo ist…?
  2. How much is this? – Wie viel kostet das?
  3. I would like… – Ich hätte gerne…
  4. Can you help me? – Können Sie mir helfen?
Dining Out:
  1. Water – Wasser
  2. Menu – Speisekarte
  3. Delicious – Lecker
  4. Bill, please – Die Rechnung, bitte

Frankfurt recycling and waste separation
frankfurt 101
frankfurt 101

Cultural Norms


Germans value punctuality. In other words, arrive on time for appointments and events to show respect for others’ time.  When running late for social or work events, let the host know.

Cash is King:

While credit cards are widely accepted, having some cash on hand is advisable, especially in smaller shops and cafes.

Recycling Matters:

Germany is known for its commitment to recycling. Familiarise yourself with the recycling bins for plastics, paper, and glass.

Quiet Sundays:

Sundays are generally quiet in Germany. Many shops and businesses are closed, and there are restrictions on noisy activities.  For example, mowing your lawn or doing loud DIY.

Personal Space:

Germans appreciate personal space. Maintain a comfortable distance during conversations and respect queues in public spaces.

Etiquette Tips

Formal Greetings:

Initial greetings tend to be formal. Use titles such as Herr (Mr.) or Frau (Mrs.) unless invited to use first names.

“Popping Round”:

It may go without saying, but it is not common practice to drop in on someone in Germany.  Absolutely call beforehand.

Tipping Customs:

Tipping is common in restaurants. Typically, rounding up the bill or leaving 10-15% is customary.  Also, be sure to give it to your waiter or waitress don’t leave it on the table.

No JayWalking:

Jaywalking is frowned upon particularly if you are with children. Cross streets only at designated pedestrian crossings, even if the streets seem empty.

Visiting a German Home:

Definitely bring flowers if you’re invited to a German home for a social occasion. Also, if the flowers are wrapped in paper, remember to take off the wrapping just before you enter the home.  Additionally, a bottle of wine or “Sekt” (German Sparkling wine) is acceptable.

Taking Photographs:

Ask a German’s permission before taking a picture or video of them.

Of course, this Frankfurt 101 Language and Cultural Guide is but scratching the surface.  However, by embracing these language phrases and cultural insights, you’ll hopefully have a start at navigating Frankfurt and Germany. Enjoy your time in this vibrant and culturally rich city!

The Top Trade Fairs at Messe Frankfurt

The Top Trade Fairs at Messe Frankfurt

Messe Frankfurt is a world-renowned trade fair organiser that hosts around 250 events each year. Its expansive exhibition grounds serve as the backdrop for a multitude of trade fairs, conferences, exhibitions, and concerts. These events attract a large number of participants from around the world, making Messe Frankfurt an international beacon for trade, innovation, and collaboration. Spanning diverse sectors such as literature, automotive, technology, textiles, and more, we break down the top trade fairs at Messe Frankfurt.

1.  Frankfurt Book Fair

The Frankfurt Book Fair is the world’s largest trade fair for books, with a rich history dating back centuries. It serves as a meeting place for publishers, authors, and literary enthusiasts, offering much more than a marketplace for literature. The fair provides a platform for cultural exchange, networking, and exploration of the latest literary trends. Attending the Frankfurt Book Fair is a must for anyone seeking to experience the dynamic world of publishing.

2.  Automechanika Frankfurt

Driving Innovation in Auto Services: Automechanika Frankfurt reigns as the world’s leading trade fair for the automotive service industry. This event is a haven for professionals looking to stay abreast of the latest spare parts, accessories, and repair technologies trends. Automechanika is committed to sustainability and technological advancements, making it an indispensable gathering for automotive industry leaders and enthusiasts.

3.  Light + Building

Shaping the Future of Lighting and Building Services: Light + Building is a biennial trade fair that serves as a global stage for lighting and building services technology. Architects, planners, and industry leaders converge to explore the latest lighting, electrical engineering, and home automation trends. The fair’s unique selling point is its emphasis on sustainable and energy-efficient solutions, providing a comprehensive overview of innovations that shape the intelligent building systems of tomorrow.

4.  ISH Frankfurt

Holistic Solutions for Modern Living: ISH Frankfurt is the world’s leading trade fair for HVAC + Water, showcasing advancements in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and sanitation. Undoubtedly, what sets ISH apart is its comprehensive approach, addressing every aspect of modern living. Building services and energy technology professionals find ISH Frankfurt an indispensable platform for exploring sustainable and energy-conscious solutions.

5.  Techtextil

Textile Innovation Unleashed: Techtextil stands as the leading international trade fair for technical textiles and nonwovens. Its unique selling proposition lies in its interdisciplinary nature, serving industries as diverse as automotive, medicine, and fashion. Attendees witness the latest in textile technology, from smart fabrics to eco-friendly materials, making Techtextil a crucial event for those pushing the boundaries of innovation in the textile sector.

Top trade fairs in Frankfurt
Top trade fairs in Frankfurt

6.  IFFA – The Global Meat Industry Meeting Place

Revolutionising the Meat Industry.   In short, IFFA is the leading international trade fair for the meat industry, offering a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in processing, packaging, and sales of meat products. The fair’s USP lies in providing a platform for professionals to explore technological advancements and sustainable practices in the meat industry, making it a key event for stakeholders across the entire value chain.

7.  Creativeworld

Navigating the World of Hobby and Craft: This international trade fair stands at the forefront of the creative arts and hobby industry.  Bringing together artists, designers, and manufacturers from around the world. Moreover, Creativeworld showcases an extensive range of innovative products and trends in fine arts, hobby and crafts, graphic and artists’ supplies, and creative materials.

8.  Ambiente:

Exploring the World of Consumer Goods: Ambiente stands as the leading international trade fair for consumer goods, bringing together exhibitors and buyers in the fields of dining, living, and giving. Furthermore, its unique selling proposition is its diverse product range, from kitchenware to home décor and gifts. Ambiente is a trendsetting event that offers insights into the latest innovations and designs in the world of consumer goods.

In conclusion, Messe Frankfurt’s top trade fairs are not just events; they are dynamic experiences that offer a deep dive into the forefront of various industries. These fairs serve as platforms for innovation, collaboration, and networking, making them indispensable for professionals eager to stay ahead in their respective fields. Whether you are in literature, automotive, lighting, building services, textiles, meat processing, stationery, fashion, consumer goods, or industrial production, Messe Frankfurt has a trade fair tailored to meet your professional aspirations and fuel your industry expertise.

Good to know:
  • Now, whilst you may be in town for business, that’s no excuse not to have a little fun.  Check out Frankfurt’s top rooftop bars and where to eat
  • Also, our hotel section can give you some insight on places to stay

Half-Timbered House Road German fachwerkstrasse

The Half-Timbered House Road: German Fachwerkstrasse

Without a doubt, two of the things I love most about moving and living in a new country is that there is ALWAYS something new to learn!  And there is always somewhere new to explore!  Case in point: I only just recently learned about German Fachwerkstrasse, aka the Half-Timbered House Road.  Also, I stumbled upon it completely by accident!  What is more, there are a couple of gorgeous daytrip destinations from this iconic route, right on our doorstep here in Frankfurt.

What is the Half-Timbered House Road (German Fachwerkstrasse)

In short, it is A MORE THAN 3000 KILOMETER LONG ROUTE which stretches from the river Elbe to the Black Forest through eight federal states (Saxony, Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Hesse, Rheinland-Pfalz, Thuringia, Bavaria and Baden Wuerttemberg).  Subsequently, it is further divided into eight regional routes.  More to the point, this route seeks to showcase and preserve this much-loved and iconic German architectural style.

The German Half-Timbered House Road was founded in 1990 to unite over one hundred charming historic old towns under the umbrella of “Half-timbering connects”.  A celebration of not only the idyllic half-timbered towns, stunning scenery, historic sites and carefully restored monuments but also the people who live and work there.

As a result of the sheer magnitude of the route we cannot possibly cover it all in this article.  Thus, we have chosen to cover only a few of its charming towns, specifically those that fall on our doorstep here in Frankfurt.


Idstein is a town that perfectly encapsulates the charm of the Fachwerkstrasse. Stroll through the historic market square, where colourful half-timbered houses create a postcard-worthy scene. The well-preserved Altstadt (Old Town) of Idstein is a treasure trove of architectural wonders, with buildings dating back several centuries.

Highlights of Idstein

The Hexenturm (Witch’s Tower): Standing tall and proud, this medieval tower offers panoramic views of Idstein and its surrounding landscapes. Despite its name, this medieval tower has nothing to do with witches but is rather a charming relic of the past.

Killingerhaus:  Definitely one of the most magnificent examples of the half-timbered structure I have seen. So take a minute to admire its intricately carved wooden façade and step inside the now Tourist-Office and Municipal Museum to discover the rich history of the town within its walls.

Unionskirche (Union Church): A rather unassuming-looking church from the outside. However, the church’s interior has impressive vaulted ceilings featuring 38 canvas paintings of biblical scenes in the Rubens school style.

Das Schiefe Haus (The Crooked House):  Literally a crooked house and fun to see.

Wander the Streets: Wander through the town’s streets and alleys, letting the allure of half-timbered houses capture your imagination. Snap photos of the charming homes, each telling a unique story of the families that once called them home.  Streets and squares to visit in particular are König-Adolf-Platz, Kreuzgasse, Markplatz and Obergasse

Half-Timbered House Road German fachwerkstrasse

Hessenpark in Neu-Anspach

Hessenpark, located in Neu-Anspach, Germany, is an open-air museum dedicated to preserving and showcasing the cultural heritage of the Hessen region. Spanning over 160 acres, this unique museum transports visitors back in time, offering a glimpse into rural life and architecture from the 16th to the 20th century.  Not only is it an educational experience, but it doubles as a great family day out with plenty of space for children to run around!

half-timbered house road
half-timbered house road

Höchst Frankfurt am Main

Höchst is a historic district located in the western part of Frankfurt, Germany. Once an independent town, Höchst became a part of Frankfurt in 1928. It boasts a rich history, evident in its well-preserved medieval architecture and charming cobblestone streets. The Alt-Höchst (Old Höchst) area is particularly notable for its half-timbered houses, the Höchst Castle, and the Saint Justin’s Church (the oldest building in Frankfurt).  During the summer months, the Höchst Mainufer becomes a hive of activity, and the SMS beer garden is an absolute treat.

Explore the German Fachwerkstrasse, also known as the German Half-Timbered House Road, for a unique travel experience. Witness the beauty and craftsmanship of medieval German architecture and the ongoing efforts to preserve this rich cultural heritage. It’s an unforgettable adventure for architecture enthusiasts, history buffs, and anyone seeking a charming journey through time.

Monets Garten in Frankfurt

Monets Garten in Frankfurt an Immersive Experience

Claude Monet, the “Father of Impressionism,” led a life as vibrant and colourful as his iconic paintings. Born on November 14, 1840, in Paris, Monet was destined to become a trailblazer in the art world.  Monets Garten in Frankfurt is a wonderful and immersive way to experience the iconic painter’s works in a way you never could before.

Monets garten in Frankfurt

Monets Garten in Frankfurt Explained

Please keep in mind before you continue reading that this is my interpretation and opinion alone.

Much like the artist himself, whose artistic journey was a rollercoaster of experimentation and innovation. The curators have dared to take you on a journey that plays on these two distinct aspects of his work.  Namely, inviting the audience to try to capture the fleeting essence of moments and explore the interplay of light and colour rather than fixating on rigid details.

The exhibition is thoughtfully sectioned into areas, each offering a unique opportunity to experience Monet’s art from a different perspective.  From ‘reliving’ a stroll over his famous Japanese footbridge to creating a digital self-portrait in Monet’s style or conducting colourful pixels on the screen its all wonderfully whimsical.  Finally, immerse yourself in the grand hall for a visceral journey through his life, ‘living’ within his artworks.

Monets garten in Frankfurt
Monets garten in Frankfurt

How long should you expect to spend in Monets Garten?

So, whilst each ticket holder is allocated a specific 15-minute time slot, there is, in fact, no capped time limit once in the exhibit.  Meaning, however long you wish to spend with the master is entire up to you!

Monets garten in Frankfurt

Claude Monet passed away on December 5, 1926, leaving behind a vivid tapestry of art that continues to captivate and enchant audiences to this day. His life remains a testament to the power of creativity, resilience, and a determination to paint the world in one’s own vibrant colours.  And this exhibition, in my opinion, is well worth a visit.


Good to know
  • Parking can be a little tricky so give yourself enough time to find on.
  • Book tickets for Monets Garten in Frankfurt here


UEFA EURO 2024 in Frankfurt Ultimate Guide

As the UEFA Euro 2024 tournament approaches, football enthusiasts from around the globe are gearing up for the thrill of witnessing top-tier football action in Germany. Among the host cities, Frankfurt stands out not only for its vibrant atmosphere but also for its rich history, modern amenities, and diverse accommodation options. Whether you’re a die-hard football fan or a traveller seeking an unforgettable experience, choosing the right place to stay is essential. Here’s our comprehensive guide to the best accommodations in Frankfurt during UEFA Euro 2024.

What UEFA Matches to Expect in Frankfurt?

17/06: Belgium vs Slovakia (18:00)
: Denmark vs England (18:00)
: Switzerland vs Germany (21:00)
: Slovakia vs Romania (18:00)
: Round of 16 – 1F vs 3A/B/C (21:00)

Where will the matches Held?

Deutsche Bank Park, formerly Commerzbank-Arena, is a premier sports stadium in Frankfurt, Germany. With a seating capacity of over 50,000 spectators, it serves as the home ground for the Eintracht Frankfurt football club. Furthermore, it has hosted numerous high-profile events, including matches for the UEFA Euro 2024 tournament later this summer. Situated on the outskirts of Frankfurt, the stadium offers state-of-the-art facilities and a vibrant atmosphere that ensures an unforgettable experience for fans of the beautiful game.

Fan Zones

More specific information will be released closer to the event, but for now, this is what we know:

  • Location:  Mainufer (Northern bank of the Main River)
  • Dates/Times: The Fan Zone will be open on all match days of the UEFA EURO 2024.
  • All matches will be broadcast live.
  • Admission is free of charge.

UEFA EURO 2024 Frankfurt
UEFA EURO 2024 Frankfurt

UEFA EURO 2024 in Frankfurt Where to Stay

1. Downtown Frankfurt: Experience the Heart of the Action

Located in the heart of the city, downtown Frankfurt offers a plethora of accommodation options ranging from luxury hotels to cosy boutique stays. Staying in this area will place you within walking distance of the UEFA Euro 2024 fan zones, stadiums, and major attractions like the historic Römerberg square and the iconic Main Tower. A popular hotel choice includes the renowned Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof.

2. Westend: Luxury and Serenity

For those seeking luxury and tranquillity, Westend is the ideal choice. This upscale residential district boasts elegant villas, tree-lined streets, and proximity to the UEFA Euro 2024 venues. Enjoy a stay at one of the prestigious hotels, such as Melia Frankfurt City Hotel or the Frankfurt Marriott Hotel, where you can unwind in style after a day of football excitement.

3. Sachsenhausen: Explore Frankfurt’s Culinary Scene

Situated on the south bank of the Main River, Sachsenhausen offers a unique blend of traditional charm and modern amenities. This neighbourhood is renowned for its historic cider taverns and vibrant restaurant scene. Stay at one of the charming guesthouses or boutique hotels, such as Gerbermühle Hotel, and immerse yourself in Frankfurt’s culinary delights while soaking in the UEFA Euro 2024 atmosphere.

4. Bockenheim: A Vibrant Student Hub

Home to the renowned Goethe University, Bockenheim exudes a youthful energy and cultural diversity. This dynamic neighbourhood is dotted with trendy cafes, art galleries, and green spaces, making it an excellent choice for travellers seeking a vibrant atmosphere. Consider staying at the contemporary nhow Hotel Frankfurt Messe for a comfortable and convenient accommodation experience.

5. Airport Area: Convenience and Connectivity

If you prefer to be close to the airport for easy travel arrangements, Frankfurt’s airport area offers a range of accommodation options to suit every budget. Whether you’re catching an early flight or attending UEFA Euro 2024 matches, hotels like the Hilton Frankfurt Airport and Moxy Frankfurt Airport provide comfort, convenience, and excellent transport links to the city centre and tournament venues.

6. Central Frankfurt

Should you need a hotel centrally located and not far from Hauptbahnhof Central Station, look no further than Gekko House. Not only do they have a great rooftop terrace, but Saturday and Sunday Brunch at Chicago Williams is off the charts!


Regardless of where you choose to stay or what additional activities you choose during UEFA Euro 2024 in Frankfurt, advanced booking is highly recommended! As there is a high demand expected during the tournament. Whether you opt for luxury accommodation in the city centre or a cosy guesthouse by the river, Frankfurt promises an unforgettable experience for football fans and travellers alike. So pack your bags, don your team colours, and get ready to immerse yourself in the excitement of UEFA Euro 2024 in one of Germany’s most vibrant cities!

Gerbermühle Hotel

Gerbermühle Hotel

Along the serene banks of the Main River lies a hidden gem that seamlessly blends history, culture, and luxury: Gerbermühle Hotel in Sachsenhausen, Frankfurt. Steeped in tradition and surrounded by picturesque landscapes, this boutique hotel offers an unforgettable experience for travellers seeking a unique escape in the heart of Germany.

A Glimpse into History with Gerbermühle Hotel

Dating back to the 16th century, Gerbermühle Hotel has a rich history that resonates through its very walls. Originally a watermill, the property was transformed into a hotel in the late 19th century, yet it retains its authentic charm and character. The hotel’s name, “Gerbermühle,” pays homage to its past as a mill used by tanners (Gerber in German) to soften and dye leather, a trade once flourishing in the Sachsenhausen district. If you head into the bar, you can see remnants of this bygone era and trade through the glass floor.

Timeless Elegance and Modern Comforts

Upon stepping into Gerbermühle Hotel, guests are greeted with a seamless blend of historic elegance and contemporary comforts. Each room and suite is meticulously designed to reflect the hotel’s heritage while offering modern amenities for a luxurious stay. From cosy single rooms to spacious suites with stunning river views, every accommodation exudes warmth and sophistication.

Culinary Delights

Food enthusiasts are in for a treat at Gerbermühle Hotel. The on-site restaurant, showcases the best of regional German cuisine. Diners can savor delectable dishes crafted from locally sourced ingredients while enjoying panoramic views of the Main River. Whether indulging in a hearty German breakfast or sipping cocktails on the terrace, the culinary experience at Gerbermühle Hotel is sure to tantalize the taste buds.

Exploring Sachsenhausen and Beyond

Situated on the outskirts of the vibrant Sachsenhausen district, Gerbermühle Hotel guests can take a leisurely stroll along the riverbanks and head into the city. From wandering through the charming Sachsenhausen streets lined with traditional cider houses to exploring historic landmarks such as the Frankfurt Cathedral in the Altstadt there is plenty to see.


In short, Gerbermühle Hotel is more than just a place to stay—it’s a destination unto itself. With its historic charm, modern comforts, culinary delights, and unparalleled hospitality, it offers a truly immersive experience for discerning travellers seeking an authentic taste of German hospitality. Whether embarking on a romantic getaway, cultural exploration, or business trip, Gerbermühle Hotel invites guests to discover the magic of Frankfurt in style and comfort.

Good to know
  • It is situated on the outskirts of the city
  • Easy parking on site

Gerbermühlstraße 105
60594 Frankfurt am Main

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Kids Easter Holiday Camps

Kids Easter Holiday Camps in Frankfurt

Easter holidays are almost upon us!  Meaning plenty of chocolate, highly charged energetic children and parents losing their minds all across the city!!  Now, parents, before you panic, take a deep breath and realise all is not lost. There are options!  Namely several incredible Holiday Camps offered by Boston Education and Outdoor Kids here in Frankfurt. From STEAM camps to Sports and gymnastics camps, we have you covered. See below.

Who is Boston Education?

Boston Education is an organisation in Frankfurt that specialises in using STEAM activities to teach kids robotics and coding.

STEAM Easter Holiday Camps with Boston Education

These camps are best suited for two groups of students: ages 6 to 10 and 11 to 14. 

What will the kids learn:

  • Learn the basics of mechanics electronics and coding
  • Learn how to create, outline, and finally, program computer games
  • Learn the depths of programming in Scratch and Alice
  • Learn problem-solving with Python and Godot
  • All required material is provided by Boston Education

Camp Details are as follows:

  1. Where:  Anna-Schmidt Schule City campus.
  2. When:  Camps runs from 8th to 12th April 2024 (5 days)
  3. Time:  9:30 am – 3:30 pm
  4. Snacks provided, but please pack midday snack box

Also, be quick to avoid disappointment – book STEAM Summer Camp here now.

Who are Outdoor Kids?

Outdoor Kids is the largest Kids Sport Education Provider in and around Frankfurt.  Energetic and well trained instructors will see your most precious little humans being energetic and learning valuable skills that will not only serve them in sport but also in school and later life.  There is an undeniable correlation that active kids are happier kids and perform better in all other aspects of their life than those that are not.

Also, Outdoor Kids have a multidisciplinary approach.  Meaning that whatever your child is into you are bound to find an activity and camp to suit them!  Football, American Sports, Dance, Yoga, Martial arts, Gymnastics the list goes on and on

Where can I find an Outdoor Kids Easter Holiday Camp?

Essentially, Outdoor Kids will hold the Kids Easter Holiday Camps in Frankfurt at three locations.  Namely SV Blau-Gelb Frankfurt, Metropolitan School Frankfurt and Sports Camp SC Riedberg. Additionally, all camps will provide a freshly prepared lunch each day from their catering partner.  Furthermore, drinks and snacks will provided.  Click on the link in ‘Additional Booking Info’ for each individual camp to book directly with Outdoor Kids.

Book Outdoor Kids Autumn Holiday Camp here

So there you have it!  Plenty of option to choose from, however, BOOK QUICKLY as spaces are filling up quickly!  Now, you can rest easy knowing that your kids are well looked after, keeping active and most importantly have fun!

holzhausen Park

Holzhausen Park

Nestled up in the northwest of Nordend is Holzhausen Park. In our opinion, Holzhausen Park has a magical and enchanting feel. A feeling as if you are entering into a storybook land.  Holzhausen Castle sits abreast of a small lake; a large fountain to the right spurts water, the droplets occasionally catching the light just right, and a kaleidoscope of colour erupts.

Indeed, this urban oasis is a well-kept and hidden gem known mostly to locals. In addition, it offers a haven for families, nature enthusiasts, and anyone needing a break from city life’s hustle and bustle.

Playgrounds in Holzhausen Park

Holzhausen Park offers a variety of play options for kids of all ages!  For example, there are sandpits, climbing frames, slides, and plenty of green space to run and be free. The park also features a small cafe perfect for that necessary caffeine hit after running after little humans.

Good to know
  • Dogs are strictly prohibited, and the park is dedicated as a play park.
  • Also, bringing items for sand play with you is always a good idea.

60322 Frankfurt am Main


Moving country

Moving country in 100 easy steps!

Moving!!  Ok, ok, so not 100 steps!  Because let’s be honest, if you’re anything like me (blonde, a little ditsy at times, and easily distracted by two little boys), you’ve already forgotten step 1 when you start reading step 2!

I’ve been moving for most of my life:

To give you some background, I’ve had a few significant moves in my life. Boarding school at 6, university at 18, living abroad alone at 22, Europe to Asia with my entire family at 33 and my most recent move, India to Frankfurt (think I may skip disclosing my age this time)

Move to Frankfurt

One thing I’ve learned is that no move is easy. Hell, if it was, wouldn’t everyone be doing it?

Of course, some were easier than others; for example, moving countries single and with only one bag is significantly less complicated than with a husband, two kids, 300 boxes, 20 suitcases and a sore head!

I wrote a similar post when I moved to India; the premise for the moving country remains the same, i.e. get there.  Saying this, each move is very different, and you learn something new each time.  Here are a few moving tips that I’ve learned to date that you may or may not find useful

Moving Tips: Before you move

  1. Get a moving company that packs your stuff (pay the extra – throw your money at this one). I cleaned out 2 ‘Man Draws’ (if you’ve never watched Michael McIntyre’s ‘the man draw’ do yourself a favour and watch it ) in the time it took them to pack up my entire house…
  2. If you are moving to Europe, try to make sure it’s in the summer months (ignore this at your peril)
  3. If you are moving to Asia, buy all your ‘home comforts’ (and I mean a year’s worth) and pack them into your container before going.  To clarify, when I say home comforts, I mean everything from dishwashing tablets to your favourite bubble bath and shampoo.  Of course, you may find it on the other side, but you’ll have to remortgage your house to buy it!
  4. Embrace 99% and scream 1% (often it’s a choice – the move, I mean, is often a choice)
  5. Wine! Always have wine on hand!

Frankfurt moving tips

Moving Tips After you’ve moved:

  1. Embrace it (this needs repeating – it’s essential!)
  2. Organise a relocation agent or make sure the company moving you has.  You need someone who can help with things from finding an apartment, translating the rental agreement, talking to a local tradesperson, and giving you advice on which internet package is best!
  3. Be positive.  Nobody wants to be stuck with ‘whining Winni’ at every party (people have enough of that with their kids at home). Saying that, everyone has bad days, so whilst you may be her once in a while, don’t remain her!
  4. Remember, your kids are only human.  Whilst people often offer up ‘kids are so resilient’ (and they are) they are only human and need kindness, patience and love.  Because whilst you were involved with the decision and had a choice, they often didn’t
  5. Everything takes time.  Take a step back, breathe and be kind to yourself
  6. Localising\culture. Take time, if not to ‘localise’, then to appreciate your newfound country. I stress the word appreciate here and not tolerate; you may think there is only a subtle difference, but they are miles apart.  Learn the language, go to the local festivals, try the food and definitely, definitely try the local tipple (my German definitely gets better ????!)
  7. Loneliness is a killer. I really learned this with our most recent move.  Those dreaded Facebook groups and meet-ups may be worth a shot
  8. Wine! Always have wine on hand!!

Biggest Lesson to date

My biggest lesson was from our most recent move when I realised how poignant point 7 is.  Loneliness is\was a killer. From the moment I reached India (well, two days after), I met one of my very best friends, and from then on, we navigated our way through the Indian streets together! Frankfurt, on the other hand, took me a lot longer, and I found it a lot more challenging. I’m definitely considering starting a “Fresh off the Boat” support group!

So, if you feel you are battling when you get here, please feel free to get in touch with us.  We are happy to give you a few pointers and tips!

These may all seem like common sense, and they are – I’m no genius.  Sometimes, though, you suddenly find yourself miles away from home, immersed in a foreign culture, and you have no idea where to buy bread. Do they even eat bread here??  You May need a little reminding!

Janice Henry

A little insight through a few labels life has ‘given’ me! Also, no one label is more important than another I might add. So here it goes, boy mum, wife, friend, yogi, photographer, banker, coffee addict, global citizen, travel enthusiast, entrepreneur and writer!


Goetheturm: A Timeless Icon in Frankfurt's Skyline

Nestled within the lush greenery of Frankfurt’s cityscape, the Goetheturm stands tall like a proud shepherd surveying his flock.  The iconic tower invites locals and visitors alike to experience the beauty and tranquillity as you ‘summit’ the tower. With a rich history dating back to the early 20th century, the Goetheturm symbolised Frankfurt’s cultural heritage and natural splendour.

History of Goetheturm

Initially built in 1931, the Goetheturm was constructed to honour the renowned German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, whose influence on literature and philosophy is immeasurable.  Shockingly, in 2017, it was destroyed by arson.  However, at the request of the citizens of Frankfurt, it was rebuilt in the following years to be as true to the original as possible.

Architectural Marvel

Standing at an impressive height of 43 meters, the Goetheturm provides panoramic views of Frankfurt and its surrounding areas. The tower’s architecture combines tradition and modernity, making it a standout structure within the city’s stadwald. Moreover, its observation deck offers breathtaking vistas, making it an ideal spot for photographers and those seeking a peaceful retreat from the bustling city life below.

Surrounded by Nature

What sets the Goetheturm apart is its serene location on the outskirts of Frankfurt’s Stadtwald, a large expanse of green just waiting to be explored. Moreover, visitors can stroll or cycle through the well-maintained paths, enjoying the fresh air whilst escaping the city. The combination of historic architecture and natural beauty makes the Goetheturm a unique and captivating destination.

Recreation and Leisure

Beyond its historical and architectural significance, the Goetheturm and its surrounding parks offer various recreational activities for visitors of all ages. In addition to the park directly at the foot of the tower, there is another play area within a 10-minute walking distance.  Here, families can enjoy picnics and BBQs in the designated areas, and children can explore the nearby playgrounds. Both play areas have designated water play areas, which are wonderful during summer! Undoubtedly, Goetheturm provides plenty to see and do, making it a popular spot for locals to unwind and connect with nature.

Christmas Market

During Advent, the Goetheturm hosts a beautiful and intimate Christmas market, adding a festive touch to its surroundings. At this time, the tower becomes a hub of creativity and community engagement, from roasted chestnuts and almonds to hot cups of Gluwein and Kinderpunsch.

So, whether you’re a history buff, nature enthusiast, or someone seeking a peaceful escape in the heart of Frankfurt, the Goetheturm is a must-visit destination. With its rich history, stunning architecture, and serene surroundings, the Goetheturm encapsulates the essence of Frankfurt’s cultural heritage and natural beauty, making it an enduring symbol of the city’s charm.


Good to know

  • For safety reasons, the new Goethe Tower – like the old one – remains closed in autumn and winter.
  • There is a lovely restaurant at the foot of Goetheturm which serves coffee and traditional German dishes

Sachsenhausen Landwehrweg
60598 Frankfurt am Main

April 1st to October 31st, from 8 a.m. to dusk (8 p.m. at the latest)


Family-friendly walks near Frankfurt

Family-Friendly walks near Frankfurt

Undoubtedly, one of the goals of any parent is to get their kids out of the house into the fresh air and, if they are of a certain age, away from any devices and screens!  On any given day, this can be akin to either starting WWIII or asking them to walk to the South Pole.  And if it’s during the colder months and your kids are younger?  Well, then getting them dressed is like wrapping a gift for pass the pass parcel, which means a billion layers that children are adamant they don’t need!  Until that is, you are out of the house, and they are freezing to death and also require a snack.

So, without further ado, we’ll explore some delightful family-friendly walks near Frankfurt that cater to all ages and fitness levels.

Downloadable Walks near Frankfurt PDF

Family-Friendly walks near Frankfurt

Absolutely, a much-loved and very popular activity in Germany, particularly in the Autumn months, is walking.  And with the extraordinary colours, forests, and green areas around, it’s no wonder.  Also, it’s a wonderfully family-friendly activity to do all year round.  There’s no need to stop when the cold hits because it’s just as glorious in the snow, provided you are dressed appropriately, of course!

Goetheturm – Frankfurt

Without a doubt, this is a firm favourite of ours.  Not only are there two playgrounds/parks to choose from, but you also have the viewing tower and the forest just behind them!  The forest is perfect for family walks with kids of any age because the roads are good enough to push your stroller.  For good measure, here’s a short history lesson.  The Goetheturm is a historical tower located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Originally constructed in 1931 and named after the renowned German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the tower served both as an observation point and a symbol of the city.  Tragically, the Goetheturm was destroyed in a fire in 2017 but has since been rebuilt.

Good to know:

Family-friendly walks near frankfurt
Family-friendly walks near Frankfurt

Großer Feldberg: Königstein im Taunus

This is a great family-friendly walk near Frankfurt.  The Großer Feldberg is the highest peak in the Taunus mountain range, located near Frankfurt, Germany. Rising to an elevation of 879 meters (2,884 feet), it offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes. The peak is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, offering hiking and biking trails.  Take a leisurely stroll up to Fuchstanz, which makes a great spot to have some lunch, a coffee or a glüwein before you head back down the mountain to your car.

Good to know:


Wildschweinroute is a great introduction for younger kids to the idea of ‘hiking’.  As you walk along, the route is littered with wooden animal figurines, giving them an incentive to keep walking.  To summarise, the route goes in a circle; it’s 4.3 km long. It’s easy to walk with a stroller, mostly flat, but partly runs through the forest.

Good to know:

Family-friendly walks near Frankfurt

Rheinsteig Trail – Rüdesheim

Unquestionably, this is for families with older children who enjoy longer walks.  The Rheinsteig Trail near Rüdesheim offers stunning views of the Rhine River however, it is a rather lengthy, 320km to be precise.  Moreover, the trail has been divided into stages of varying lengths.  So of course, you thankfully don’t need to do the whole trail.  As a mother, short of being a pack horse, I don’t think you can pack enough snacks to endure 320km. The vineyard-covered hills and medieval castles along the way add a touch of history and charm to the journey.

Good to know
  • The trail links Bonn, Koblenz, and Wiesbaden (we reference Rüdesheim as we love it)
  • Choose shorter sections that are suitable for family outings.

Meisterturm — Hofheim am Taunus

After the demolition of the wooden predecessor, a new tower was built from a steel framework with a square plan in 1928 as a replacement. Within the steel frame, a spiral staircase is in the centre that leads to a covered viewing platform at a height of 35 meters (115 ft). At the foot of the tower is a famous tourist restaurant of the same name, Meisterturm.  Furthermore, it has a playground and plenty of forest for kids to keep themselves entertained.

Good to know:
  • Distance from Frankfurt
    • 25km
  • Parking along Hundshager Weg/Kreuzweg/Königsteiner Weg
  • Follow signs for ‘Meisterturm’

Family-friendly walks near Frankfurt
Family-friendly walks near Frankfurt

Hessenpark – Neu-Anspach:

Step back in time at the Hessenpark, an open-air museum near Frankfurt. While exploring historic half-timbered houses and traditional workshops, families can also enjoy walks through the surrounding meadows and woodlands. The Hessenpark offers a unique blend of cultural immersion and outdoor recreation.

Good to know:
  • Distance from Frankfurt
    • 38km

Lochmühle Freizeitpark – Wehrheim:

Lochmühle Freizeitpark is not just an amusement park, but also a great destination for family walks with small kids. The park features scenic walking trails alongside a lake, providing families with the opportunity to enjoy nature and engage in outdoor activities. After a stroll, children can enjoy the park’s rides and attractions.

Good to know:
  • The amusement park is closed during the winter months
  • All the rides are ‘self-driven’, i.e. peddle, pull, push!
  • There is a petting zoo

Freizeitpark Lochmühle
Family-friendly walks near Frankfurt

Opel Zoo – Kronberg:

Combine a family walk with a visit to the Opel Zoo in Kronberg. The zoo is home to a diverse range of animals from around the world. Adjacent to the zoo, you’ll find scenic walking trails within the Opel Zoo Nature Reserve. These paths wind through beautiful landscapes, allowing families to enjoy both the animal exhibits and a pleasant walk in nature.

Good to know:

Frankfurt’s proximity to nature reserves, parks, and charming landscapes makes it easy to get out for family-friendly walks.  So, lace up your walking shoes, pack a picnic, and explore the natural beauty surrounding Frankfurt with your loved ones!

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    Weekend in Frankfurt

    A Weekend in Frankfurt, Ultimate Guide

    Admittedly, Frankfurt may not be the first city to come to mind when deciding on a city getaway.  But that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be a consideration!  Frankfurt, Frankfurt, often hailed as the financial heartbeat of Germany, is not just about suits and ties; it’s a hidden gem waiting to be explored. Whether you’re a culture vulture, a food enthusiast, or just someone seeking a good time, a weekend in Frankfurt may have just what you are looking for. Here’s your cheat sheet to unlock the best of this vibrant city in 48 hours.

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    Day 1:  A little History with a dash of Grüne Soße

    Morning: Römerberg Rendezvous

    Kickstart your weekend at Römerberg; no visit to Frankfurt is complete without visiting here.  This picturesque square boasts charming medieval buildings, including the iconic Römer, Frankfurt’s city hall.  Next, marvel at the iconic Dom Römer, Frankfurts Cathedral, before taking a slow meander along the cobblestone streets, stopping at the Archeological Garden, the site of the burning of the books in 1933 and the Fountain of Justice.  Also, be sure to stop at Wertheim House, which is located directly opposite the Historische Museum Frankfurt. It is the only half-timbered house in the Altstadt that survived the air raids on Frankfurt during World War II.

    Additional or alternative stops include The Schirn, Kleinmarkthalle

    Afternoon: Foodie Fiesta in Sachsenhausen

    After some serious sightseeing, lunchtime calls! So, mosey across the Eisener Steg bridge into Sachsenhausen, where traditional Apfelwein (apple wine) flows freely.  Now, make your way into any number of cosy traditional German restaurants and order a hearty platter of local delights before washing it down with the signature beverage.  After a hearty meal, make your way to the Museumsufer, the museum embankment along the Main River. Either dive into the Städel Museum for a dose of classic and contemporary art or hop over to the German Film Museum for a cinematic adventure.

    Pro tip: try the Grüne Soße (green sauce) – it’s a game-changer for your taste buds.

    Evening: Sunset at Main Tower

    As the sun gets heavy and sinks behind the horizon, head to the Main Tower for a panoramic view of the city. Take the elevator to the top and witness Frankfurt’s skyline transforming into a dazzling canvas of colours. It’s the perfect backdrop for a memorable evening in the heart of the city.  Before calling it a day, be sure to check out some of the best restaurants Frankfurt has on offer!

    Traditional German Restaurants

    Day 2: A Green Oasis and Cultural Landmark

    Morning: Botanical Joy at Palmengarten

    Trade yesterday’s concrete jungle for a lush green oasis at Palmengarten, Frankfurt’s botanical garden. Stroll through themed gardens, from tropical wonders to succulent paradises. It’s a perfect spot for a leisurely picnic or a relaxing nap under the swaying palm trees.

    Afternoon: Alte Oper and Fressgasse

    The Alte Oper in Frankfurt is a historic and grand concert hall that stands as a cultural landmark in the city. Originally built in the 19th century, it was meticulously reconstructed after being damaged in World War II.  If you continue past Alte Oper in the direction of the river, you will find Fressgasse.  Fressgasse is a bustling and iconic street renowned for its gastronomic delights and vibrant atmosphere.  Also, if you visit during the summer months, it is host to plenty of wine and food festivals!

    Bonus Round:  Alternatives for a Weekend in Frankfurt

    If the above didn’t give you enough options, here are one or two more options to tickle your adventurous fancy!

    Wine tour

    For the wine connoisseurs, a glorious and indulgent wine tour of the Rheingau is the perfect day out.  Sampling the famous Riesling and meandering along the Rhine River is sure to put a smile on your face.

    Main River Magic

    A leisurely Main River cruise may be just what the doctor ordered.  So head down to the water edge and hop aboard.  Whether you’re on a romantic getaway or a solo soul-searching mission, the twinkling lights of Frankfurt’s skyline from the water create a magical ambience.


    Perhaps no trip is complete for you unless you scratch your shopping itch!  Here are your go-to places to shop in Frankfurt.

    Kid Friendly Stops

    Of course, adults generally don’t live in a vacuum!  So, if you are travelling with your little humans, here are a few playground stopovers and kid-friendly activities to make the weekend survivable (wink wink).

    Alte Oper


    Frankfurt, with its eclectic blend of history, culture, gastronomy, and natural beauty, promises a weekend getaway like no other. Whether you’re exploring historic landmarks, indulging in culinary delights, shopping ’til you drop, or embracing nature’s tranquillity, Frankfurt captivates with its undeniable charm. Now, all that’s left to do is pack your bags!!

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      Driving in Germany

      Driving in Germany: Navigating the Autobahn and Beyond

      Germany, famous for its rich history, beer gardens, and the Autobahn, is a driver’s paradise. And I must admit that I think the Autobahn has ruined me a little; driving on highways anywhere else is now very frustrating!  However, having said that, there are a few things you should know before you buckle up and hit the gas.  From speed limits to traffic rules and cultural nuances, this guide will equip you with all the essential information for driving in Germany.

      Driving in Germany:  An Overview

      First and foremost, it’s important to know that in Germany, driving infringements and penalties are governed by a points system.  Namely, Punkte in Flensburg.  Anyone not following the traffic laws and regulations will be allocated points to their license and run the risk of having it revoked.

      Score Consequences
      1 to 3 Preliminary Reprimand
      4 to 5 Reprimand
      6 to 7 Warning
      8th Revocation of driving license

      Understanding the Autobahn: Speed, Myths, and Etiquette

      Speed Limits? Not Always!

      One of the most exciting aspects of driving in Germany is the famous Autobahn, where certain sections have no speed limit. Yes, you read that correctly—no speed limit! However, this doesn’t mean it’s a free-for-all. Always adhere to recommended speed signs and exercise caution, especially when changing lanes.

      Etiquette Matters

      Contrary to popular belief, the Autobahn isn’t a racetrack. Keep right unless you’re overtaking, and always use your indicators. Also, tailgating is frowned upon, so please keep a safe distance from the vehicle ahead. Remember, speed is a privilege, not a mandate.

      Driving in Germany

      Essential Documents and Requirements

      Driving License

      Firstly, it goes without saying that you require a valid driver’s license to drive a vehicle in Germany at all times!

      Suppose you hold a driving license issued by a state that is not a member of the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA). In that case, it will remain valid for six months after establishing your normal residence in Germany. However, your driving license will no longer be recognised after this period.

      If you’re visiting from a country outside the EU or EEA, you’ll need a translation of your driver’s license if it isn’t in German. Not only is this essential if you want to drive in Germany, but also should you want to rent a car or drive in Germany.

      Vehicle Documentation and Requirements

      Secondly, please ensure your vehicle’s registration and insurance documents are up-to-date and readily available. German authorities are stringent about documentation, so keep these papers in the glove compartment for easy access.  Furthermore, all cars in Germany must carry reflective jackets, a warning triangle and a first aid kit.  Trust me; I’ve been stopped and checked!


      Thirdly, in some cases, the condition of the tyres is checked as well. The minimum tread depth in Germany is 1.6 mm as per German law; it also is mandatory to have winter tyres, if the weather conditions dictate it.

      Driving in Germany
      Driving in Germany

      Rules of the Road: What to Expect

      Traffic Signals and Signs

      German traffic signals follow the standard European conventions. However, keep an eye out for signs indicating pedestrian zones, environmental zones, and parking restrictions, especially in city centres.

      Right of Way

      In Germany, yielding to the right is a golden rule, complemented by standard traffic light sequences. However, be prepared for occasional nuances like flashing yellow arrows.


      While parking in Germany can be a challenge, especially in bustling cities like Berlin or Munich, obeying parking regulations is essential. Also, be sure to look for designated parking areas or garages and avoid unauthorised zones to prevent fines, towing and angry people.

      Driving in Germany with Kids in the Car

      The driving laws in Germany require drivers to secure children shorter than 150 cm with both a seatbelt and an appropriate children’s, baby, or booster seat. Failure to comply with these safety measures results in a €30 fine. Thus, if a child is without any safety device, authorities will fine the driver €60 and assign a point in Flensburg. Additionally, if multiple children are unsecured, the fine escalates to €70.

      Drunk Driving in Germany

      So let me just begin by saying…DON’T DO IT!  If authorities catch a driver with a blood alcohol concentration of 1.1 mg/ml or higher, they will face criminal charges and go to court. Drivers aged 21 and older, with a valid license held for at least two years, must adhere to a legal alcohol limit of 0.5 mg/ml. Driving below this limit without exhibiting suspicious behaviour or endangering others is permissible. However, individuals under 21 years old or those who have held a driver’s license for less than two years must maintain a 0.0 mg/ml alcohol limit while driving. Even if drivers remain within legal limits, authorities will consider the alcohol amount during stops. Meaning, public transport or a taxi is a better bet if you have been drinking.

      Cultural Nuances: Driving Etiquette and Tips

      Respect Pedestrians and Cyclists

      Germany prioritises pedestrian and cyclist safety. Always yield to pedestrians at crosswalks, and maintain a safe distance when passing cyclists. Failing to do so can result in hefty fines and penalties.

      Environmental Zones

      Several cities in Germany have introduced environmental zones (Umweltzone) to curb pollution. If your vehicle doesn’t meet specific emission standards, you’ll need an environmental badge (Umweltplakette) to enter these zones. Check your vehicle’s eligibility and obtain the necessary Umwelt sticker in advance.

      Emergency Preparedness: Know the Numbers

      In unforeseen circumstances, dial 112 for immediate assistance. Additionally, it may be worth considering joining local breakdown services like ADAC, Germany’s automotive beacon, for comprehensive roadside assistance.

      Conclusion: Drive Safe, Drive Smart

      Driving in Germany offers a unique blend of exhilarating experiences and cultural insights. By understanding the Autobahn etiquette, adhering to essential requirements, and respecting local rules and customs, you’ll navigate the German roads with confidence and ease.

      Whether you’re exploring picturesque landscapes, historic landmarks, or vibrant cities, remember that safety comes first. So, buckle up and follow the rules on your next day trip and adventure in and around Germany!


      The information provided in this article is accurate and up-to-date based on the knowledge available at the time of writing.  Regulations, rules, and guidelines related to driving in Germany may have changed subsequent to this period. Therefore, readers are advised to consult current official sources or relevant authorities for the most recent and accurate information before making any decisions or undertaking activities related to driving in Germany or any other jurisdiction. The author and publisher cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies, omissions, or changes that may have occurred after the publication date of this article.

      Nhow hotel Frankfurt

      nhow Hotel Frankfurt

      Under its lifestyle brand nhow, NH Hotel Group debuts its eighth property in Frankfurt. The nhow Frankfurt hotel is a vibrant blend of art, and contemporary design, offering guests a unique and immersive experience for the duration of the stay. As you step into the lobby, you’re greeted by an explosion of colours and avant-garde decor that sets the tone for an unforgettable stay.

      nhow Hotel Frankfurt:  The Vibe

      ‘The Art of Money’

      Like each of the other hotels under the NH hotel lifestyle brand, the hotel is built around a particular theme unique to its location.  And in this instance, it’s ‘The Art of Money’; moreover, it’s a nod to Frankfurt’s very distinct historical ties to the financial district and its impact on the city.  Admittedly, this could come across as uptight and pretentious.  However, the interiors have been expertly executed with a hint of mischief and a dose of playfulness.

      For instance, an elaborate gold staircase of cascading gold coins greets you as you enter the lobby.  Venture further, and you’ll find Gold Bar tucked just behind the staircase.  Here, you can expect to find brightly coloured clamshell seats arranged around a large and retro bar serving up drinks and cocktails to tickle even the most discerning of taste buds.

      Beyond its eclectic design, the nhow Hotel Frankfurt boasts a plethora of amenities designed to cater to the discerning traveller. Whether you’re visiting for business or leisure, you’ll find everything you need to ensure a comfortable and memorable stay.

      The Rooms

      The nhow Hotel Frankfurt offers guest rooms that are created with the hotel’s central theme in mind, “The Art of Money”. Each room is thoughtfully designed to incorporate this theme, with the large and vibrant feature walls being a notable aspect. Along with modern facilities, the floor-to-ceiling windows offer a stunning view of the city, creating the perfect finishing touch. You can expect a perfect combination of fun and function, whether you opt for a standard room or a suite.

      Eat and Drink

      Undoubtedly, a visit to nhow Hotel Frankfurt is not complete without a trip to the 47th Floor!  Here, you will find the iconic NFT Skybar, which is credited as the highest rooftop bar in Germany.

      What’s more, for those who cannot live without daily caffeine, The Rich Barista Coffee Shop is located on the ground floor. And if you’re feeling peckish, grab a pastry, cake or sandwich from the Coffee Shop’s bakery.

      Versatile Event Spaces

      For business travellers, nhow Hotel Frankfurt offers state-of-the-art conference and event facilities. The meeting rooms are equipped with the latest technology, ensuring seamless presentations and productive gatherings. The hotel’s distinctive design also provides an inspiring backdrop for events, making them memorable for attendees.

      Good to know

      Entrance HOTEL nhow Frankfurt
      Brüsseler Str. 1-3
      60327 Frankfurt am Main

      Additional Info:    nhow website